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Canada to Billy Bob: No Thank You

4/11/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Bob ThortonBilly Bob Thornton should have known better -- being impolite doesn't fly for Canadians.

The actor "musician" and his band, The Boxmasters, have canceled their last two Canadian tour dates with Willie Nelson following Billy Bob's now-infamous radio rant of d-bag awesomeness, according to an announcement on Willie's website.

But Billy Bob didn't just end his hissy fit in the studio. Apparently he went on stage later that night, in front of an all-Canadian audience, and called his interviewer an "asshole"... for, you know, asking Billy Bob questions.

The canceled shows might stem from the fact that Billy Bob said Canadian audiences were boring ... or because actors are usually terrible at playing music.

He's just lucky he was in Canada and not some scarier, less-Canadian country.


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Illinois person    

Serves him right. He's always been a freak. You can't go into some other country, insult the people, and then expect them to turn around and pay to see your show. I also believe he's got to be on something. Being an Oscar winner doesn't give you cart blanche to do and say as you wish. Bet Angie's laughing all the way to Brad's bed. No wonder she dumped him. FREAK!

1936 days ago


I had never heard of his band the boxcutters.Now I have,Maybe that was the reason to do this stunt to generate publicity.He's an oddball anyways.

1936 days ago


I was shocked and appalled at his crass reaction to the poor interviewer. He needs to grow up. Talk about being ungrateful and a prima donna. I guess we are all supposed to forget he has ever been an actor. Fine, I'd like to see a huge boycott of all of his movie/TV projects. Let his crap stay in warehouses and not sell.

He is a whiny, spoiled brat. It is one thing to be edgy and eccentric (Johhnny Depp-ish) but it is quite another to be a complete P R - you know what.

1936 days ago

She's Dumb    

To: A canadian who could care less: Who do you think you are? God? I guess so.....No American's do not think they are "superior", you are talking about one person, a celebrity who in my opinion is a jerk but don't lump the rest of us in that catagory.....your comments make you just like BBT "a jerk" about posting what city you are in Canada so that us "American's" can be sure to steer clear of it when creep!

1935 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Review from the Globe and Mail:
"... he ordered everyone to stand up, turned his five guitarists loose on an interminable blues jam, and climbed behind a drum kit for one of the most amateurish performances I've ever seen at Massey Hall."

Musician FAIL.

1935 days ago


Hill Billy Bob was only recognized as an actor after he played a retard in "Slingblade". Turns out, he wasn't acting!

1935 days ago


The loser should stay in America....errrrr I mean Mexico.....or is it Africa?? Man the USA is full of Africans and Mexicans LMAO, I almost feel bad for the inbred yanks.

1935 days ago

princess leilani    

Billy way you are ever going back to Canada boy............and that is all you will ever be is a boy.........
and a embarassment to America. Sorry Canada, y'all rock up there without him or Brittney too!!

1935 days ago

princess leilani    

U G L Y UGLY is your alibi!

1935 days ago


yes i am god. happy easter sweetie and dont forget to take your meds lol!

1935 days ago


The Canada vs America mudslinging posts are juvenile and irrelevant. The issue is simply that BBT is an arrogant no talent jerk. It would be great if those of our neighbours to the south who have tickets to an upcoming Boxmasters show, booed him off the stage, too! Throw a few mashed potatoes for me! :)

1935 days ago


As a Canadian I think it is important to say that just because Billy Bob is an arrogant obnoxious person does not mean that ALL Americans are the same.I happen to really like Americans and let's face it we ALL have rude arrogant people in our countries,unfortunately some of them have access to the media and make complete fools of themselves......that's life!Thank god they are not the majority.

1935 days ago


Billy Bob was a prick during the radio interview and I'm glad the bum got booed off the stage in Canada. Stay out of our country you arrogant AHole.

1935 days ago


Tom Petty is a musician. Billy Bob is a hillbilly. And a washed up ugly has-been. Way to go for never being welcome in Canada again. Maybe we're not allowed to pack guns, but eff with us and we'll eff you up.

1935 days ago


He's coming to New Bedford's Z, we see all the washouts! lol Bet he can't fill the little 'ole place in coketown USA.

1935 days ago
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