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Michelle Obama Gets Waxed

4/7/2009 5:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is a total stiff!

Michelle Obama

The 45-year-old fashionista's wax figure (left) was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in DC on Tuesday.

Being married to the Prez requires a tough skin.


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Looks like OJ with a wig

1989 days ago


She looks like Aunt Esther from sanford and son.

1989 days ago


She looks more Mexican than black.light color.Michal Jckson Tan more like it.

1989 days ago


That 's one of the best likenesses I've ever seen in a wax figure.

1989 days ago


I feel sorry for the wax

1989 days ago


Wow can tell these two ugly stiffs a part

1989 days ago

Buck Farack    

I just LOVE her whitewash.

1989 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Michelle is only 45 ??? Are you sure ??? She looks much older than that. The Liberal Media makes her out to be a big fashion star which makes me laugh. Most of the time her clothes are cheap looking and too tight. She and Obama have only been in office 2 months and I'm already sick of them - especially him !!

1989 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I feel sorry for the racist, intolerant, so-called "Christians" who insist on bashing the first lady.
My nephew was actually IN the Al-Faw palace today and heard Obama speak. He was one of 600 to attend (there are 100,000 military personnel in Baghdad). He said there were soldiers crying and the applause was so thunderous for Obama that the entire palace shook. Afterwards, the mood at Camp Victory was amazing and his entire unit was re-energized to (in his words) "clean up the mess made by the dumb-ass cowboy."
Thanks Barack, for restoring our good standing and trust in the world.
The racist haters are just jealous.

1989 days ago

Buck Farack    

The wax figure makes her look like Michael Jackson's twin.

1989 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Wow - I love they way Republicans scream bloody murder if they are called racist, and yet they have no problem writing racist rants about the first lady. I don't recall ANYONE saying this many negative things about Laura Bush IN 8 YEARS!!!
It has to be a race thing, why hate her so much? Because she is a successful, black woman? The whole "she hates whites" or "she's angry" thing just doesn't fly. It HAS to be her race - why else compare her to a gorilla?? I actually don't like George Bush, but have nothing bad to say about Laura.
Republican's prove again that the majority of them ARE racist and intolerant. I bet Jesus is really proud of your filthy racist mouths...

1989 days ago


there are countless beautiful black women in the world, but mrs. obama is heinous looking. If my remark labels me a racist then I feel sorry for your miniature-mind.

1989 days ago


Maybe posing for this thing is the reason her and Barry were to busy to visit the graves of all the American heroes who stormed Omaha Beach and gave their lives in defiance or tyranny. I mean, they were in the neighborhood. Even pervo, draft dodging Bill had the respect to do that, knowing full well that they were the greatest heroes of the greatest generation of the greatest country in modern history. They did, however, manage to find time to visit a Mosque in Turkey.

1989 days ago

Michael Madsen    

BREAKING NEWS------------------

President Obama suspicions regarding the chemical composition of is wife have been confirmed... Head chef, Eli Restingsling, noticed Mrs. Obama melting while standing too close to his French fry Lamps and exlclaimed for all to hear: "Mrs. Obama is made of wax!" Aides for the President quickly recruited summer stock actress Naomi Westerbrook, who happens to bare a somewhat close resemblance to Mr. Obama's ex Wax Wife, and she has quickly settled into Whitehouse life. Her first order of duty was stroking the President's... ego. And rewarding Sasha for not buying anymore chewing tobacco for the family hound.
Stay tuned to TMZ's best friend... Mr. Guy for further developments.

1989 days ago


WHY did they make her white?!! ...Her color is a landmark--kind of pisses me off!

...and they softened her scrunched "between the eyes" area that juts out -- I mean, I think the area is weird and unflattering, but NOT making her look like herself goes against the whole point of having this wax figure done.

1989 days ago
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