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Prez Pup Coming to Obama White House Tuesday

4/11/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ObamaWe have lots of exclusive details on the Portuguese Water Dog President Barack Obama and Michelle are getting for Sasha and Malia. The pooch will make its grand entrance on Tuesday, and it's coming from a prominent Texas kennel, with the help of Senator Ted Kennedy's family.

The black dog -- a male -- is approximately six months old. We've learned it was bred at the kennel and sold to someone who gave it back. The kennel is now "re-homing" the dog to the Obamas. The dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas will rename it.

Now here's where the Kennedys come into play. The kennel has sold the Kennedys three Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage. The dog the Obamas will be getting is from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs. The Kennedy family will be presenting the new dog to the Obamas, but it's really coming from the kennel.

The reason this all sounds so technical is that there are issues regarding gifts to the Prez. The fact that the pup is being re-homed makes it all kosher.

The dog pictured below (right) is the actual dog the Obamas will be getting, courtesy

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When a kennel "rehomes" a dog, they're trying to find an alternative to putting it in a shelter. The dog was sold once, it can't be sold again by the kennel, so they either find another home for it, or it goes to a shelter. So the Obamas aren't rescuing a dog *from* a shelter, but they are rescuing a dog from going *to* a shelter.

The bit with the Kennedys is just a photo op, no biggie.

1988 days ago


What happened to getting a shelter dog?....and that is one ugly dog!

1988 days ago


While buying from a breeder where you meet the breeding parents is a good way so you're not buying into puppy mill suffering, it's still not addressing the issue of the 3 to 4 million dogs who are euthanized in shelters every year. That is why adoption is best until many puppy mills shut their doors, people stop buying from pet shops and more spay/neuter ordinances get passed in more cities. --- If this is his decision, it is the wrong one for this day and age. We are so imbalanced right now! Adoption from rescue is best.

1988 days ago


That is one UGLY dog!! Does that hair keep it afloat?

1988 days ago


Responsible breeders seldom make money from selling puppies. After doing all the health checks on the parents and providing premium food to mother and pups, providing excellent vet care for mother and pups, and providing a good environment for the mother and pups, there is not a lot of cash left over. Sales of puppies just help cover a portion of the expenses involved in breeding good dogs.

As far as this not being a shelter dog. Don't you understand that, if the responsible breeder had not be willing to take it back, it would have gone to a shelter. Should this puppy be deliberately cycled through a disease ridden shelter just to satisfy critics? Wow, then maybe it could die of parvo like Oprah's shelter puppies did.

1988 days ago


They say the dog resembles the owner Over time, ITS A PERFECT MATCH!!!

1988 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Maybe Teddy was looking for his water dog when he left me to die 40 years ago. Yup, he was praying to find his dog to rescue me...still waiting....

Do we really need another "Kennedy" in the White House?

1988 days ago



1988 days ago


A foreign black dog in the white house.

That makes two, heh.

1988 days ago


Does it use a teleprompter when it barks?

1988 days ago


They had to get a dog that was hypo-allergenic which a lot of shelter dogs are not. Who cares where they got the dog anyway? They're getting a dog - it's not going to affect the economy. Move on.

1988 days ago


I'm sorry, but there are more important things to FOCUS on in this world, instead of what kind of dog these kids are getting.. that's just how i feel personally!!

1988 days ago


Who gives a crap what kind of dog they have. Will they be shipping in a chef from Missouri to cook up its dog food?

1988 days ago


How far does Obama have his head up Kennedy's ass???

1988 days ago

I said it    

Arenèt you suppose to be running a country or something? Just asking

1988 days ago
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