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Canada to Billy Bob: No Thank You

4/11/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Bob ThortonBilly Bob Thornton should have known better -- being impolite doesn't fly for Canadians.

The actor "musician" and his band, The Boxmasters, have canceled their last two Canadian tour dates with Willie Nelson following Billy Bob's now-infamous radio rant of d-bag awesomeness, according to an announcement on Willie's website.

But Billy Bob didn't just end his hissy fit in the studio. Apparently he went on stage later that night, in front of an all-Canadian audience, and called his interviewer an "asshole"... for, you know, asking Billy Bob questions.

The canceled shows might stem from the fact that Billy Bob said Canadian audiences were boring ... or because actors are usually terrible at playing music.

He's just lucky he was in Canada and not some scarier, less-Canadian country.


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I used to be a fan of Billy Bob - loved Sling Blade, A Simple Plan, Bad Santa, but he's dead to me now. I feel bad for his fellow band members - perhaps they are sane, sensible people, but Billy Bob was an embarrassment.

I will never spend a penny to watch anything of his again, ever. Canadians are such nice people, and Canada is a wonderful country, and I don't tolerate racism. (Insulting an entire country qualifies.)

1988 days ago


I had to check this out when I saw the BBT had pulled out of the remaining dates in Canada. The comments for the most part are pretty funny, but I hate to see all the mudslinging comments with Canadians insulting Americans and vise versa. I particularly hate to see the ones Canadians are directing at Americans. How can you ridicule BBT for being rude and ridiculous and then engage in the same type of behavior? Most of the Americans commenting on the story agree his behavior was inappropriate, they are supportive...why the slagging? It's ridiculous to the make the blanket statement Americans always XXX. These are our friends and neighbors, we share many of the same values. It bothers me to see Canadians taking cheap shots, show a little dignity. I appreciate the Americans posting their support. The ones taking an opportunity for a cheap shot are cut from the same ignorant cloth as BBT. Nationality has nothing to do with recognizing ignorant behavior. However, did love the comment that we have no "manors". Darn homonyms! For the record and without any crazy Canadian cursing, it's manners dear, good luck to you.

1988 days ago


Thornton is now an idiot and probably cooked his career----the acting one that is with his comments. We in the US have not taken kindly to them, as he came across as arrogant and intolerable. Let him see how his next interview goes----he's going to get it from both barrells, even if a lightweight like Larry King is asking the questions.

Canadians are cool...they work very hard and party even harder...I have worked with them and partied with them...I have also played hockey against them, in Calgary, and will never do that again. Ouch... A Great people though, and a Country that isnt afraid to fight when its needed.

Thornton----he seems un balanced now, maybe a complete physical is in order.

1988 days ago


I would expect nothing less then this sort of behavior from a
dude who calls himself "Billy Bob". Sounds like the Canadians..
pushed his out house down the hill after they saw him shutting the door.

1988 days ago

John Edwards    

Billy Bob is a Hack at everything he does. He should be the most grateful person in the world for the general public tolerating his crap skills all these years. Makes me proud to be Canadian to see people give this guy a reality check. Retire Billy Bob, no one's interested in you.

1988 days ago


i am (probably should say was) a big billy bob fan. but i'm also a proud canadian.....and that's just more important to me. screw you hillbilly bob :)

1988 days ago

She's Dumb    

To: a canadian who could care less: Happy Easter knowing a piece of garbage like you is far away from America.... Or so you are indicating. I do not take med's and have no reason to thank you...You are the one that need's to see a shrink, you freak! I see you did not post your area...How true to form.....Just a low life @#$* talker......Get a life.....I KNOW you don't have one......

1988 days ago


It doesn't really matter what country he was in when he was this disrespectful and rude. The point is he was!
The radio announcer simply referenced his previous work as an actor and then moved on into the music so really I don't see what the big deal was. Billy Bob took it way too far and was a complete jerk about the whole thing. The rest of the band did look uncomfortable and the DJ did his best to get it back on track many times. As a Canadian, I really don't care for what he thinks of us as an audience. If you don't like playing here then don't come back, many other artists do like coming to Canada, maybe he just puts on a really bad show and that's why they are not giving him the gravy!!! HMMM!!!

1988 days ago


I just want to say I don't get or agree with the American bashing going on here. Canada has A-holes too, remember? Unfortunately, it seems our A-holes are all posting here. So, let's play nice. Everyone have a happy weekend - EXCEPT 4 Hill Billy Bob. As polite and sweet as I am his comments ticked me right off. Canadians are too quiet? Did it ever occur to you, BBT, that we were sitting quietly because we were in shock, stunned, at your lack of musical talent and trying to figure out how the #uck you ever got onto any stage? No, it did not because you are delusional, dude.

1988 days ago


It's not the flu, it's assholius douchbagilitis. Seriously, that was some infantile, morbidly douchey behavior. Was he channeling Joaquin Phoenix? And what's with the comparisons to Tom Petty? TP has never made a movie that I'm aware of, and isn't a drummer. The fact that he's made all these records isn't so noteworthy, either. He has tons of money, he can make records all day. Paris Hilton is working on her second release right now, I think. Maybe they should get together and do something, they have a lot in common.

1988 days ago

She's Dumb    

#80 Oh, also, don't ever refer to me as sweetie...I am someone else's sweetie............not your's.

1988 days ago


Jiam was a true professional during his interview with BBT.....I don't know why BBT thought it was a good idea to ask like a jerk, if he was really that insulted, he could have just tried to be the bigger person and act like an adult instead of a spoiled, indulged child. He owes Jiam an apology but more than that, he owes his band mates an apology. If you check out the interview, it's clear that they were embarrased by his behaviour. It's funny that one of those band member came down with a convenient flu for the last part of the tour.

What really sucks is that Willy put on an awsome show and all of this crap with BBT is overshadowing Willys tour. All of the mudslinging in some of the comments posted should stop doesn't solve anything and is irrelevent to the actual topic.


1988 days ago

She's Dumb    

correction: #81 not know who you are,................

1988 days ago


I know it doesn't help that we had Bush for years but we're not all gun toting cowboys. Some of us just roll our eyes and that is the extent of our rudeness. So...he's another actor who said something really stupid, big surprise. I never got his appeal or celebrity other than he was married to a stunner who CAN act. Billy Bob (ah, itself a name begging for comment) counts himself among those famous for....? Oh wait, ...don't tell me.....something to do with blood in a a necklace? Creepy.

1988 days ago


cbc radio/tv suck.No person in their right mind listens to them... never heard of the interviewer until now--whathisname--Jihad?,Jerome?,Janine?,Jesus?, who cares...he's probably as bad as some of the other "lame ass senior citizens" at cbc Rex Murphy,Stuart Maclean,Lisa Lako-Wacko...they all should have cobwebs growing out of their foreheads.They're so bad-loserville.If ,from what I'm reading,the producers of this show were told ahead of time "not" to ask about BBT's acting career,they they got what they deserved--bunch of morons who don't apparently listen to instructions given.Wake me up when the cbc has finally closed-up shop and moved on for good.....

1987 days ago
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