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This Is the Guy Who Caused the Adenhart Crash

4/9/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The first mugshot of Andrew Gallo on the left is from an '06 arrest for being drunk in public. We also got our hands on court documents from his DUI, which was also in '06, in which Gallo wrote this haunting sentence:

"I understand that if I continue to drink and drive it may result in death or serious bodily injury to another person."

NIck Adenhart Crash

UPDATE: The middle pic of Gallo is his bloody mugshot from a March '07 arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct.

We've just obtained a photo of Andrew Gallo, who was driving the van that caused the accident that killed Nick Adenhart and two others.

Cops believe Gallo was driving under the influence and on a suspended license because of a prior DUI. He fled the scene and was arrested. Gallo could be booked on murder charges, along with vehicular manslaughter, hit-and-run and felony DUI.

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until the drunk driving laws are made much stricter, this is going to happen again and again and again. it's ridiculous! thousands of people are killed every year by drunk drivers, and often times by people with prior DUI convictions. the penalties aren't strict enough and the lawmakers DO NOT care! and if i hear one more person say something about how it wouldn't matter how strict the law was, people are still going to drink and drive... not if they're in jail, they're not! i think if you get one DUI, just ONE, no matter how clean your record is, even if you've never been in trouble ever in your life, you should have your license taken away, not suspended, TAKEN AWAY for a minimum of 5 years, on the very first offense. and if at any time you are caught driving in those 5 years, whether you are drunk or not, they should throw you in jail for the remainder of those 5 years. if after those 5 yrs. you get your license back and then get another DUI, you should get your license taken away FOR LIFE. driving is a privilege, it is not a right! i don't care if you're a famous actor or some random guy no one has ever heard of, the penalty for drunk driving should be AT LEAST as strict as this, if not stricter. it pisses me off. i'm so grateful i've never lost a member of my family to drunk driving, because i couldn't image being more angry and upset about it than i already am.

1972 days ago


Racist comments is 5,4,3,2. . . .

2021 days ago


Andrew......meet Bubba!

2021 days ago


fyah bun him....

drunk drivers always take others' lives, never their own.....

2021 days ago


I wonder if he is Legal or not?

2021 days ago

Jimmy Sharp    

Lock him up and throw away the key.

2021 days ago


He looks like he is from Fullerton-

2021 days ago


and his life shall be taken from him as well (meaning jail)

So sad that a young kid commits a senseless crimes and it affects soooooo many

PLEASE don't Drink and Drive :(

2021 days ago


BA****D!!! I hear that this jacka** has been stopped several times and not arrested even though he was driving on s suspended license. Alright so now the precious lives are taken much to young because of this arse driving under the influence on a suspended license!!! WTF. My heart goes out for these families, I'm sorry this happened. I hope this guy rots in jail!!

2021 days ago


**********IF YOU'RE GOING TO DRINK STAY OFF THE DAMN ROAD*****************

2021 days ago

Big D    

These are the people that corrupt our world, this guy should be given the MAXIMUM penalty available. Rest In Peace Nick Adenhart and thoughts, prayers, and condolences to his family.

2021 days ago

Hilarious Comment Guy    

line him up as a target for other pitchers to use as practice. he looks like an effin punk. he clearly has no respect for himself, others or the law. driving drunk on a suspended license for driving drunk. i hope he goes to an all-white, nazi/aryan jail and gets turned out like the bitch he is.

new angels promotion?

punch andrew gallo day? all ticket-holders get to punch andrew gallo on their way into the game?

2021 days ago


who cares about him losing his life to Jail- Justice will only be served when he becomes someone's B------ on a daily basis in jail. But then again with that smug look on his face, he will probably like it.

2021 days ago

D. Tektive    

This guy should face 3 chargres of vehicular manslaughter, 3 charges of murder, and 1 large charge of electricity.

2021 days ago


I bet he is not legal in these states. When I heard the news I said I bet his mexican and illegal.. And the goverment wants us to just turn a blind eye to all the illegals in this country.. I SAY HELL NO....

2021 days ago
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