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Britney Spears:

'Don't Smoke Weed!'

4/9/2009 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who needs D.A.R.E. when you've got Britney Spears?

Britney Spers: Click to watch
4 songs in, Brit's lip synching show in Vancouver was shut down -- an announcement proclaiming excessive smoking made it "uncomfortable and unsafe for the performers" in the arena.

After 30 minutes, the air was deemed "clean" again and Spears continued -- but ended the show by shouting "Drive safe, don't smoke weed and rock out with your c**ks out! Peace mother f**kers!"

Words to live by.


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The man the smiley face serial killers decided to set free    

Hmmm sounds a bit quarky to me, maybe she’s just playing Tony Clifton, or saying this cause she’s wearing a cop outfit.

REMINDER: Please no J-walking, pay your taxes by April 15th, and watch your caffeine intake - now get ready to rock you M.F.’rs

1989 days ago


Notice she saids don't smoke weed. Smoking ciggs isn't a problem tho ? Which one kills people ? CIGGS!

1989 days ago


Leave pot smokers alone!!!!!!!
We are human!!!!!
Leave pot smokers alone!!!

1989 days ago

Who Knows    

I live in Vancouver too, and I always enjoy it when the people smoking weed in the streets get hauled in by the cops. Are you one of the people on hastings who hides in door ways and shoots up too? Wow, good for you!

The ventilation is horrible in the venue she played at, and it doesn't help that everyone around you sneaks in weed and starts smoking it. Talk about wasting your money. Why bother going to a concert if you have to be baked to be there?

There are many, many other things to brag about in Vancouver, including fresh, clean, air. The people at that concert should be embarrassed, not pissed off.

1989 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Hey, like, Bwit-Bwit is just so cooooool, I totally luv her U haters, how cud U B so mean and hating? UR so stooopid all U people who dont luv her 2. I saw her last month and she rox and sheez reeely grate. UR haters just becuz she is such a grate performer. Like I think she culd probly save the world or something with her grate myoosik and singing and dancing. Whats so bad about what she sed? Me and all my BFFs always say stuff like that so wats the big deel anyway. My mom the hooker and my dad in jail sez theres nothing wrong with it.

Oh and PS I luv R Kelly and Chris Brown 2 U haters.

1989 days ago


Why stop the show because of smoke? It's not like Brit-Brit is singing LIVE and the smoke will hurt her throat. Ho please!

1988 days ago

I Love Memphis    

All you people said oh she will change. She is a not talent. Nice mouth huh??? She is a #1 loser!! Anyone who goes to her concert must not be all there.

1988 days ago


paying weed smokers at a spears concert?people pay to see her lipsync?

1988 days ago


That is not the reason she shut the show down and walked off stage, it was because she had a RIP in her Panty hose. The smoke was from her own frigin smoke machines......just so you all know.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1988 days ago


I can't believe anyone would pay to see this classless, no talent bimbo 'perform'. She is a joke.

1988 days ago

guy rich    

I think this is the end.What a retard.but? we created her and we supported her? eh

1988 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

What a filthy mouth. Ought to be made to stand in the corner with a bar of soap in her mouth, backstage, by her managers for two hours.

1988 days ago


Truth, probably had an issue with her Lip-syncing and the music matching the Lips-hahahah. Such Crap. I've never been to a Concert that put a show on hold, Who does she thing she is? People are paying alot of money to see Lip-syncing (idiots) and now this, and ya know she proabably cut the show short too. People go to a Real Concert

1988 days ago


i saw britney's concert in minneapolis and it was effing AMAZING. for anyone who hasn't witnessed her performance in person should shut the f$#k up! she's come a long ass way- more than any of you would and no matter how much you hate her, she'll always be rich and famous. as far as the concert-goers in canada, too bad for them. they should have known it was a "smoke free" event. frickin' dumb haters.

1988 days ago


88. What a filthy mouth. Ought to be made to stand in the corner with a bar of soap in her mouth, backstage, by her managers for two hours.

Posted at 1:54PM on Apr 9th 2009 by tsk tsk

LMAO... Oh, and I can just picture it too. How funny that would be.

1988 days ago
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