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Britney Spears:

'Don't Smoke Weed!'

4/9/2009 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who needs D.A.R.E. when you've got Britney Spears?

Britney Spers: Click to watch
4 songs in, Brit's lip synching show in Vancouver was shut down -- an announcement proclaiming excessive smoking made it "uncomfortable and unsafe for the performers" in the arena.

After 30 minutes, the air was deemed "clean" again and Spears continued -- but ended the show by shouting "Drive safe, don't smoke weed and rock out with your c**ks out! Peace mother f**kers!"

Words to live by.


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Lalalalalala, so it's NOT about her lip synching and charging an exorbitant amount of rip off money for the concert huh? So it's about her dancing (blah), about the show, big deal. I'd rather save beaucoup bucks and go to Cirque de Solei and enjoy myself and not be ripped off! As I said earlier, never have I purchased a CD of hers, never a concert ticket and I think it's safe to say I never will.

1991 days ago


P.S. If she's in such great shape why the hell can't she do both -- dance and sing? Why the lip synching? Put her ass out to pasture along side of Lindsay Lohan or better yet send her home with her "dear friend Artie Help."

1991 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I think Britney was mad because all the stupid biatch canadians speak french and cant understand
the English language.
As a side note, I bet a girl scout troop could kick the hell out of all
the candadian special forces soldiers

1991 days ago


What a wonderful role model for young people today...what kind of language is this to use to call people mf'ers that just paid all that money for tickets to her concert and to pay a person who calls them names. She is a pig. It's a sad world when this is allowed. Also, I do not agree that weed should have been allowed and said people should've been arrested.

1991 days ago


I would have to be stoned to pay money to watch her. If you lip-sync, Get the f..out of the business.
What happened to music?

1991 days ago


My wife was at this concert. They did not say the reason that they were stopping the show was because of the "smoke" until 25 minutes after she walked off stage. At the end of it all, she didn't even preform an encore for people whom had paid TONS of money to see this egotistical Bit**. I imagine the concert would have been great had she actually been singing, but, according to my wife, the songs were no different live than on the CD. I think Britney's IPOD battery ran out and needed a good half hour charging before she could go back on stage not the air to clear.... but that's just my two cents...

She Should be ashamed.....

1991 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Bad cop! No donut (or peen)!

1991 days ago


My word, what a bubble this chick lives in. You know, she should be thrown out in the real world with about $4000 a month to live on, pay rent, utilities, food, live in the *real world* for a few months and see what's really going on out here in the world so she can see past her freaking little bubble of a make-believe world. Wow. Just wow.

1991 days ago


Ahh, it sounds like Britney has been reading the Dictionary again!
How classy-

1991 days ago


I was at the concert last night and it was not POT smoke.. People were smoking cigs in a non smoking area! I was complaining before Britney went off the stage. Also she did not storm off the stage, it seemed like she was changing sets. I hate it when you people from that states open your mouths when you weren't even at the concert!

1991 days ago


Where would we be without Britney? OH THE DRAMA! Nothing like a good dose of Britney to say it like it is no matter what anyone thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what I simply adore about her! How rude to smoke so heavily and not follow the No Smoking in the building rule. CLUELESS VANCOUVER MANAGEMENT! Britney..... you set them straight! We love you!

1991 days ago


Did you say TRASH..... what you meant was CASH.... at $1,000,000,000 per concert..... I think it is FAR from over for Britney. Why are people smoking in the non-smoking section? Hello? Vancouver Security...... are you there??????

1991 days ago


I WAS THERE!!! There was no smoke... seriously the venue seated 18k people.. and it was jam packed. If anybody would have lit a smoke, people would have FREAKED out on them. Something fishy happened.. and it was 45 minutes.. not a half hour.. we sat in the dark (literally) for 20 minutes before they even gave an announcement, and it was 25 minutes after that before Britney came back to a lack luster performance. Something obviously happened.. but it wasn't smoke. The only smoke there was from the smoke machines. The announcement also said extinguish cigarettes.. there was nothing mentioned about weed.. that was all made up, except at the end where Britney said Don't smoke weed Vancouver or something along those lines... LAME!

1991 days ago

not a britney fan    

what a dumb fu?/. the smoke was from her own stage act. all the fireworks and waterfall of sparks when the screen/curtain rises. who does she think she is??? it is better to pop pills, she should rip off alright..

1991 days ago

pink floyd    

to grilzilla88 ican tell by your comment you are definately not the sharpest knife in the drawer. first of all english is canadas official language,french is second,we speak real english and not red neck american english.and as for our canadian special forces , check out who holds the record for a confirmed kill by a sniper during war time it took place in afganistan.check it out smart ass.and also what country went further in to france on the first day of the normandy invasion,who liberated holland,and also canada was fighting the germans during ww2 long before americans joined in.and also who won the battle of vimmy ridge durring ww1,all other countries failed in taking vimmy i say go back to school and learn some history,or keep your big mouth shut...a pround canadian.

1991 days ago
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