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Danny Glover

Pants'd by Oprah Question

4/12/2009 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's the one phrase that can get mild-mannered Danny Glover doubled over? Well, if you're a photog with a lot of balls, and you've seen "The Color Purple," you might know that it sounds a little like this:

"What's it like to be the only person to wear the pants in a relationship with Oprah?"

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Too bad Whoopi Goldberg was the woman he was shacked up with in the movie ...


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Nice guy.

2028 days ago



2028 days ago


looks like my grandma walking with her walker lol

2028 days ago

Mac Daddy    

This man was in South Carolina back several years ago to speak at a local college on "PROFILING Black Drivers" by the Police. I was a Police officer at the time and was assigned to provide him security along with a few more officers. He has got to be THE MOST RACIST PERSON that I have ever met. That's outside of Oprah Winfrey. I got stuck on her security detail also on a visit to our State covering the Susan Smith Murder's. And Oprah is "UGLY" without her makeup and morning coffee.

2028 days ago


glover loves hugo chavez, cause hugo give poor people oil in the northern states,,BUT guess WHAT.. hugo didnt give them one drop of oil this winter.. GLOVER do you still love chavez??? well do you punk.

2028 days ago

allen antrim    

When he gets his dream socialist state he will lose his pants and go into the labor camp----wow, I just found something good about being a commie country

2028 days ago


He was on a relationship with Oprah in that movie doesnt have to do anything with the color purple!!!!!

2028 days ago


Come on Harvey! At least have your photog/video staff know what the F*CK they're talking about, if they're gonna be around celebs. The movie in refernce to the "relationship" question is BELOVED!! Now you know why celebs gat mad at these morons? Your staff know nothing about them!

2028 days ago


Another hater of his country....lover of chavez, castro and probably North Korea...racist fool. A miserable individual who hates at a level those he condems can never know. May God have Mercy on his Soul for the hatred of his Country, many of its Leaders and Citizens, and even his neighbors.

2028 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Ugly anti-American white hating racist can't get a cab because I'm cheap no good bad acting cop hating Commie.

2028 days ago


There's no bigger racist douchebag on this planet than Danny Glover...'septin' maybe Day O Douchebag Harry Belafonte...

2028 days ago


Well I didn't watch/listen to the clip, so I don't know if they mentioned the movie The Color Purple. But...I do know that Danny and Oprah were in the movie Beloved together and they were shacking up. Do ur research people and watch more movies.

2027 days ago

All American    

Interesting how many people who have probably never walked in Mr Glover's shoes can condemn him for his sentiments. I used to think I liked the local police too, until they stopped me for a "DWB", Driving While Black (sorry, but they refused to tell me why I was being pulled over, and eventually did let me go), "WWB", Walking (through a white neighborhood) While Black (same deal), pulled my stepson over in winter and made him lie face down on the ice with guns pointed at him (although he was unarmed) claiming he stole a car, then let him go, headbutted his 17 y.o. friend in the face and broke his nose, then arested him for assualting an officer, detained my other 6 ft, 3in stepson (at gunpoint - they LOVE to do that to minorites) because he, "fit the profile" of a burgler who turned out to be half his size, five shades darker, and twice his age, then arrested my wife for "assaulting an officer," (Ok, she did insult him after he insulted her first). The judge smiled and shook his head as he threw that one out of court (the neighbors were standing and watching, plus the officer admitted he signed a false report)! And guess what; we are some of the LEAST harrassed people in our neighborhood! Some have it worse.
BTW, I was so happy to see the FBI come in and do a sting operation on our police department years back. They were charged with abetting drug dealing, prostitution, dog fighting, and oh yes, false arrests and physical abuse of those in custody (often in handcuffs).
Go Danny! Stand up for the average man. Obviously from what I've read here and elsewhere, if people like you don't, no one else cares. After all, this IS America, isn't it?

2022 days ago


see its that **** that pisses me off,you guys wanna say you dont instigate **** and start trouble,then you got a nice guy like danny glover that will stop and talk to you and yeah i know he aint got no choice cause he aint going nowhere to fast,but dont ask some little prick question like that ask bout his family cause i guarntee more people would rather know about his personal life,then who holds the pant in the reation of a fake movie,.and not even have your facts right,guy was probally wasnt even born when lethal weapon came out dumbass

1658 days ago

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