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Canada to Billy Bob: No Thank You

4/11/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Bob ThortonBilly Bob Thornton should have known better -- being impolite doesn't fly for Canadians.

The actor "musician" and his band, The Boxmasters, have canceled their last two Canadian tour dates with Willie Nelson following Billy Bob's now-infamous radio rant of d-bag awesomeness, according to an announcement on Willie's website.

But Billy Bob didn't just end his hissy fit in the studio. Apparently he went on stage later that night, in front of an all-Canadian audience, and called his interviewer an "asshole"... for, you know, asking Billy Bob questions.

The canceled shows might stem from the fact that Billy Bob said Canadian audiences were boring ... or because actors are usually terrible at playing music.

He's just lucky he was in Canada and not some scarier, less-Canadian country.


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Come's Canada...that big chunk of dirt to the north, with their fake dollars and funny accents...have we even let them become a real country yet? - I'll have to the meantime, I'll senf them a U.S. flag, so they can feel important.

2019 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Step one for an actor wishing to be taken seriously as a musician: do not alienate an entire COUNTRY.
Step two: return to acting

2019 days ago


It's true that we Canadians do not tolerate rudeness, it's very important in our society to be polite and kind, I'm not quite sure how to even take someone like Billy Bob...anyone who looks at this entire interview can see that the interviewer is polite and professional, something that Billy Bob Thornton should strive to be, unfortunately, he chose to go the other way....there was no need for him to do what he he can't even be honest about why they cancelled the remaining canadian shows...have some dignity and speak the truth.....don't run away Billy....we Canadians don't bite..(unless you want us too).

2019 days ago


Seems like Billy Bob Dildo can't find his way out of his ass.

2019 days ago


Another HAS BEEN ass celeb seeking attn for tht 15min fame to get them back out on the scene again... funni!

2019 days ago


That DJ was way out of line but he made it look like BBT was the bad guy. Now, thanks to that DJ a bunch of Canadians have lost their jobs because The Boxmasters had to cancel. How many other lives has this DJ destroyed?
That DJ needs to be fired before he does more harm!

2019 days ago


I'm glad the Canadians didn't put up with his crap. If he tries that crap down here in the States, we'll boo his stupid ass as well. What an idiot? He should take lessons from another non-talent, Brittany Spears. The Canadians booed her stupid ass off the stage too.

2019 days ago


Foot-in-Mouth Flu? He is not the first to suffer this disease, and will not be the last.

2019 days ago


A bunch of Canadians lost their job because this horse's ass pulled out of his concert dates? Hardly. The interviewer was polite, courteous and professional, three words B-B apparently isn't familiar with. The band pulled out of the concerts, but the Nelson/Price team is going ahead with their bookings and not taking a minute out of the shows -- they're each playing extra time to make up for the Boxmasters' set. Now THAT is class.

2019 days ago


What a total douche.

The Smoking Gun has put up a copy of his 2008 tour rider, which stipulated that the act be billed as "Billy Bob Thornton And Special Guests The Boxmasters". It seems to be that BBT is happy to use his celebrity when he feels it's convenient.

So BBT 'instructed' Jian's producers to not ask questions related to acting (which he really didn't, he asked music related questions and just happened to add the aside that BBT was also an actor, etc). If he has a problem with a question why not refuse to answer the question with the same grace that is expected of all adults? Just how much 'instruction' doe BBT need to give before he does an interview? Later he tells the crowd in Toronto that Jian 'looked into his eye' and promised not to ask acting questions (again he didn't ask acting related questions).

If he was a former Olympian, doctor, CEO, Nobel prize winner, they would probably would have referenced that as well. He is an actor (and a well known one) and the interviewer was just providing the context - this is a radio show after all. Good interviews draw attention to a performer's other influences.
i.e. past careers, where someone is from, where they live now, interesting things they've done, etc.

A regular band, without the notoriety of BBT, would not have the weight to be able to instruct a journalist to not mention something like their past career, etc. A regular band without BBT's celebrity influence wouldn't have the influence to behave in that manner.

If the interviewer had brought up personal issues (like Angelina, etc) then I can understand being upset, but merely mentioning his past career is completely appropriate. The interview did focus on the music career and the mention of BBT's career was only a small part of his introduction of the band.

For a band that's only been playing together for a few years, opening for Willie Nelson is pretty impressive and quite a quick jump in popularity. When a very new band becomes that successful that quickly, a good music journalist will talk about that subject. And to disregard entirely the fact that one of the band members is a hugely successfully actor would just be sloppy journalism.

The utter arrogance of some celebrities never seems to surprise me anymore..

2019 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Where can I buy Billy Bob's CD? Everyone keeps talking about great his band is.

2019 days ago


Just another so called celeb who thinks he owns the world, but is really just a JERK!! Noone cares about you or your music, I can't stand rude people like Billy Bob...

2019 days ago


Hill Billy Bob:
The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more
teeth than your spouse

You let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the
dinner table in front of her kids

Last year you hid Easter eggs under cow pies.

You've been married three times and still have the

You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on
a different night.

Jack Daniel's makes your list of "Most Admired

You think Genitalia is an Italian airline.

2019 days ago


CBC = journalistic integrity

And FYI, Jian Gomeshi is not a DJ.

2019 days ago


This dj was a moron and BBT had every right to call him on it.

2019 days ago
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