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Hulk's Ironic Problem With Young Drivers

4/10/2009 6:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan wants to stop Linda Hogan's BF Charlie from driving cars on his insurance policy, claiming Charlie's "endangering the public."

Hulk Hogan: Click to watch video
Lest we forget ... his own son Nick, who crashed his dad's car and left passenger John Graziano in a vegetative state, is behind the wheel again.


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Un - F - ing believable!

Is he completely oblivious to reality or is he just an idiot?

1990 days ago



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1990 days ago

Carrys F.    

Why does he care if anyone he knows puts others in danger? His tapes from his son's jail were absolute proof he could care less. He basically blamed the victim. He is as sick and f****ed up as the rest of that pathetic group of wasted DNA.

1990 days ago


there he is again with that jennifer skank! Has she no shame just hanging around like some bimbett!

1990 days ago


i hope "Hulk" gets it in the end. he is a big joke!!! go Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1990 days ago


Can any one give us an update on how John G is doing? He was the victim in the crash and yet the media seems to have forgotten him. TMZ give us an update.

1990 days ago


Hulk needs to simply sign over the title to those vehicles.............. they are simply cars that 5 years from now will not make a difference what she does with them.

i wonder how many of us have some personal family problems that the public is not aware because we are not celebrities "hulk hogan" so for all of you haters simply remind yourselfs that nick's accident happened and can happen to anyones teenager..........

lindas choices are hers.......... i am not an expert but i can say that some emotional situation effected her..........
Hulk simply trying to move forward in a positive way...
Brook- trying to move forward in a positive way
Nick- living with that nighmare that will never go away........... he was into drifting and racing.........nothing wrong with that...........he just made a bad choice that day that change the life of his best friend.

the internet makes it easy to simply attack and be negative....

i feel for the parents of John and wish their pain will ease with time.............. although simple words cant change anything ........ for the rest of their lives they will be reminded of that tragic day............his sons life was taken from him

i think about that and i also think about the 4 teens that took their fathers bmw m5 for a speed run around a private airport .........the teen driver lost control and crashed into a tree ..........all 4 died at the location............. 4 families effected by the actions of each of them................they simply wanted to go and see how fast they could drive around the private airport................... in a split second their parents lifes changed foreever................. i wonder if those parents blame the owner of the bmw m5 ? i wonder if they understand the mistake all 4 teens made that day. we cant change what happened , simply hope that other teens will learn that driving a car is serious and in a split second horrible things could and can happen

we cant change what happened but we can learn from the mistakes and hope that no one will have to go through these horrible situations......

these accidents happen all the time............... with teens and adults..............if you want to see the reality of it, go to

1990 days ago


toofastforyou! is my Gay Lover

1990 days ago


FYI if that toyboy wrecks or causes damage.... Hogan is held responsible.

1990 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fine ,he's also known as a buster.....
Um Linda.. why dont you stop playing in the kiddy pool and get a man your own age who has a ... Are you ready... are you paying attention closely.... JOB! And B.T.W. If I were Hulk Hogan I wouldnt want your boy toy driving on my insurance either!! Boy these people are so freaking screwed up!

1990 days ago


To #24 anthony, you make some good points but you keep forgetting one very important point. Nick Bollea was given a car at the age of 14...he was more than once followed home by the police when driving underage. Still at 16 he was allowed to get a license by his parents and had numerous speeding tickets...excessive speeding. It was inevitable that because his parents chose to be his friend and not his parents that he was eventually going to kill or maim someone while behind the wheel. Anthony, now Terry and Linda and Nick are faced with a life time of knowing that they all contibuted to Mr. graziano's horrible injuries. There is no fixing what has happened to him. Look at the videos. When someon drives in such wreckless manners they cause agony to the victims and their families for a never goes away. The Bollea family has chosen to keep their silly asses in front of the camera...Linda with a 19 year old who looks functionally retarded, Brooke on a stripper pole with her father in attendace at her performances, and Nick somehow with the power of his father's money behind the wheel of a car. Terry and Linda, instead of saying enough is enough, get you asses into school and become something other than cartoons of us, just feed the frenzy with their own amoral behavior. What you do in life has consequences whether you like it or not...and what you do is taking it back. Look at Mr. Graziano, with over 1/3 of his head gone...he chose to hang with a spoiled kid, no taking it is forever for him. But who plays the victim in all of this...Terry, Linda, Brooke and Nick. That is beyond sad.

1990 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

People stop useing THERE for THEIR!
One refers to a place like ... Go over THERE and get that for me

The other refers belonging to some one like: Their going to the mall
It's not mine it's THEIRS

It's THEIR business.....
Honestly the wonders texting has done for the world.. People have forgot how to spell.... EW!

1990 days ago

Chris Wozniak    

Glad to see the parasites from TMZ are on duty! What would we do without the voyeuristic efforts bringing us all really important news like this story? Find a real job papparazzi!!

1990 days ago


"Lest we forget ... his own son Nick, who crashed his dad's car and left passenger John Graziano in a vegetative state, is behind the wheel again."

How are we supposed to "forget" when you keep reminding us every 5 minutes???????? LET IT GO!!!

1990 days ago
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