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Howard K. Stern Arraignment Postponed

4/7/2009 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern and Khristine Eroshevich did not enter pleas today in L.A. County Criminal Court -- their arraignment in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case was delayed until May 13.

Howard K. Stern: Click to watch
Stern's lawyer, Steve Sadow, told the media after the arraignment that "[Howard] is innocent. Let me repeat that, he is innocent."

Sadow reiterated what we first reported -- Stern plans to fight these charges to the end, because he believes he did absolutely nothing wrong.

Howard K. Stern: Click to watchSadow excoriated California Attorney General Jerry Brown, saying he should be "ashamed of himself" for using Anna Nicole to further his career.


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JERRY BROWN SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF FOR USING THIS TO BOLSTER HIS CAREER. AND HE SHOULD JUST BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF FOR BEING WHO HE IS PERIOD. WHAT A NUT CASE! So all those years you smoked pot Jerry do you think the people who supplied you should be tried for attempted murder? Jerry Brown is a idiot!!!!

1989 days ago


You CAN NOT force an addict. The word addict means they can not stop! If it wasnt Howard it would have been the next guy. Enablers arent murderes. Maybe not the best people morally but not murderers. Anna Nicole was a grown woman who could have gotten clean ONLY if she wanted to. She obviously didnt and lets remember she passed her habit on to her son who died of an overdose. Why wasnt she being tried for murder after her own son who SHE supplied died - if Howard is being looked at now? There is no difference.

1989 days ago


Howard loved Anna as much as she loved him! She used him to be father to her child because she didnt want someone trying to get her off drugs (Larry Birkhead) in the picture! He used her for money and fame. They were a match made in heaven.


1989 days ago


This has as much to do with "love" as the "relationship" between an ex-stripper and the 89 year old dirty old man. What's love got to do with it? NOTHING. It's about the MARSHALL MONEY from beginnng to end for Stern and Anna BOTH.

1989 days ago

just me    

My husbands Prescription also reads CAUTION: Federal Law "PROHIBITS" the transfer of this drug to any person other than the "PATIENT" to "WHOM IT WAS PRESCRIBED". Other than dont crush swallow whole.

The CH was the drug that put Ann over the top to her death along with the other 9 or so in HKS name.

Have a Lovely Evening!

Posted at 5:59PM on Apr 7th 2009 by TRASH WITH DEGREE'S!

Remember Larry Birkhead testified that HKS gave Anna drugs from his duffle bag while she was in rehab AND "PREGNANT"! The same Drs who had her in REHAB prescribed her to her death in HKS name!

Have a Lovely Night!

1989 days ago


Do you know why Howard Stern did all of this?


1989 days ago

Just my opinion    



1989 days ago


howard is a sleezeball, he looks like a snart ass punk, you know one of those guys you'd like to level every so often in your life?be is a jerk i hope he gets a few years in prison, maybe he wanted that kid anna had to be his>? but he just couldnt perform as needed, guy is a whackjob, maybe he and the octomom should get together, then he can cleaim theyare all his hahahahaahhaa theyare both sick and deserveeach other, howard! your a sick puppy

1989 days ago

green bayou fairy    

Howard, if I were you I'd file a lawsuit against the methadone manufacturers - here's one:
Roxane laboratories, corporate address 1809 Wilson Rd. Columbus, OH 43228-8601.
Direct inquiries to Professional Services Department P.O. 16532 Columbus, OH 43216-6532 Telephone 800-848-0120.
I found this @
Methadone is more evil than marijuana ever thought of being, and it is extremely difficult, if not possible, to get off of it. I should know - I only took a quarter-tab for a couple of weeks because I suffer from chronic pain and my ex-partner kept stealing all my pain pills.. I was sick for three days when I stopped taking it - my skin literally felt like it was crawling. my ex-partner was sick for three weeks trying to kick the habit after I told him I wasn't going to pay for it anymore and that was when he was still taking other drugs!
I am sorry for all your losses and wish you the best of luck with these bogus charges against you.

1989 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

here we go again, huh? he is guilty until he can prove not,lol. hope they get ya good howie

1989 days ago


If Howard can come out and tell the public he is innocent then why couldn't he tell the court he was innocent today rather than asking for a delay until May 13? What was wrong with going through with the arraignment today Howard? The reason the arraignment was put off until May 13th was so Howard and his lawer could come out in front of the cameras and make their little public statement. They know that once the case starts they won't be able to shamelessly try this case in the court of public opion and taint the potiential jury pool.

1989 days ago

Laure H    

Why doesn't stern just admit it and get it over and done with? They have the tapes from florida of him saying he gave her drugs. He just has to fight EVERYTHING and we all know what a liar he is. What goes around comes around and he's finally going to get his. How does he think he can get out of this one with his name on the prescription bottles found in her room and probably her house to, he was'nt taking all those pills. Be a man for "ONCE" in your life stern and admit to your wrongdoings. What a freaking nutcase. I hope they throw the book (a big fat book) at him. ITS ABOUT TIME STERN GETS WHAT HE DESERVES>

1989 days ago

Real People    

Howard Stern is Guilty of being an ENABLER..... That doesnt make him Guilty in a court of law. The Drs are the ones who wrote the RXs....They are guilty.. Anna was an RX Junkie.. She controlled what she took or didnt take... People, she needed help.. Intense Rehab... BUT>>>>> If a person doesnt think they have a problem, You cant force them into rehab. If by chance you get them their, The treatment will not work.. The person has to know they have a problem.. Howard K Stern was afraid of losing her or being kicked out of her life, so, he Enabled her..... He did not write Nor Prescribe those drugs.. He did not Benifit financially from Anna after she died. He lost the Love of his life. Did he make a good choi8ce to stay with her??? No, she was a Loser.. What is someone elses garbage is another ones treasure.. Is that illegal? Nope ! He is a Poor Schmuck who feel in Love with an addict.. Is that illegal? Nope

1989 days ago


Howard K. Stern must be the most disliked person in the world because he's tried to destroy anyone's life who comes in contact with him. The jerk lived off a drug addict for years while keeping her hooked on drugs which killed her & her son, tried to steal her baby, stole a mansion from a man in the Bahamas, and the list goes on and on. All his greed is over getting his hands on the Marshall money. I find it odd that he ended up with all her assets after both mother and son died while in his care. This lunatic is evil!!!!!! Now he's trashing Jerry Brown for doing his job. I hope he's put behind bars for a long long time before he does more harm to some other poor woman.

1988 days ago

Where's Swims    

Where is Howie's yacht? You know, the one he purchased just after he gave Anna her daily dose if his meds and made sure she was resting comfortably.

Florida looks like a bunch of idiots now, talk about back stepping. Watching Howie testify there was a joke. I always got the impression Perper was paid off. Did I read correctly that Dr. E was an influence at the autopsy? Geesh!

Florida needs to lock up Howie with no bail and get the real trial rolling. Save the taxpayers of CA from housing Howie. Florida is where the real crime was committed not to mention Bahamas.

Howard is greedy, evil and shows no remorse. He is a textbook sociopath. Of course he delays, it's all he can do.

1986 days ago
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