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Woody Harrelson Attacks Another TMZ Photog - REDIRECT

4/9/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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If I had douchebag photogs following me around 24/7 asking questions - i would kiss an ass or two myself. But I am killing time reading about this crap, so does make me guilty be asociation?

1991 days ago


WOODY, if you don't like being famous move to AFRICA and stop making movies. If this guy don't go to jail because this I'm also going to start assaulting everybody in this Country.

1991 days ago


Good, I'm glad he smacked your guy around, you guys are vultures. Did you ever stop to think these people are human, might be having a really crappy day, so get your shot and leave it at that, instead you ask stupid questions and just egg people on. I've seen you animals at La Guardia, and you guys are more often than not, completely out of line, just like you were two days after Liam Neeson's wife died, and peole in NYC were trying to get you away from him while he was walking, mourning through central park and up until he got inside an Irish Society house. And even though people asked you to leave him alone and you animals still snapped shots of him and his kids when they came out.........even if you didn't print them, you still took them, and for that, you can all burn in hell!!!!!!

1991 days ago


Why didn't Woody just say, "Don't bother me" or ignore the photog? Violence is bad...

1991 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Obviously smoking copious amounts of DOPE doesn't mellow you out... it causes brain-damage and violent rage...
The COPS in England raided the poor slob's house from Potter movie and scored a bunch of weed...
Everyone knows this f'-ing freak Harrelson- who's dad is a convixted murderer, has dope in house at all times... so raid him already and throw this washed up, ragoholic in the can with his old 'murderer' man.

Obviouslythe moron Pap will sue him... judges hate Paps more than Dope heads though... no cash for this Zipper-head Pap.

1991 days ago


He must have been out of weed.

1991 days ago


Wow, to all of you cheering Woody on, and to those who voted "no" on the poll- you people are IDIOTS.

Keep frequenting this website and giving TMZ more money! If you hate the paparazzi, DON'T GO ON THEIR WEBSITES! You people are such hypocrites! Your time on this website is why TMZ continues to do this, if this site got no traffic, and their TV show zero ratings, they would go out of business.

Keep it up, I LOVE TMZ, and because of that I don't give a flying **** what their paps do, as long as I get to see awesome pics and video.

Keep posting comments and voting "no" on the poll, that refreshes the page and gives them even more views! Good work!

1991 days ago


Way to go Woody! I'm a bigger fan now than before. What moron on this planet cries about being assaulted and then continues to pester and follow his attacker. Loser got what he deserved.

1991 days ago


I think TMZ photog is just way too rude, if they say no, just stop recording! Why you need to follow him and keep recording? This guy deserves it, I'll do the same thing to you. RESPECT that is what TMZ needs to do.

1991 days ago

6 pounds soft    

The photog deserved to be beat unconscious. I wish Woody hadn't of held back

1991 days ago


i think the camera man got what he deserved he pretty much stalked woody and was just asking to be attacked he needs to learn fro this experince and quit getting in peoples faces or next time he might get beat down like he deserves

1991 days ago

mellon bruse N    

If you get to close to the gator you get bitten!.TMZ drags them into court.WE PAY FOR IT!.TAXE dollars go for dumpassed TMZ`s harasment cases.If you subject don`t want on cam shut it off...don`t they own thier own image?.Kill on a kid of howard hughes`s like they all do A von holeSS.

1991 days ago


Good point Summer, I was going to say the same exact thing.

1991 days ago

i win    

I know this is off topic but has anyone noticed how much of a bitch harvey is. weasel.

Ok back on topic, if you dont annoy, stalk, shove a camera is someones face all the time, you wont get punched. It is very simple to realize that. Dont act like youre not a martyr in this situation tmz, you wanted this to happen so you did what you had to do to provoke it.

1991 days ago



1991 days ago
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