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Swing Him Like Beckham

4/11/2009 3:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a page from the Joan Crawford School of Babysitting, David Beckham swung one of his sons around like a rag doll on Thursday.

David Beckham

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Good lord, I knew before I even clicked on comments there would be idiots here screaming about him doing this. This is his son that breakdances for fks sake, and spins on his head.
You know, going by your idiot theory, a woman walking around with a child planted on her hip WOULD BE JUST AS GUILTY. Because omg, would would happen if the mom dropped the baby!?
Give it a rest, seriously.

2018 days ago


I understand that he might be playing with his son, but geesh why not swing him by the hands... Some should swing David Beckham or Victoria Beckham by the feet lets see if they like being swung by their feet..

btw someone feed Victoria some food.......She's all bones and she thinks being that skiinny looks hot which is NOT!

2018 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Oh crap! Get that guy a set of golf clubs.

2018 days ago


omg. He's just having a good time with his kid! get over it and stop looking so much into it!!!!! you people are so over dramatic!!!!

2018 days ago


Oh come on ! He isn`t swinging him around, he is fleecing the little kid for spare cash!

2018 days ago

bsb fan    

OMG! SHUT THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!!! They're having fun... he's not purposely trying to hurt the kid... I've seen parents and kids do this all the time when they're playing around!

Chill the hell out!

2018 days ago


omg ppl! lighten up! he's just swinging his kid and the kid is having a good time! the ppl bitching about this are prob the same ppl who spray lysol on the shopping carts before putting their kid in it!

a little fun and a little dirt never hurt anyone!

2018 days ago


that is so dangerous. Somebody needs to report that idiot to DSS for child abuse.

2018 days ago


Fathers do not *babysit* their own children!

2018 days ago


People, get a grip! He is just having fun with his kid! Kids today are so wimpy because they are so over protected! When I was a kid, we didn't wear bike helmets and knee pads, we didn't ride in car seats until we were 8 years old and yes...our parents swung us around for a few seconds like this! It was fun and we survived. Toughen up!!!

2018 days ago

The Barber    

Beckham and his son are having fun and bonding. His son looks like he laughing, not crying or screaming for help. Relax folks.

2018 days ago


OMG! OMG! OMG! It looks like this child abuse might have also caused his hand to make unprotected contact with the bare ground! Obiviously you all aren't aware of the billions of bacteria and viruses he may have just been exposed to! Someone should have immediately disinfected his hand and taken the proper precaution of calling his doctor to obtain the necessary antibiotics. This leads me to believe that these negligent parents might compromise his health by allowing others dangerous acts such as playing "red rover" or even spinning in circles until he becomes dizzy! I just can't believe parents today....its like they somehow believe that humans weren't meant to sit in a cusioned chair in a padded room minimizing the risk of their existence.

2018 days ago

polly purebred    

Is that child, who looks to be about 4 or 5 wearing a diaper? That would concern me more than what he's doing.

2017 days ago


Wow people, Where are the rest of the pics in this? The FATHER is playing with his son. And you know what? We don't see a whole lot of that in this world with celebs!! Good for Daddy playing with his FIVE YEAR OLD son and it is NOT dangerous as long as the child is being held secure. Health nurses recomend that you do not throw a child in the air nor swing a child until they are two years of age and he is well over two. Looks like a lot of you aren't parent and if you are, I think your poor kids must not have much fun :(

2017 days ago

becks fan    

OH PLEASE, it is so obvious that he was putting him back down on the ground!! You people are crazy! Have you ever swung your kid around?! It would look the same!! Shaken baby syndrome????? Get a grip people and stop giving celebrities a hard time!

2017 days ago
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