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Woody Harrelson Attacks Another TMZ Photog - REDIRECT

4/9/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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I'm not a Woddy Harrelson fan, nor do I think that it is okay to hit anyone. However, it is the TMZ photographer who is the jerk in this case. Being a celebrity definitely has it's advantages, but being continuously followed and badgered should not be part of the package. This photographer intentionally antagonized Woody to a breaking point; a breaking point I would have reached much earlier. I believe that Woody showed restraint. To all of you who believe that Woody is in the wrong here, let me ask you this: Do you think this is the first time that Woody (or any other celebrity for that matter) has been stalked, followed, berated and badgered? This type of insensitive and repulsive behavior on the part of paparazzi is a direct result of society's insatiable need to know what celebrities are doing in their private lives. This photographer was an unbelievable jerk and crossed the line when he kept yelling Woody's name, daring Woody to retaliate. The charges should be against the photographer, and we should all stop buying into this voyerism. Watch the celebrities at work and leave their private lives just that. (PS, I KNOW someone will wonder why I watched this when I am obviously against it. This is my first (and last) time on TMZ and I was directed to this video from a headline on'mon CNN, is this really news???)

1986 days ago


The guy always been somewhat of an ass. Smoked one too many joints you ask me. Lame excuse. TMZ needs to make an example out of him. Please feel free to do so.

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

1986 days ago


Watching that tape had me begging to see Woody go off on that leach. My god, if it was me I would have beat him unconcious.

If you life goal is to suck whatever useless value out of some random non-event, then be prepared to get your ass kicked on occasion.

1986 days ago


This dude deserved a serious ass-beating; Woody was very restrained. What a whiney little bitch "this is assault, Woody.." I wonder how long until laws are passed prohibiting this kind of harrassment. It really is STALKING and the artists need to push for legislation to ban this type of antagonism, put these parasites in jail where they belong, that's the only way they will ever stop.

1986 days ago


It does not matter how annoying you think a person is, no one should ever put their hands on another person. That was out of line. That photographer should definitely sue.

1986 days ago


catch 22. TMZ wouldn't antagonise a situation like this, if there was a chance that an altercation like this wouldn't lead to a million hits on the video. i watched to see the way the TMZ guy reacted. Personally my view is - If you're assulted, and genuinely scared, why ***king follow the guy? continue to yell out at him, and be verbally abusive? TMZ ur guy got what he deserved. If he hadn't continued to pursue WH then I'd think differently. You guys antagonise ppl, then get surprised when Celebs react. Wake up.

1986 days ago

merry prankster    

kudos to woody, more celebs should bust the TMZ nazirazzi upside thier noggins so that maybe they will get the picture that EVERYONE deserves some space, privacy, and respect. punkass photographer was harrassing woody and got it on the light side of an ass-whipping compared to what he should have recieved.

1986 days ago


You know my gf argues that with celebrity comes up giving anonymity, but I disagree. There is a thin line between what some paparazzi do and harassment/stalking. Nobody cares about of a picture of Tom Cruise buying a can of soup, but now if Tom is using the can of soup to beat a photographer to death thats big bucks.

Just way to many "paparazzi" out there trying to provoke Celebs into reactions like this, because thats where they get the big bucks either selling this junk then suing the Celebe for so called injuries or emotional distress. Remember the dirtbag who sued Keanu Reeves, then was found out he was faking his injury.

1986 days ago


Good for him. Leave these people alone. After the first "attack" your guy KEPT FOLLOWING HIM. Get a life you vultures. This is the only reason I came to this site was to read this article and tell you guys to get a freaking life. NO ONE GIVES A DARN ABOUT ANY OF YOU. You deserve what you get for messing with these people!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!

1986 days ago


Woody tried to avoid the photographer multiple times by turning away and walking off and the reporter just kept on and kept on. I think the reporter deserved what he got.

1985 days ago


This guy was obviously provoking the situation. He didnt back off and continued to follow and harrass Woody even after being hit. If he felt threatened, would he have continued to follow him and ask him questions? Most of his talking and banter appeared to be a performance for the camera. He seemed to enjoy the interaction and I think he saw dollar signs instead of stars when Woody punched him.
I dont agree with violence but I also dont fully understand what it feels to be constantly hounded by these parrazzi. There is a point when you cross a line and have to deal with the consequences of your actions. I have no pity for this camera guy. He got what he deserved. Hopefully he gets no more money beyond what he made from this video.
This would be one of the few times I would be on the side of Woody Harrelson.

1985 days ago


there IS such a thing as crossing the line, which the cameraman did here. if you push and push and push someone, they're gonna eventually SNAP. you can tell from the jump that woody was not goin for it-so you shouldve left it alone. he is lucky woody didn't split his f*ckin head open!

1985 days ago


Too Bad Woody didnt give him an American History X style curby. That's what TMZ people deserve.

1985 days ago


Good for Woody, passive agressive TMZ reporter should be charged with mischief.

'ats assul woody, 'ats assul woody, stfu

1985 days ago

Granny Pants    

What kind of little girl slaps were those anyway? Woody's a tool.

1985 days ago
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