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Nick Hogan: Life's a Drag

4/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan was all smiles yesterday at the Formula Drift car race in Long Beach, Calif.


We're sure John Graziano would be thrilled that Nick may be learning how to drag race more effectively -- except John is in a permanent vegetative state, thanks to Nicky boy.


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Red Bull 420    

You Hogans have no right to defend you son's actions... yes we've all made mistakes but the didn't involve killing someone. And to add insult you keep doing the same action that killed your friend,"drifting". Its obvious your entire inbreed family posts and posts and posts under fake names to try to justify your horrible actions. I am ashamed i ever watch WWF. Hulk Hogan is no American Hero....all those year i was cheering for the bad guy. Your family has the instinct of "pack dogs" , quite un-human.
i could go on and on. How sick in the head can a family be to blame a person in a vegetative state... HE CAN"T EVEN DEFEND HIMSELF !!!! You son put him there..........IT IS NICKS FAULT !!!!! You think the guy that just killed the Angels pitcher deserves to drive again too????? Do you think his family is bombing TMZ with post defending him. Is it their fault cuze the where hit by a drunk without their seatbeats on?? Hogans take a loooooong look in the mirror sometime ..... we hate looking at you and hearing about you. Do you make yourselves as sick as you make us????

1966 days ago


First of all Nick Hogan is a kid, albeit, not that bright. He didn't make John refuse to wear a seat belt, John chose not to wear it. Nick, I believe on the other hand wore his. None of us were in the car with them and we don't know what the conversation was. I think the entire Hogan family is pathectic, but John was also an adult and made a choice. Nick did serve his time, it may not have been enough, but it is what our justice system sentenced him to. Unlike other celeberties, he did complete his time without early release or special privledges. I do feel bad for John and his family as my family has suffered a simular event, but again, I say to you, John was an adult and made a choice to not wear his seat belt.

1966 days ago


you guys are judging this kid for going on with his life. obviously the courts feel like he was punished he suppose to just not live. life goes on...he can't spend the rest of his life without joy. let him be tmz.

1966 days ago


If I had put someone in the hospital and they were in a living death state, I would never go to a public event. I would hang my head in shame, go to a trade school, learn how to help society by working in a real job, get involved with charity events - but behind the scenes, try to raise money for the person I hurt and their family and help animal charities and do anything I could to live with what I had participated in - for the rest of my life. This ding dong has no pride and no shame. Why is anyone sticking up for him. He is doing nothing to make up for his horrible mistake and jail time never cuts it - no excuse. Out of jail, live your life as pure as you can and charity and hard work makes up for a lot. This ass is not turning over a new leaf. Same leaf, same ass.

1966 days ago


It's time for you to leave this kid alone.... It only make's You ( TMZ ) Look Bad when you keep this kind of crap going...

This was a good site and it was fun back in the beginning but as you guys have gotten bigger, you lost your self.

1966 days ago


If it was me that caused an accident that caused my best friend to be in vegistative state I wouldnt beable to drive let allown drag race this is what happens to celebrity kids they dont give a f*ck about anyone but themselves . his ass should be going around teaching kids not to street race but no he is more worried about hi having fun he makes me sick

1966 days ago


Ok, honestly, who wrote this?

The first sentence says he's at FORMULA DRIFT racing.. then the very next sentence it says he's learning about DRAG RACING?? Huh?? If you're going to take the time to type a couple sentences please pay attention for an additional 10 seconds to read what you wrote.

That's like saying he went to a pro football game to learn how to become a better baseball pitcher.

1966 days ago


Enough already. I'm sorry that John is in a coma but he is a grown man who made a choice to not buckle up. He also made the choice to be a passenger in a drag race in which a 17 year old was driving. All choices in life have consequences, good and bad. Nick Hogan served his time. He did not make John get into the car at gun point nor did he make him not wear his seat belt. John's own actions had dire consequences. Maybe our society would be in better shape if people were actually held accountable for their own actions rather than constantly blaming/suing someone else.

1966 days ago


Keep after the pig tmz. I hope his victim's family sues the hogan family for everything they have now and in the future

1966 days ago


This is what is wrong with America. Nick should not be out on race tracks and enjoying every moment, he should be dedicating the rest of his life to something worthwhile to somehow make up for pretty much killing another life.

This man has no pride nor sense of responsibility, which woman sees quality in such a male?

1966 days ago


I personally think that everyone has to understand that this could of been anyone's brother, son, friend or whatever. I think the public, TMZ or whoever needs to back off Nick a little. Accidents happened let it be from stupid decisions as it may have been but come on, how much more crap does this kid have to be put through. Would the writer of this article like to have his friend or family member treated like this forever in the media (TMZ)?

John Graziano I am sure was willing for Nick to drag race that day so fault is his as well. I know that I have been in that situation growing up. I was a driver and passenger drag racing growing up. My decision and I knew what we were up to when we jumped into a hot rodded car on a summer day... Mistakes were made and Nick does have to move on and learn from it but I think the media and the stupid remarks needs to rest and allow this kid some happiness because I am sure that he feels guilty enough on his own for the accident.

1966 days ago

2% MILK    


1966 days ago


I hate you people who always stick up for celebrities. Do you think you might be one someday? Fat chance. Do you think they'll let you carry their books to the next class, or let you sit next to them at the 'cool' table in the cafeteria? They don't need your worthless 'support.' They are well compensated for doing nothing but screwing up, don't feel like you have to defend them, you sycophants (look it up, morons).

1966 days ago


To all of you people who keep saying no one forced this guy into the car with Nick, no one forced him not to wear his seat belt, you are correct , just as you would be correct if you said NO ONE forced Nick Hogan to illegally spit in the face of the law and race/speed down Main streets and congested roads where innocent human beings walk, drive and dwell.

No one forced him to drink his liquor. (no matter who bought it for him) no one forced him to endanger the lives of his passengers and innocent bystanders who may have been in other cars or walking down the street or sitting in their homes....

While this man lays in a hospital bed never again to awake Nick Hogan walks and laughs at race tracks and other racing events as if nothing happened…..

BTW he’s not any safer on a controlled and supervised track he’s already crashed a car I believe a Viper in his first few go arounds, THE KID CAN”T DRIVE FOR S!@# his license should be revoked for life along with his right to be called a human being.

1966 days ago


So if you have enough money, you can refuse to admit you suck at something.

Search youtube for Nick Hogan and accidents and you will have many, many videos to choose from. In one drifting event he hit the wall at least three times. When his car wouldn't run anymore, he borrowed someone else's car and promptly put it in the wall as well.

Nick needs to take many, many racing lessons before he gets on a track.

1966 days ago
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