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Woody Harrelson: You're Undead to Me, TMZ - REDIRECT

4/10/2009 6:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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I usually side with the actors on these things, but Woody is kinda , off center. Know what I mean/? Zombies?
Plus he's the son of a murderer. His dad killed a federal judge in '79 and he unofficially confessed to killing JFK. Or maybe he thought they were Zombies.

2024 days ago


Oh, it’s the zombie defense. Harrelson needs to go to jail, be a man and take the punishment like some other actors who have broken the law. His actions are criminal and his outbursts are escalating more as he does mind numbing films.

2024 days ago


*** That TMZ photographer should be fired and brought up on assault charges. Yes, you can be verbally provocative and this photographer incited and egged on the whole situation. Woody had every right to do what he did and the fact this photographer won't SHUT THE F*(K UP and stop being such a parasite shows how much he deserves to have all his camera equipment shoved down his lame-Ass-Throat. GET A REAL JOB YOU PARASITIC WORM.

2024 days ago


Sorry, but TMZ is way wrong on this. When kids are involved, I don't care what a celebrity "signs on " for. That guy follows him after the initial bust up, and then claims he's being chased. What an A-Hole! Team Woody, all the way!

2024 days ago

Adam H    

Common sense would tell you that the Pap who followed Woody would annoy and instigate anyone in that situation. If I were in the same predicament I would have beaten the head off of that pap until unconscious. I know the Pap has a job to do, but he crossed the line and the comfortable boundary in which he should have done his job. Woody had every right to chase him away, breaking the camera was unnecessary but in the situation that unfolded I'm sure 90% of the people who would have been harassed by that idiot would have acted in the same manor. Guarenteed. That Pap should have his job taken away and some kind of brutal asskicking unfold by his Boss. Thanks for sticking up for every Woody, and I hope any charges are dropped against you because that Pap was a f*@^82 a$$ho}e

2024 days ago


LMAO!! Guess y'all will learn to leave Woody alone, huh?

2024 days ago

fortune or fame you pick    

This is amazing how you all think that Woody is a hero! When people become celebrities they are told by their management and publicist what to expect. This videographer was just doing his job! He was in a public space, NOT WOODY SPACE, doing his job. You know there is a ZOOM button on those cameras! He asked Woody about Hemp pants. Did you all forget that Woody speaks about the multi uses of hemp? Google it! Woody was on a show saying how hemp was a natural product and you could make makeup and all of these other products. Woody needed the publicity! He has a new movie coming out that no one is taking seriously. Come on who wants to see Zoombie land! You are saying Woody got provoked. Ummm HELLO! Woody was leaving the scene of an assault. I would have turned the camera on his arse too to show that he left after knowing that he did something wrong. The camera guy had every right to yell assault! If you look at the video you see people doing nothing!! He did not touch Woody! If Woody were not being photographed or taped, then he would be considered a regular person like you and me. His paycheck is dictated by how much the public wants him. You all saying Woody did a great thing don't understand this industry. Some celebrities do things to stay relevant because once they are no longer relevant then bye bye paycheck. Woody needs to be arrested pointblank. If this camera guy would have fought back then you all would have said he needs to be arrested! Celebrities need to decided if they want the fortune or the fame!

2024 days ago


I don't blame Woody at all, the guy was stalking him and goading him into a confrontation....I would have punched the guy myself and I'm a 59 y/o female !

2024 days ago

fortune or fame you pick    

You all saying that Paps are intrusive are the ones watching TMZ, buying Star Mag, People, Us Weekly etc! HYPOCRITES!

2024 days ago


Maybe if TMZ hired some photographers who have class and common sense, celebs wouldn't have to beat the crap out of them. Someone should get a taste of their own medicine here and see how it feels to be stalked by some stupid ass camera man. Camera guy looking to get $$ the wrong way.

2024 days ago


That papparazzi is a little bitch... WAHHH this is assault woody, WAHHHHHH!

Dude, you follow around a guy and his kid and annoy the crap out of him, then when he pays you some attention you cry like a little douche.


2024 days ago

fortune or fame you pick    

MIck I agree with you, there are some paps that cross the line but this pap was not. He was in a PUBLIC AREA! When celebs don't want to be photographed they just say not today guys and they don't respond to any questions. This is celebrity 101. Your publicist teaches you this from your first taste of fame! You sound so ignorant to say that you would kick someone's arse to protect the rights of actors and stars. You are just asking to go to prison hunh? This is how this industry works. Some of these celebs even have people call in where they are going to be so that their picture will be taken. So what you said sounds ridiculous! Further more paps are not interested in the everyday man, that is why they are not taking your picture! Getting the message yet?

2024 days ago

Patricia braches    


2024 days ago

Patricia braches    


2024 days ago


Good for Woody. You guys should leave him the "F" alone. If you harass and provoke him like that, you deserve to get popped in the mouth.

2024 days ago
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