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Person Who Drove Adenhart -- So.Cal Girl

4/9/2009 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got photos of Courtney Stewart, the driver of the Mitsubishi Eclipse in the fatal crash which killed Nick Adenhart. Sadly, she also passed away.

Nick Adenhart

Courtney, 20, a student at Cal State Fullerton was also a member of Alpha Chi Omega. We spoke to a member of her sorority, who was inconsolable.

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brangelina tomkat    

andrew thomas gallo: your days are numbered.

2024 days ago


I knew courtney. She went to claremont high with me. Oh and her url thing on myspace really is fartsniffer for whoever it was that wanted to know.

2024 days ago


Death is always tragic. Whether you're young and beautiful or old and haggard. Someone's heart breaks for you. It's disheartening to see the multitude of disgusting/rude/disrespectful/(choose similar adjective) comments on these posts. It doesn't matter what kind of car the girl was driving, or that the girl was driving (not the guy). And who really cares what her MySpace handle was? Sounds to me like she had a sense of humor.

My heart and prayers are with the families of all of the victims. I hope that Jon recovers swiftly, and that someone leads him towards the help that he will need not to *suffer* from being the survivor. AND, my prayers are also with the family of the DD. I can't imagine how horrible this must be for them either.


**Oh, and the reason that it seems that drunks always survive is because they are *loose* at impact. The natural tendency to tense up causes greater damage to the body. Someone had asked that somewhere...

2024 days ago


The douchebag driving the van should be sentenced to EXCESSIVE BODILY harm. I am so sick and tired of the drunk idiots on the road killing innoccent people. It's heartbreaking and unnecessary. Van guy should have his feet run over, then his hands, then the rest of his legs, them his arms, and let him lie there and THINK about his actions and the concequences. Families have been torn apart, friends heartbroken, lives ruined. I have lost friends to drunk driving and it's hard to move on from it.

2023 days ago


Why is it that the drunk driver always walks away unscathed? And these families have to live with the loss of a loved because some guy killed them. This wasn't his first offense and he knew the possible consequences of driving drunk...said so himself. This guy doesn't deserve to see the light of day ever again! I live in Texas and recently a man rear-ended a car full of teenagers. They were stopped at a light and he rear-ended them at about 65 mph, never hitting the brakes. One of the teens died at the scene, another had to have part of her leg amputated but she died a week and a half later. Two other teens are still in area hospitals recovering. They have been in there for about a month now. This moron is currently only being charged with vehicular manslaugher...which is equivalent to a slap on the wrist! This also was not his first offense!

Bottom Line:

2023 days ago


i went to elementary school and high school with courtney. when she was in the 6th grade, my little brother had the hugest crush on her. this is such a tragic loss and she will be missed

2023 days ago


This is absolutely Horrible. No matter what team we all follow - our hearts go out to the angels and families of the three lives that were lost. RIP

2023 days ago


Omg, Wow!
Thats Courtney Stewart from Claremont High School!
We both went there.
she graduated in 2007.
i use to have a crush on her.
Damn! its a trip what happens to people right after high school.
RIP Courtney

2023 days ago


This truely is a very sad thing. Its a shame that her life was cut short because of a drunk with a record that ahould have been in jail. She was a beautiful beautiful girl and will not be forgotten. God Bless her family and friends our prayers are with you guys as you struggle through this ver difficult time.

2023 days ago


WOW! The truth do you really have no life but to go on a posting of girl who died tradgeically in an accident by the fault of another driver and say that if she wasn't a "groupie" that she would still be alive today? You are almost as bad as the driver who killed them. Who she hung out with or what she did had nothing to do with that bastard getting behind the wheel drunk again.

2023 days ago

loss for words    

Courtney was one of my best friends. I can't even begin to say how terribly we miss her. Her family is beside themselves. Let this be a lesson to everyone to never drink and drive. RIP court

2023 days ago


My prayers for the families of all of these talented young people who lost their lives. Such a tragedy. It really makes me so very sad. I have children that age...and cannot imagine the loss. It is a fear you live every day watching your children grow no matter the age. We can watch them, we just can't control or watch the other "people" who are so inconsiderate and non-caring in their actions and that is the scary part when your children begin to make a place for themselves in this crazy world of ours.

Also in response to the "kind" of car someone should be using..
I am 48 and drive the very same car, so age is not the issue! It's the car I choose to drive. I personally don't care for BMW's or desire a Benz. Even if I could afford one. To say we can't / shouldn't drive the car we want to drive (because someone thinks its FLIMSY) ! It is not our fault because some drunk idiot
gets behind the wheel where he should not be is absurd to say the very least.
I don't know what the answer is to keeping them off the road, probably there isn't one... Its the risk we all take no matter what we drive.
People get killed driving a Benz or a Beetle...Sadly it happens.

2023 days ago



you are a braggard idiot. NO ONE cares about your friggin care you idiot pendejo

2023 days ago


Pure tragedy. Who will take her place on meat packing detail?

2023 days ago

Caroline Miniscule    

>>One less blonde bimbo in the world-----no big loss.....She looked like a bitch

May one of your loved ones suffer the same fate, you pig. And may you be in the same car and be crippled for life.

2023 days ago
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