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Note to OctoMom: Buy Makeup, Meet Producers...

4/8/2009 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya SulemanOctoMom Nadya Suleman is full of it when she says she's not doing a reality show -- our sources say she's been in talks with producers as recent as... today, but no deal has been struck -- yet.

There is one hitch... Octo has told several producers she wants to limit face time for the babies -- but don't think she's now a candidate for Good Parent of the Year. We're told she took heat from Kaiser Permanente, where the OctoBabies were born, after she allowed media access to the kids, bright lights and all.

We called Lifetime, TLC and Oxygen -- reps said so far there are no plans to put Octo on the tube -- tube, get it.


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For #64 (notready for primetime) - in addition to all the potential problems you've already mentioned, if it's true that the show is also going to include the component of finding a mate for Nadya, (like "tThe Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette), how awful will it be to have these children, already in a stressful environment, having to endure a parade of strange men in and out of their lives?

Any of us who have ended up in the category of single parenthood, whether through widowhood or divorce, know that we have to be VERY careful with our subsequent relationships, for two reasons :(1) We need to keep ourselves and our children safe, and (2) We have to strike a balance between letting a man we are seeing "get acquainted" with the kids, to try to evaluate whether the relationship will work over the long term, while at the same time not letting the kids get TOO attached until we see if the relationship has a reasonable chance of long-term potential. I'm sure that the older kids are already wishing they had a dad (remember Elijah's questions at the end of the Radar Online interview), since their friends at school talk about experiences with their fathers. So it's really cruel and abusive to keep bringing "competitors" in and out of their lives this way, just to get better ratings for the "Who Wants To Be The TetradecaDad" or whatever they decide to call the show.

If any good can come out of this, maybe it will finally motivate the California CPS to do something to get these children into a more nurturing, stable foster care arrangement while Nadya undergoes psychological evaluation (and treatment, if indicated) to determine whether or not she can actually be a parent to ANY of the children.

2023 days ago


nobody wants to see your face into media anyway because you are a bad example of our children , are a bad example of our children at this time you are using this 14 children to make your dreams comes true that your parent cannot give it to you...imagine 3 children with disability,and add 8 more how many you think out of 8 with disabilty right there ,,,as of now i never see you, you bring this 3 children with disabillity at disney land.or shopping spree everyday..hope you could put this children in private school if not shame on drama is abad example to our future children....

2023 days ago

Sentsy Candles    

I have to admit I watch every reality show under the sun but I guarentee I will NOT be watching this. God Bless her Babies, she really needs help.

2023 days ago


For #85 - wondering what Nadya looked like before the cosmetic surgery - there are several sites that have the "Suleman family album" (I think radar Online was one of them) that show pictures of Nadya with the older kids before the birth of the octuplets. You'll see more proportioned facial features, and I noticed a resemblance to her mother.

Successful cosmetic surgery is meant to make minor adjustments to enhance the natural facial features. Trying to make oneself look like somebody else with a completely different facial structure never works well.

2023 days ago


If she gets a show, I will write to the network that shows it and ALL OF THE SPONSORS and BOYCOTT them. Her 15 minutes of fame are OVER. I don't want to hear about her anymore. The end.

2023 days ago


The really sad thing is that people will watch a show like this if she gets one. There are poeple out there who will say that they are disgusted by her, but inside they really are interested in knowing about her. In some aspects I don't think she is any different than most people. For instance, she is very self centered and doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets hers then its all good.

2023 days ago

Adri from LH    

RE: #89.
You know, there is this weird phenomenon in society. While most are repulsed by this woman, many are also fascinated by her. Watching that will be like watching an experiment gone awfully wrong.
The real victims are the children. Those kids (the school aged ones) will be the object of ridicule by their peers, and the list goes on.

Truthfully, I meant what I said. I will NOT be watching the show. It has been enough of a circus for those of us who live in the vicinity. Like, for example the 4 news chopters hovering over the area at 11:30pm just because two of her octuplets were coming home...

THAT is enough to piss anyone off enough to walk right over to her house and tell her how much of a despicable slag she is.

2023 days ago



2023 days ago

FoXy RoXy    

TMZ, our local news here just announced that Octomom will be featured in a new reality show. They said it will be part Jon and Kate plus 8 and part like the Batchlorette. She will be "looking for love " while raising 14 kids.

2023 days ago

They were in it for the money    

It should be called Run For the Hills and Guys-Keep It Zipped!

2023 days ago


I am still wondering when California's Children and Family Services is going to EVEN acknowledge this entire disaster.

I am sure the nurses at Kaiser are in constant tears having cared for these babies for weeks and then have to release them into HELL.

Does anyone in CA know what is going on with the State of California's interest, if any, in this situation?

2023 days ago


damn, she looks like a completely different person in her before picture

2023 days ago


this is a good proof for angel in waiting " ,nadya doud aka natalie denise sulluman " fired thos people because the AIW they dont like camera or media,thats the one reason why she fired those people..
she like the nurses of permamente just because this people they loved media,or camera this people want to see thier butt soon iff a mother 0f 14 children has a reality show none sense to make 14 children that no job and she is relying with govertment support or welfare since 1999 and asking donation to support her chidren but now she try to sue anybody .. how to make money shameful she was..

2023 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

Why is she getting away with all the lies?? Where is CPS?
Worker's Compensation Case. The funds just don't add up......

She) filed for workers' compensation in 1999 while employed as a psychiatric technician at Metropolitan State Hospital.

Details for the claim were not available. In 2001, Suleman filed a second claim with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board for "injury to neck, back and shoulders from auto accident on commute for medical treatment," according to records filed with the California Department of Industrial Relations.

The records indicate that her actual earnings at the time of injury were "max," but no specific dollar amount was provided. Suleman received treatment for the injuries that were covered by her employer or insurance company, records show.

The claim was filed, records stated, because of a disagreement regarding liability for: temporary disability indemnity, permanent disability indemnity, reimbursement for medical expense, medical treatment, compensation at proper rate and rehabilitation. Additional records show that on Sept. 25, 2008, a petition was filed to compel Suleman to attend a medical exam with "petition to terminate liability for temporary disability indemnity." Public records show Suleman was listed on the Metropolitan State Hospital payroll from 1997 until last year, though it appears she did little work after September 1999 because of her injury.

This case was settled in 2008 so she could have the childrens' birth covered my Med-cal. All of the hospital and the nannies are being paid by Medical also.

Here's the latest on Life & Style: The Octotale just keeps unraveling.

Nadya Suleman took a break from her 14 children to sit for a cover feature in Life & Style, where, among other things, she answered the question of doing a reality-TV series.

"Absolutely not," she said. "I have no interest in being famous. I'd love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can."

However, sister magazine In Touch sings a different tune about the Octomom's future being beamed into homes nationwide, claiming her upcoming show will follow her quest for love. In fact, editor Kim Serafin describes it as Jon & Kate Plus 8 meets The Bachelor.

The multimom also offers a few choice roses (or thorns?) on how she paid for the in vitro fertilizations—and what the donor dad thinks of it all.

"I'd just been saving my money," Suleman says. "I was a psychiatric technician—almost every day I was working 16-hour days. For years, I worked nonstop until I saved for the first four in vitros."

She claims those four cost her $6,000 each, then she used some of a $30,000 inheritance to conceive her set of twins. At the time of that procedure, she had leftover eggs frozen that were eventually used for the octuplets.

Suleman also claims she made $165,000 in state disability payments after a work-related injury.

The father of 14 has remained private, but is someone Suleman knows well.

"Years ago, I said, 'Hypothetically speaking, would you ever help a friend have children?' He said he would. And I said, 'Then help me.' And he did. I kept going back to him, and year after year, he kept helping me."

When he found out she was pregnant for the sixth time, he was none too pleased.

"He was upset when I did it again. He said the same thing everyone else did: 'You have six beautiful children—why do you want more?' "

By the way, the inside interview say, " She would like to go out with George Clouney". She's out of her mind.

By the way,. she demands not to be called,. "OCTOMOM". That will be in the contract.


Octomom is only eight./.. Katorzomom is 14 Children. You've heard it here

I haven't told you the best You know how they say, you have a twin in this world that is exactly like you. Well, we had the nightmare of having her in our family for the last number of years. She took everything she could from my son and the family. I'll tell you, she's a miror image of KATORZOMOM.
My son is just waiting for his divorce papers and she already pregnant with another man's child.
Two pea's in a pod!!

2023 days ago


Let her get a reality show. Once the network that airs it and it's sponsors are boycotted no one else will want to associate with her. Her "career" will be over........... I can hardly wait !

2023 days ago
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