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Woody Harrelson: You're Undead to Me, TMZ - REDIRECT

4/10/2009 6:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Ed G.    

I wish Woody would have shoved your camera up your arse.
Paparazzi deserve to get a beating.

2030 days ago


well verysad. if you would have read one of my other comments. i did say that i like to see pics and read stories about these actors. HOWEVER, i also said this one went to far! he kept coming back to harass woody over and over. that was uncalled for! there are some paps that do cross the line! look at what happened to princess diana. she was in her own car, she did not asked to be followed, harassed, stalked!

i still love tmz. i watch tmz. but again, this camera guy went too far with woody. did woody have the right to put his hands on him, not the first time. but this loser kept coming back for more, yelling and provoking woody.

2030 days ago


how many times are you guys gonna pimp this video? your photog got what he deserved.

2030 days ago


What happened to Princess Di was her driver was DRUNK and driving so fast that he could not control the vehicle. A pap was not behind the wheel...her drunk driver was and there is NO excuse for drinking and driving, driving way over the speed limit or beating up people. Pap is bothering you at a public place - get the police. Don't punch somebody out. Most celebrities don't beat up photogs whether they 'deserve it' (as many of you claim) or not. It's just wrong. Bottom line. And stop justifying violence. Please.

2030 days ago


Who didnt know he was doing it for attention??????

2030 days ago


Doesn't seem like either of these guys have half a brain between them. OK, Wody. You don't like being photgraphed because you're celebrity? Then quit or stay home. Not like many of us would miss you. Hey photog moron. If you just got assaulted, why didn't you just call the cops, rather than follow Woody and provoke him to come after you again? The only thing that should happen is that Woody should pay for the camera he busted. The photog getting punched in the face, he brought on himself. Celebrities give up their privacy when they are in public. For the money these people get paid, I don't feel the least bit sorry for them. The media needs to learn the difference between being aggressive and asking to get their asses kicked. If photog's want to keep pushing, then don't cry when you get beat down.

2030 days ago


What are you people talking about "his space"? It's a public airport you idiots. The photographer can take pictures and ask questions all he wants. Poor Woody had had a rough flight, and he's tired and cranky. That's life, we all go through that. And we all have parts of our job that we don't like. Sorry you're famous and you draw attention sometimes Woody - that's a downside to an acting career. Get over yourself and suck it up.

2030 days ago


I love woody!!!!! Kick his ass!!!!

2030 days ago

B real    

If all you guys are so against the paps what are you doing on TMZ?? This idiot stoner should be locked up. Someone talks to you and takes your picture because you are a celeb and its ok to physically assault them? If he cant handle it then go work at McDonalds. I hope the pap takes him to civil court too.

2030 days ago


Pap made it really hard for Woody to do the right thing and ingore me. Alot people think that just because your star you should expect to have pap in your face all the time. The stars are not GODS they are humans and deserve some personal space. The paps has some nerve to say Woody has harrasing him, when in fact he was the one following Woody around and kept getting his face.

2030 days ago


Boo hoo. Meanwhile he's living the good life that fame and public fascination bring. He is always free to give up acting and stay out of the spotlight. He should be thrilled anyone cares about him, it's surprising they do. He's old and never was that interesting or good looking.

2030 days ago


Um, no one cares pap

2030 days ago


Well, well, let's see Woody's dad is on death row in Texas for murdering a judge, I guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree after all.

Hey Woody smoke some more of that bud and chill dude.........

P.S. - Meagan -speed kills, put the crack pipe down sweetie and move away from the window, kay ?

2029 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

Not sure what took place before but the camera man was wasn't out of line from what I could see. He's doing his job, taking pics and film of celebrities, which is part of the price of fame - without pix and hype from places like TMZ, stars don't do all that well. The camera guy sounded like a polite guy, who was surprised to have his property broken. Two things I would like to see come out of this - the camera guy receives multiple millions from Woody Harrelson and 2, Woody does some jail time. Stars need to learn that this kind of behavior isn't appropriate and won't be tolerated. You don't want the pix and film taken of you? Quit the biz, move to Billings, Montana and get a job at Wal-Mart. I vote in favor of the camera on this one; and I really hope that some court sees that too. Also, I do like Woody Harrelson, so I'm not writing this out of vehemence; but he crossed the line and needs to be tuned in.

2029 days ago

word !    

Yea Woody !! the only way they are gonna learn is if you kick kicking there asses. They all know not to mess with Woody and they dont learn so they get what they get and thats that. BRAVO WOODY !!!

2029 days ago
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