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Britney's New Command Performance

4/10/2009 8:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will be appearing in a Los Angeles arena and, if a certain lawyer has it his way, an L.A. County courtroom.

Jon Eardley, Esq., the lawyer who claims Britney hired him to torpedo her conservatorship, has just filed legal papers demanding that Brit appear at a trial in which Eardley has been accused of harassing Britney and her family.

In his legal papers, Eardley notes that Britney will be performing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on April 16 and 17. He says if she's well enough to perform, she's well enough to testify on two points -- did she authorize Eardley to take legal action on her behalf and did Eardley really cause her "substantial emotional distress."

The judge will have to decide if Britney is competent enough to testify and if it's fair to drag her into court. It would certainly be entertaining.


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He's just another Idiot    

Sounds like this Eardley idiot just wants publicity. You Britney haters are sicker than she ever was. She was married to a gold digging, dirtbag and had a manager giving her drugs and an ugly Muslum hanging around - probably stealing from her. Thank God she's back on the right track. It's a miracle. Be happy for her.

2019 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I love how the idiot fans are always trying to blame someone else when it is her her sought these douches out, no matter how bad it was for her! That's who she prefers to be with, so let them have her!

2019 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She's never going to learn from her mistakes. The fact that she was still in contact with those idiots proves it too! And now this has lead to more bullcrap and has created yet another court room drama which will probably end up costing her perhaps millions of dollars and will probably end up putting her into an even worse position. She can't even make it thru a well staged and very limited interview without losing it and they have kept her from speaking publicly on anything since then. Does anybody foolishly believe she's magically going to grow a clue and handle herself like an adult in court? If she opens her mouth in court, they are going to chew her up and spit her out when she does! There's no controlling a court like there is MTV and I seriously doubt that even if she lies, that she'll be able to fool people much smarter than her! She's screwed once again because of her big mouth and small brain. Basically, she's screwed herself again, but what's new?

2018 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I'm getting brain freeze about the people who still support this mentally challenged, emotionally immature, person known as Britney Spears. If you like her studio produced music, don't you know that you can buy a CD, without paying for the concert which is virtually the same CD which she pretends to sing? She threaten the lives of her babies in an immature, teenage tantrum, while in her late twenties. It is outrageous that she is doing a tour when she is still a legal child at 26 years old. Who are the morons that would that pay to see this joke?

2017 days ago


Britney, Lindsay and Paris are all going down the toilet. Let the stupid Britney fans like their incompetent hero. People are getting a clear idea who to really respect in this world.

2017 days ago

This is devastating.....    

I am sick of all the people hating. All those "Haters" are probably the same person! I am rooting for you britney!! Honestly, i wish people would stop saying she abused her kids, NEVER once was it said that she Physically or emotionally abused her kids! And, as for the way she acted she was MENTAL not acting like her self, could not help it & was most certaintly not doing it on purpose. For people to sit there and criticize a mentally ill person have to have a pretty sucky life! I feel bad for all of you! Also, it has been said she has spoken to Adnan & sam lufti but doesnot mean it is true so you people believe all of that? WOW...She is not perfect but none of us are. She has made mistakes, but who hasn't? Her probalems were made out worse then yours & mine because she is a star. SHE DID NOT ACT THAT WAY ON PURPOSE (that i believe).She is not perfect but i am rooting for her. On that note i do NOT think she should have to testify in court, she may be able to perform but we all know she is unable to make a conversation or even handle a interview so she should not testify..Some people who have mental problems can do somethings like work but not be able to shop or speak out in court or anything. So she may be able to perform but she may not be mental stable enough for court. That has happened. It is real life people. Like her or hate her she will be here a while so get used to it.

2015 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She didn't abuse her kids? One thing I am sick of is idiot fans who constantly make excuses for their cow queen! Oh, they just took her kids randomly and without cause...yeah right. Losing custody like that just doesn't happen without serious cause and it was so bad that to this day she STILL IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE ALONE WITH THEM!!!!! That just doesn't happen from one breakdown or small error in judgment, that happens when people harm and endanger their own kids! But this is no big deal for her fans! She could have killed them and her fans would still be making excuses and calling it an 'unavoidable accident' or some crap like that! You fans are some of the most disgusting people I have ever encountered! If anything, this toad should have been thrown in jail for abusing her kids! And if you think child abuse is no big deal, you should be thrown in prison with her and all of the other abusers. From what I hear, child abusers are treated very, very badly there! That's one of the few good things that happens in prison!

2014 days ago
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