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Kim K: You Call That a Booty?!

4/10/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Brittany Gastineau at her side for moral support, Kim Kardashian gave the backside of one of the Knick City Dancers the ol' side eye in NYC on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian

Slam badonka-dunk!

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Kims face is very pretty. Her body is gross. Way to much fat and cellulite. The girl next to her is very plain looking. Wouldn't notice her in a room full of people. Her legs are tree trunks so I imagine her rear end is very wide.

1965 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Why would they even want to be seen at a Knicks game? The team has been awful for y-e-a-r-s! There's no status there. But Kim & Brittney are gorgeous. It's just Kim's mom that's unwatchable.

1965 days ago


I don't know what the problem is with all you haters. Kim Kardashian pretty much made herself famous and you know every one of you would love to have her life if you could. She's gorgeous, sweet and has class (with the exception of the sex tape of course) which is a lot more than I could say for Paris Hilton. That's someone who definitely shouldn't be famous! And what's with all the butt comments? I don't recall getting to chose the size of your butt when you're born. Get over it!

1965 days ago


At least the dancers butt is real.................

1965 days ago


Who's booty is she dissing? I'd like to look into that....literally!

1965 days ago


KIM, you look GORGEOUS .... those cheerleaders aint got NUTHIN on you. You are a true beauty.Us canadians like ladies with a "sexy,curvy" body. Dont change a thing!!!!

1965 days ago


Actually, it really looks like she is looking just beyond that cheerleader.


1965 days ago


She has some nerve looking judgemental about a person at "work".
Get a job Kim that does not require you to point your @ss at a camra.
They call you the @ss, because you wouldn't be recognized if you were not walking backwards. "I'm Kim! Kim!" lol

1965 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Hay Brit... in case no one told you... YOU ARE WHITE AND YOUR LIPS DON'T LOOK ANY BIGER! So stop TRYING to poke em out like that will make a diference... Cuz it doesnt!

1965 days ago

Bill Cosby    

Kim K looks like these middle-aged women I see walking around Park Ave. on the Upper East Side. They ALL look like they have that tattoo makeup treatment. You know, when they permanently tattoo women's eyebrows and eyeliner, etc.... IMO, she's waaay too young to wear such makeup. Why does she need that much? Don't misunderstand me..... Kin K is NOT my type of woman, but that doesn't stop me from knowing she should put down the airbrush!

As for Gastineau.... Where to begin? Ever since her Mom (who's deathly afraid of aging) started that show, "Gastineau Girls" I feel like they're setting the daughter up as a DESIRABLE female. When in reality, the poor thing has a crooked face and eye and has a drastically LARGE frame! Look at her next to Kim. She DWARFS her! And I don't mean she's just tall! I mean in every way! The girl is too damn big!

1965 days ago

paris hilton    

She wish she could dance!and she dose look like a man on this picture!!!

1965 days ago

spread the love    


Ok, first, when a girl has to sit hunched over with her arms crossed, she is too big for the seat. Gastineau is a pig. Her mother dated a lot of men of questionable character (google it). Just wondering how she managed the front row seat usually reserved for A-list names?

Second, this Kard-ASS-ian chick. Look, I am not against anyone making money. Especially these days. BUT, I just can't stand her. She is a Porno-whore. Yes, that is how she made her name. Fact. Like Hilton and other reality whores. They have done nothing but star in a porno and then parlay that into reality tv cash. Her ass is so big is spand the entire seat in the picture. Take the make-up off, and the designer clothing off and you have any average fat-ass'ed chick. Big deal. I blame Ryan Seacrest for extending her 15 minutes. Damn you Seacrest!!

Hey everyone...have a great weekend. You only live this day once. Make it a good one.

Haters Rule!!!!

1965 days ago


she looks like a rotten turd--- even with the fake face, hair, body and attitude --- power wash that whore and you'll be shocked and awed-- oh and as for hearing about "reg y" -- barf---- keep trying to shock people kim k -- go ride a rhinoceros!!!

1965 days ago



Melissa, Melissa, Melissa,

First, we want to have HER life??!!! Oh yes, sign me up for THAT reputation! Second, did you say CLASS and out loud? Class is something one can not have when one has sold their ass on video for 5 million. That is a HOOKER. Sorry girl, but you Mother would die to read your comment. {at least I hope she would}

There is zero shame in this world anymore. I am not a twenty-something, and I guess it seems like some of this behavior is just peachy to some of you, not many of you but, some of you.

Just because you have money by no means makes you a HONORABLE person. She is cheap, she sold her body after she made a sex tape. She is certainly no better then Paris. Twins in my book.

1965 days ago


Kim has way too much makeup on. She looks completely unnatural. She doesn't need to cake it on like that.

1965 days ago
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