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Kim K: You Call That a Booty?!

4/10/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Brittany Gastineau at her side for moral support, Kim Kardashian gave the backside of one of the Knick City Dancers the ol' side eye in NYC on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian

Slam badonka-dunk!

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No Avatar

ex lax    

it covers all the lesbian suck marks! that she did with her sister!

2030 days ago

ex lax    

2 lezbos watctching a girl that works?

2030 days ago

Ms. X    

Kim Kar...looks like an Arab Barbie Doll. She doesn't look human, more animated. Eyeing girls lil butt is cute.

2030 days ago

ex lax    

they was waiting for bryants wife to come out the closet!

2030 days ago

ex lax    

free game if ya suck to get front row tickets

2030 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

Great... a fatass sitting next to a dumbass...

2030 days ago


DAYUM!! Kim K is looking FIIIINE!

2030 days ago

ex lax    

lets put on our war paint an get a pic! cause ya know we aint worth a flush down the toilet!

2030 days ago

ex lax    

bronze an silver is like 2nd an 3rd place... where the gold?

2030 days ago


Kim seems to ooze sex out of every pore of her body. I wish she was available as there appears to be a lot of happiness available from that body.

2030 days ago


Kim ks really beautifu. The other girl...not so much. What the hell is she wearing to a basketball game ?? Freaking black lace?? WTF??

2030 days ago


Kim K looks like a witch, jealous of other ppl. you can see it in her eyes. She probably cant stand other girls flaunting themselves infront of her. Gross me out. and yea her make up is thick as a wall. D-lister

2030 days ago


While I get sick of seeing ppl who are famous for absolutley nothing, this is funny--that is a look of jealousy she has there....and is Gastineau wearing elf shoes??

2030 days ago


I have never heard of this Gastineau chick and I don't know why Kim Kardashian is famous (I know why her daddy is), but Kim K is gorgeous!! Everyone has their own opinions and I can see how people might say she looks fake, but honestly, she is beautiful and that is hard to argue against!

2030 days ago


A little warning TMZ before you make one spit their coffee out!

Their looks are killin' me! WHO comes to a game in high heels? WHO do they think they are? Lets break this down this morning.

Kim is famous for putting her ass on a sex video. Gee, her 'career' just took off from there didn't it, if you call having a lawyer Daddy that helped get a murderer off, a jump start then we'll go with that, then a reality show that makes us want to vomit, are people this pathetic? Then now she has all these attempts to go ligit in the Hollywood business. Whatever.

Then this Lisa, who exactualy is she? All I remember is some, of course, stupid reality show yet again with her Mother. If this is all that is required to be famous, I guess we have a lot more bimbos to look forward to!

Bring them on, we love to laugh at you babes! In the end most of these, uuuummmm, "ladies'? are famous for handin' out ass. Tsk, tsk tsk.

2030 days ago
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