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Nick Hogan: Life's a Drag

4/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan was all smiles yesterday at the Formula Drift car race in Long Beach, Calif.


We're sure John Graziano would be thrilled that Nick may be learning how to drag race more effectively -- except John is in a permanent vegetative state, thanks to Nicky boy.


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1931 days ago


THIS IS NOT DRAG RACING, HE WAS NOT DRAG RACING... if you go to a walmart parking lot and race around in a circle does that make it NASCAR??? NO...

1931 days ago


yall need to leave that damn boy alone, im sure he feels bad for his friend. but ask your self this question. when he got in the car with nick without a seatbelt was somebody holding a gun to his head to make him get in? didnt he know they were drag racing? how many people have gotten in the car with yall and they didnt put on a seat belt? and you didnt do a damn thing

1931 days ago


once again....I personally think that everyone has to understand that this could of been anyone's brother, son, friend or whatever. I think the public, TMZ or whoever needs to back off Nick a little. Accidents happened let it be from stupid decisions as it may have been but come on, how much more crap does this kid have to be put through. Would the writer of this article like to have his friend or family member treated like this forever in the media (TMZ)?

John Graziano I am sure was willing for Nick to drag race that day so fault is his as well. I know that I have been in that situation growing up. I was a driver and passenger drag racing growing up. My decision and I knew what we were up to when we jumped into a hot rodded car on a summer day... Mistakes were made and Nick does have to move on and learn from it but I think the media and the stupid remarks needs to rest and allow this kid some happiness because I am sure that he feels guilty enough on his own for the accident.

1931 days ago


the other idiot got into the car willingly. he is just as at fault. not saying he deserves to be in a coma, but c'mon...what was he expecting? i'm 21, i'd never a) buy alcohol for a minor or b) get into a car with said minor and go street racing while not wearing a seat belt. if you do stupid things, you'll eventually pay for it. sucks he had to pay with his conscious life, but that's how the wheel turns

1931 days ago


I'm all for people being able to move on after they have done their time but really WTF was Nick thinking? Not exactly a good idea to show up at a race just days after the news broke that he was able to obtain an unrestricted license in CA.

1931 days ago


Nick "Hogan" is the poster child for white trash! He is the result of inbred procreation! This "Family" makes me sick.
HULK is a sick man! I can't believe he was looked up to by kids at one time..The man is a sick MAN..that is sexually attracted to his own daughter. Who know's what's really gone on in that family..Dad wants daughter..Mother wants son.. They are all going to hell.

John was and is a Hero..the world loves and prays for John..
We could care less if Nick and the rest of the Bollea's all disappeared fact we'd all say

1931 days ago

Candy is a spoiled, cosmetically enhanced skank.    

Ok enough with the Nick bashing. What happen is crappy. However have we forgotten some part of the story here. A young man (most of use are fairly irresponsible at that age) into racing with a bad driving record and two child like parents. Veggie friend gets in a car with someone like that, knowing he had a drink, and never bothered to put his seatbelt on. Hmm someone was feeling lucky that day and it didnt work out. So Nick is TOTALLY out of line and used bad judgement but his veggie dude friend is completely innocent of poor judgement?? Come on dude it take two to tango and I am sick of here what a saint veggie boy is because he got the bad end of the stick. BOTH PARTIES WERE BEING CARELESS AND IMMATURE. Something very bad became it. Sucks but thats all folks

1931 days ago

nira k    

Have you seen the video of John the way he is now, missing the right front section of his skull and brain? Well take a look at it again and then take a look at that trash head Nick-smug faced idiot that, unfortunately, has his entire brain, and doesn't use it.
Nick got off very lightly for all of the damage he did. I can only hope he burns in hell.

1931 days ago


Nick is the most sickening piece of shi* alive, and I wish him nothing but bad, bad karma!

1931 days ago


Douche Bag Bollea!

1931 days ago


He needs to go on ankhsingles and find a match maker and a girl. To much time on his hand, find match maker ankhsingles.

1931 days ago


It was a stupid accident and both paid a price. It's not like he sold drugs(Tim Allen). As a girl Laura Bush went thur a stop sign and killed a young man. Teddy Kennedy didn't know the difference between a dirt road and a paved road and drove his car into the water. He walked past several houses, got to his hotel and went to sleep. The next day he called his people and went to the police. They couldn't prove Ted was drunk because it was the next day but the police where able to pull the girl's body out of the water. Some people believe that if he had gone to the houses near the water the girl would be alive. Ted Kennedy did not spend one day in jail. To this day he is still a Senator in Washington DC.

1931 days ago


i think the problem most people have is that nick doesnt seem too remorseful. for most, i think if they were in the same situation they wouldnt think about racing let alone attend a show. this guy walks around like he did nothing wrong. he probably uses the "it was just an accident" excuse to make himself feel better too.

too bad nick didnt kill a semi-celebrity and a blonde cheerleader. white, of course. then everyone would want to hang this guy

1931 days ago

Twinkie love28    

We shouldn't judge him, but the truth he is a murderer no matter how we see it. I have two sons if he did that to any of my sons he wouldn't be so happy.

1931 days ago
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