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Door Tackler's Accomplice -- Alleged Murderer

4/9/2009 9:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The moron who tried to break into a home by form tackling his way through a locked door -- and losing -- is chopped liver compared to his accomplice ... because the guy in the background was just charged with the murder of an 8-year-old girl.

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Dondre Davis was arrested in St. Petersburg, Fla. yesterday along with three other guys, who cops believe all played a part in the shooting death of Paris Whitehead-Hamilton early Sunday morning, according to

Cops believe the shooting was the result of escalating neighborhood violence, which peaked when the alleged gunmen used semi-automatic weapons to shoot up the house of a guy they allegedly had a fistfight with a few weeks ago.

Although 9 people were inside the house at the time, the young girl was the only victim. Davis was charged with first-degree murder, armed burglary (for the video incident) and possession of marijuana.


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So seems it's always the innocent ones who are killed in this senseless violence. Thoughts are with the family of the young girl. It's a shame after knowing what all this violence does, we still don't stop it. Poor child. :(

1918 days ago

arte help    

I hope he burns in hell. Maybe "Mr Purple Lips" will bow down to him also!!!

1918 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Olive oil and a frypan

1918 days ago


five minutes from my house, they were a few break ins lately, the girl was only 8 years old... RIP. Still I love St. Petersburg is a beautiful place to live if you are in the North side and east side, not south!

1918 days ago


The moron was also linked to a smash and grab where a stolen mini van slammed into a Hip Hop shop and was in n out in 30 seconds. They all should be thrown in jail and should never see the lite of freedom ever again.

1918 days ago


Sure, you'll post this stupid crap, but you don't post ANYTHING when Bettie Page dies. TMZ, you suck!

1918 days ago

Brian Peppers    

Blacks commit most the crimes in the country, the only reparations they should get is a one way ticket back to Africa!

1918 days ago

I'm puking    

So what else is the new? The most unsuccessful race (except sports) in this country can only produce gutless trash like this. And people wonder why blacks have such a hard time simulating in a civil society. It's the barbarian in them that makes them behave like savages. Think how great it would have been if Boothe hadn't murdered Licoln. Lincoln was going to ship them all back to Africa before he was killed. We wouldn't need 75% the prisons and welfare checks had that been the case.

1918 days ago


What makes this story even more sad is that the little girls Father is a service member overseas and now has to return to bury his baby. I am a resident of the area and the trouble is rampant in that area of town. The local police are wary of enforcing the law there because of the potential for riots, and the residents are intimidated to talk to the law for fear of retaliation...

1918 days ago


Good riddance, such a horrible thing - 8 years old???????? Not even worth their street gangness.

1918 days ago


As a resident of the state of FL, it is not unbelievable to me that this type of behavior occurs. I live in Broward county and must stay morons like this who come from all over, have parents from all over and try and treat this country like the places they left. If from here, they are being raised by people that do not belong in our state any more...I am sick and tired of these fools using our back yards as a place of violence, laziness, and in general a playground for their uneducated, selfish behaviors.

1918 days ago


It pisses me off to watch those thugs try to break into someone's home. Too bad the owner wasn't standing on the other side with a shotgun. That problem would've been solved real easy. I guess it's easier for their ignorant, uneducated black, greasy a$$es to thieve than to get a job and buy their own things. Creeps. It's thugs like this that give all blacks a bad name. I wish every one of them could be shipped back to Africa, never to be seen or heard from again. B@stards.

1918 days ago


Firing Squad!!!!!

1918 days ago


This is truely an unfortunate and tragic thing that has happened, and my heart goes out to this childs family. It is also unfortunate that ignorance is still prevelant in this world, it is truely astonishing to me that people have the nerve to condemn a whole race of people because of individual stupidity. African American people are NOT the only race who have commited murders, robberies or any other crime, so is it fair to say "That all blacks need to be shipped back to Africa" I watch the news every day, and am VERY well educated and have enough sense to know that ALL of mankind have sinned and fell short...not just "The Blacks" To those that made those remarks, you sound very ignorant, and hateful, and on that note, you are no better than ANYONE that you have just discriminated on in this post. ~God Bless

1918 days ago


The gangs fought over an verbal insult of one neighborhood gang against another. Well boys i hope your happy - your petty argument killed ANOTHER precious little child in our city. Everyday in jail each & every one of the 8 arrested for the shootout should be forced to look at the picture of that little girl. All 8 are equally responsible for the childs death.
RIP in the arms of you mother in heaven sweet Paris.

1918 days ago
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