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Nick Hogan: Life's a Drag

4/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan was all smiles yesterday at the Formula Drift car race in Long Beach, Calif.


We're sure John Graziano would be thrilled that Nick may be learning how to drag race more effectively -- except John is in a permanent vegetative state, thanks to Nicky boy.


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i don't support the kid, i personally think he's a moron/waste of space/etc etc but shut up about this stupid crash already. they both made choices that night. The friend thought it'd be a good idea to buy the rich kid some booze, proceed to get in the car with him, and not wear his seatbelt. Doucheboy thought it'd be a good idea to go racing in the streets at ridiculous speeds. Unfortunately for both, they made really stupid decisions and now they have to live out the consequences. I feel bad for the friend and his family, but he's not blameless.

2021 days ago


I just wish that Nick could spend one day in John's shoes and he would change his ways right away that would have been better than any jail time.

2021 days ago

O E    

I am sure John had a good time each of the other times he went to show off with Nick, it is unfortunate he got the losing end in an ACCIDENT, Nick did his time and should be allowed to move forward. Maybe John always dreamed of being waited on hand and foot, now his dreams have come true.

2021 days ago


#95 accident or negligence; what do you say about Ted Kennedy? Soon he will be dead and the press will glorify him.
He didn't know the difference between a paved road or dirt and he left a girl to drown. Not one day in jail and still a Senator.
Nick Hogan deserved to be punished but not destroyed. Once he has bad his debt he right to turn his life around. Nick also has the right to fail.As far a his "tainted blood and family lineage" I never meet a perfect person or a family that didn't have some secrets. You sound like those guys who kill rape victims to save family honor.

2021 days ago


I can't believe how many of you say ohhh, it was just a mistake and Nick needs to be forgiven....What's between he and God is their business...but what is he doing for John??? I don't think he has the sense of a Billygoat...and his family is just screwed up as possible...what makes you think HE would be any all you Hogan fans....he getting ready for a fall..a big one.....wait for it....he's such a loser..don't see that dumbass going to fight for our freedom..God Bless John and his family

2021 days ago


No one likes to see anyone hurt, however John Graziano has to also bare some of the consequences of his condition. He was riding in the car with his friend Nick, he chose not to wear a seat belt - I also bet he was cheering Nick on to do the racing that caused the accident. So what we have is two young men with testosterone levels exceeding their intellect, the accident occurs, John unfortunately received injuries with extreme after effects.....meanwhile we have a media that is filled with a bunch of judgmental pantywaists throwing blame around as if they had any idea of what really happened, since they have no consequences to what they say regarding this situation.

Yes Nick did a stupid thing – but so did John Graziano as well………as to him being a soldier, big deal after Viet Nam, I had a friend that bought a sports car and added liquor to the occasion had a car wreck and killed his best friend on the roads surrounding Ft. Bragg, he also died a few days later. There wasn’t such an out cry for him, I guess one would have to be the offspring of someone with notoriety to gain attention from TMZ.

2021 days ago


Accidents happen when you take all known precautions and yet through human error you make a mistake.

Under age drinking to the point of intoxication...
Street racing in a high powered vehicle beyond your driving experience level...
Street racing on a wet road...
Several warnings in the proceeding year about racing in excess of 100 mph

That wasn't an accident folks, that was a thoughtless, careless, reckless a-hole with no regard for the life of his passenger or the public. You blame John because he was older, and the HOGANS SAY he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, well John made little mistakes in that regard. We've all forgotten to belt up. We've all gotten into a car that on second thought may not have been safe. So, if you got into a car with your best friend and forgot to belt up, would that make you responsible for your injuries when the driver fails to do what the LAW requires him to do in regard to driving and passengers"

Make sure all passengers are adequetely restrained.
Be sober.
Drive with awareness of the road conditions
Drive in a safe manner that puts you or other drivers, pedestrians, property at risk.

Nick did NONE of those very basic LEGALLY REQUIRED steps. John made a mistake, Nick made a vegetable out of John.

2021 days ago

pink floyd    

doesn't this clown work,hulk can't have that much money,at least his daughter works.

2021 days ago


Nick Hogan is a good looking young man.
He looks good in red. The choice of foot
gear leads me to belive he's into hip hop/urban
culture. I don't see a lot of white guys wearing
expensive, fancy sneakers. Anyway, regarding
the driving issue. He made a bad decision and
it cost someone their ability to lead a full, productive
life, which is terribly unfair and saddening, but
there's nothing that can be done about it now.

What more do you want?

2021 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Gee Nick, maybe you can get lucky and kill someone else off-this time during a race, so that you have all the bases covered! All the Bolleas suck! Remember when Daddy Bollea was planning in jail how to lie and spin this to their PROFITABLE advantage? The brutal, careless mother and stripper wanna-be daughter also enjoy illegal racing as well! This entire family is DIRT!!!! No, not dirt, human excrement!

2021 days ago


I don't know who are the bigger douchebags. The Hogan family and Nick in particular or all the people that say get off his back, he's a nice kid. Unfortunately Jim Graziano can never get off HIS back, he is stuck in a hospital, not alive and not dead, for the rest of his life. God you people that defend this prick are sickening.

2021 days ago


He is just a dumb punk ass kid that know nothing about life. How does he live with himself knowing what he did

2021 days ago


Ok first of all the people who are saying that john was the older one and that john should have known better and all the stupid crap you are all ridiculouse. It does not matter who was older he was not expecting to basically die that night and what was he suppose to do while the vehical was going more then 100 miles per housr? Jump out? you people are so ignortant and dumb. And Nick is a heartless bastard becuase yea people make mistakes and he was younder and eveything but by him being here in the races showe that he has not learned his leasson. For goodness sake this John kd went to iraq 2 times defending our country and he survived it and becuase of a kid who is so heartless and selfsish he is in a permenant vegitav state. Nick is a heartless bastard

2021 days ago


Even though Nick was driving, it was an accident....Speeding is wrong for sure, but he did his time, let him live his life in peace...There's nothing that can be done now to change what happened...Things happen, in life, even sad things such as what happened to his friend..

2021 days ago


To keep dumping on John Graziano is ludicrous. For whatever part he played on that horrible August night, he has paid a price higher than ever imaginable. He lost his life in the worst possible manner...the living death. But he was not the driver of the car...whether he encouraged Nick to race, drank with him, or did not wear his seat belt is a moot point. He has lost 1/3 of his skull and much more do you want to dump on him responsibility wise? Nick Bollea was given the priviledge of a drivers body has the right ot one, it is a priviledge. And as a minor his parents were responisbile for his actions, whether they want to ever admit it or not. After the first speeding incident they should have revoked his licese but they chose to let him run wild. It was inevitable that he was going to maim or kill someone. I agree, he did his jail time and thank God all the horrible recordings of him and his parents were made available for the world to see how truly amoral the Bolleas are. This was no accident people.....he chose to drive in a wreckless manner down a public street, at high speeds and lost a man who was once referred to as his best friend, is now lost forever and his father has the gall to say John had some bad karma and that brought this to him?!!! Linda says that she is the one suffering? That John's mother never cared?! We all know what has been said. Nothing will ever change that. I find it sad that Nick will live with this for all his life and whether or not he turns his life around and becomes a real man is yet to be seen. It is not too late for him...yet. But the longer he is mollycoddled the chances of his changing grow slimmer. He needs to get his silly self away from the race tracks...go to a real school and learn something...even if it is only to be a nurses aide and find out what life really is and how very fragile and short it can be. The world doesn't owe us crap but we owe the world alot....he needs to grow up and realize he is a nobody...the son of a cartoon figure of a so called man and the son of a woman who is so messed up she is not worth talking about. A sister who claims to adore him cheapens herself with a stripper pole and performs in front of gods and little fishes, what a family.

2020 days ago
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