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Person Who Drove Adenhart -- So.Cal Girl

4/9/2009 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got photos of Courtney Stewart, the driver of the Mitsubishi Eclipse in the fatal crash which killed Nick Adenhart. Sadly, she also passed away.

Nick Adenhart

Courtney, 20, a student at Cal State Fullerton was also a member of Alpha Chi Omega. We spoke to a member of her sorority, who was inconsolable.

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Brittney B.    

Damn this is unreal.
I went to school with her since 3rd grade
and graduated high school with her.
Its hard to believe that someone that you went to school with
everyday for years could have something so tragic happen at such a young age.
This is a reality check for me. It could have been any "So Cal teen"
Its so sad that this would happen to anyone, let alone someone i have known for years.
My prayers are with all of the victims families. R.I.P. Courtney.

1990 days ago


this is such a tragedy! I hate the overuse of that word, but this truly is one, not because they were prominent figures in the sports world but because they were all young with their entire lives ahead of them! the more I hear about this, the sadder it makes me. do people really get what they deserve? no, in this case I don't think so.

1990 days ago


"108. What a waste. By the way, In Cahoots is a 21+ club and the driver was 20. Being blonde and beautiful sure has it's perks.

Posted at 5:25PM on Apr 10th 2009 by Wonderin'"

In Cahoots is NOT a 21+ club. I am Courtney's age and have been there more than once.They do line dancing every Wednesday night. Courtney LOVED to go line dancing. She was a whole hearted, loving individual. I wish more people would realize this is a life we are talking about...no more hurtful comments, please.

We all have a real Angel looking over us now.

Ps- The girl who made a comment about why AXO's love each other and not everyone (or whatever you said...), we are supporting eachother across the nation. Understand that?

1990 days ago


she was one hell of a party girl who like to drink.

Did anyone by chance get any info on what was her Blood Alcohol intake level??

I ask this because we drank together on numerous occasions.


1989 days ago

josh c    

rip peace u didn't deserve to pass way like this especially such a yyoung age. I hope the guy get his ass beaten down in jail.

1989 days ago

josh c    


1989 days ago


ok people. does it really matter if her name on myspace is fartsniffer? does it matter if she was a stripper or not? does it matter if she was a groupie? does it matter what kind of car she drove? does it matter if she were ugly or not? does any of this crap matter? NO!! look at the big picture. this is a beautiful young lady who died and she still had her whole life ahead of her. do not be so quick to judge someone that you do not know. even if she were a stripper, who frickin cares???? does that make her less of a person because she takes her clothes off for money? nobody is perfect including all th a**holes writing all this judgemental and harsh things about someone. who they probably didnt even know and if they did they're probably upset because someone like her has turned them down or made them look bad. grow up people! lives were lost and it doesnt matter whose it was it was still a life. i hope he gets life n they whoop his ass like the do the people who rape little kids and old women.

RIP to all who lost their lives in this tragic accident

1989 days ago

ACLU member    


1989 days ago


Courtney and her mom lived in our condo complex and was a good friend to my daughter through elementary and junior high school. She was a great, fun kid and my prayers go out to her mother.

1989 days ago


I just read one of the comments that said it must be fake because Court's name on myspace was "fart sniffer". That's not fake, that's just who Courtney was. She was silly and funny, and she's going to be missed so much. Be kind on here please, there are people reading it who knew Courtney. She was a wonderful person, and I pray that she's living it up in heaven.

1989 days ago


Just to clear a few things up: Was she really a stripper and has it been confirmed if she was drinking as well?

No matter what, anything like this is tragic and you have to feel for those that lost.

1989 days ago


Courtney was a responsible girl with a great head on her shoulders, she was on the golf team in High School and made friends everywhere she went. Re the person who said that is the price of being a MLB groupie-um your ignorance is showing-and as far as car safety -lets get real shall we- the unfortunate thing is that the sob who ran the light should have had some sort of alcohol device set up in his car. Until we get strict on DUI offenses tragedies like this will always be. Drunk driving is selfish and should have harsher punishments.

1989 days ago

Jackie in Albuquerque    

Courtney's parents and family are heartbroken and devastated. Friends are still in disbelief and are trying to find ways to find meaning in this tragedy. The death's of these three vibrant talented young adults must be used to change the lenient DWI laws in California and the nation. The fact that Nick was a high-profile personality can be used to make this happen. It is unfortunate that the press can make one life seem more important than others, but it is only that more people know ABOUT them. I know that Courtney touched as many or more lives, but up close and personal, with her exuberant presence. She was quick witted, very intelligent, energetic, fun, thoughtful with the looks of an angel, everything but the wings, which I know she has now. When she was born, she was the most beautiful child and we all felt her radiance.. As a toddler she was curious and cute and into everything, as most very smart kids are. As a little girl, she was the Ivory Soap child, all platinum curls and pretty clothes. As she grew up it was evident that she would harness and drive life, not be passively carried along. Sports of all kinds, participating or spectating, are a huge focus in Courtney's family. She wanted to be a sportscaster after college and she would have attained her goal. A smart, pretty woman that can hold her own in the sports world, would have groupies of her own. She did not need anyone's coat tails to ride on. But, Nick was the first guy she met that she thought might be the "one". It would have taken a man like Nick, someone who would not be intimidated by Courtney's abillilties and focus, and eventual success in a man's world. The absence of Courtney's brilliant existence leaves a black hole, a void that can not be filled. She will be so missed as she is so loved. She painted the world of so many people "pink".

1988 days ago

CSUF Girl    

I have read through these posts sadly since they have began because it gave me a sense of closure. I did not know Courtney on a deep or personal level, but we had met once or twice. The first time we met, we spent at least an hour together talking and sharing details about our lives. From what I knew of Courtney, she was everything I hope to be as a college student in my twenties. She spoke highly of her mother and their relationship. She spoke of her dreams and passions in life. She smiled brightly and laughed often. She spoke with excitement. She showed that she was a strong girl who lived for herself and those she loved. In having an hour conversation with her...she impacted my life. I will never forget her and I will pass my memory of what a fabulous person she was on to the many people I come across throughout the rest of my life.

My view of Courtney is a girl who did not rely on other for her own happiness. She was proud of who she was and dared to be different. She was passionate for others and loved getting the most out of life. She was always happy and very independent.

I am DISHEARTENED by what people choose to say on here. Courtney was beautiful both inside and out and sadly this creates jealousy in people who feel like they are less then her. Unfortunately, while we all can strive to be to wonderful person Courtney was, those of you who have bashed her on here, can never be. Your heart is far too black and selfish. What car she drove was irrelevant...at least she drove a car that was registered and insured (all CA laws were met). Whether she was dating Nick or just friends...we are friends with or fall in love with people because of the connection between us. Courtney did not need any man to make her greater then she already was. I am not going to even continue on with the disgusting things people have said on here because they simply do not deserve the time of day.

The people who know Courtney, and especially her Mother and family, know that she was one of the best people this world could have to offer. Carrie, if you read this, I hope you know Courtney will always live strong in my heart. You and Courtney, remind me of my mother and I and from the two of you I will do my best to value my mother as much as she valued you. Do not listen to any harsh words on this site...they are words of jealousy because of how amazing Courtney was. I know I deeply wish I could be just as strong and beautiful as her one day.

1986 days ago


formerMLBgal, I swear to god I'd sock you right in the face! Courtney wasnt his girlfriend but a friend you heartless loser!!! How dare you! She was a beautiful sweet girl. Sounds like your dumbass got used and abused my one too many ball players. My friend Jon was the only one to survive the accident, would you like to say anything bad about him???? Your a heartless piece of dirt!

1986 days ago
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