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OctoBabies: Check Out Our Double Wide!

4/12/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman's strollers can each hold four babies -- her uterus held eight. Victory: OctoMom.


Along with some hired muscle, Suleman took at least 10 of her kids to a local park in La Habra yesterday, presumably to field an entire baseball team.

Just your normal, average day at the park...


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wow that is to funny. Octomom is taking 10 of her children to the park lol. I have to laugh because 8 out of the ten are new borns and she doesnt have to do a thing with them at the park. She can sit her butt down and let the other 2 adults run after the 2 toddlers while the infants sleep, people are giving her praise for taking 10 children to the park, when90% of them will be sleeping the whole time lol

1951 days ago


Disgusting. She probably only took them out to get photographed. I believe everything The AIW and that Gloria chick said.

1984 days ago



1984 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

A publicity whore and her brood.....America, you've got a huge problem on your hands. This b!tch just won't go away.

1984 days ago


can you say PHOTO OP?!!!!!

too little too late octo-leech, we know you are all about the money. so trying to make it look like you actually give a crap about your kids, total and complete B.S.!!!
how stupid does she think the general public is?

what a douche bag, HA!

1984 days ago


she looks good.........way to go Octomommy!!

1984 days ago


She has really got a hand full of her 14 kids.
She likes to get some attention.
And she tell lies to the media and she must be nut.

1984 days ago

Sue Wong    

This is a nice picture. All moms should take their kids to the park. It's the best.

1984 days ago


give those children to an unforturnate mom and dad who are qualified to take care of those precious babies.

1984 days ago


Photo Op definitily--- Next observation the babys just got out of the hospital in the last month is it really prudent to be taking them out when their immune system is still weak? Oh wait of Course Photo Op makes everything ok

1984 days ago


NIce to see that the 35% of my hard earned money that I'm paying in taxes is going to a good cause - manicures for octomom, expensive clothes and makeup. Shoot. I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna eat this week while this woman's obsession with having more and more kids to feed her own addiction is laughing all the way to the bank. I'm still paying for her hospital bills and even if she does get a reality show...that money will last her for what...a year or so and then she'll be dpending on California taxpayers. To the people who support this crazy lady and think what she's doing is obviously are just as sick as she is!

1984 days ago

Lippy Loo    

This woman is a disgusting media whore and she needs to remain home with her lips and litter. I have one kid and I am never out about shopping and cruising around everyday like OctoPUSS. She is gross and needs to let the air out of her rubber lips.

Boycott her reality show!!

1984 days ago


It's nice to see Grandma again, she obviously has been to the MAC counter too.

1984 days ago


oh! and i see octo-grandma is back in the picture. guess she is getting a paycheck too... for being photographed and interviewed these days.

yep, that whole family, in it for the $$$$. octo-grammy didn't stay mad at octo-daughter for too long. even she has a price, LOL. after hearing that she, (octo-grammy) won't do interviews anymore without being paid, the little respect and sympathy i had for her is gone now too.

this whole family are parasitic, leeching from the taxpayers and from each other. the true definition of avarice.

truly nauseating.

1984 days ago


I want to know when the state of CA is going to seize money she is earning to pay for her nedical that is taking the medical care of her children. People CANNOT get medical if they earn over a certain about ($3600 a month) I believe but yet this tax burden woman is hiring nannies, putting a house in her dads name even though she paid for it and has funds coming in while CA Tax payers pay her medical bills for her children. What the hell is wrong with this picture? CA GOV'T stand up now. If this was some immigrant on welfare or a person who lost their job trying to get medical insurance for their kids it would be NO WAY.

1984 days ago
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