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OctoBabies: Check Out Our Double Wide!

4/12/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman's strollers can each hold four babies -- her uterus held eight. Victory: OctoMom.


Along with some hired muscle, Suleman took at least 10 of her kids to a local park in La Habra yesterday, presumably to field an entire baseball team.

Just your normal, average day at the park...


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len I understand it, you have no issue with a singleparent who spawns multple babies that she cannot support, & may have to give up, But you do have an issue with it becoming public knowledge.....& therefore public scrutiny. Why would that be issue for you....? The State will support, when the irresponsible ones don't use birth control, or can,t control their urges, & don't cross their legs. Gifts from Results of selfish acts of sex...yes.

1992 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

I am now starting a support group for those inflicted with Susan Boyle OCD.....hehehe. I HAVE to watch it at least 5 times a day...or I start shaking...stuttering...and a wee faint.

Check out the 12 yr old who sang tonight....if anyone will give our girl a run for her money..its him. Altho..with will be the "cute factor" also. Just type in BGT 4/18/09...I believe he is Indian or Pakistani.

Thanks for the messages about hanging about with you crazy lot.....wink, wink...ok..ok...Owwww,,,quit twisting my arm

1992 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

OOPS....also wanted to recommend.."Stavros Flatley..Irish Greek Dancing"....OMG.....its hysterical!!!

1992 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Dammit....too much curry ( have to wait til I get to UK for a decent curry) too much wine. I meant afflicted***....not inflicted.
Next week it'll be too much paella and wine....and probably bad spelling too...OLE'

1992 days ago


#224 - ankaret:
"...I believe he is Indian or Pakistani."

oh great place for that little guy to be from, his dad will probably try to sell him if he wins, just like the father of the little girl from "slum dog"

what a sh*#ty world we live in, children are treated like property/things, just look at a "civilized" country like the u.s. and there we have octo-leech, doing what she does best, living off the avails of her children.
as a species, humans are just so devolved, instead of moving forward and striving for things like peace, altruism and co-existence, we are stunted by greed and ignorance.

how sad. >:-(

1991 days ago


Why is it that octo-bitches site is ALWAYS the one I have the most problem with posting to ALWAYSSSSSSS

1991 days ago


I'll apologize ahead of time for any duplicate posts -- they're eating, holding onto, whatever they're doing .... with my original post (bite, bite, chomp, scream, smile)

1991 days ago

tired of octo-lips    

Yo to #59 who says we need to step away from our pc to take care of our kids........well guess what no brain some of us didn't opt to have a dozen kids so we have the time to set in front of our pc and talk all we want...........

1991 days ago

Southern Girl    

At least 10 kids? Where's the other 4?

1991 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

Nasty Nadya with the Michael Jackson Nose and the Donald Duck lips is all about money. I hope the media see her for what she is all about MONEY and won't make this Welfare Queen a millionaire by exploiting her kids. The piece of TRASH IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. She certainly didn't want 14 kids because of her Mother Instint. She couldn't even take care of the original six until she filed and won a law suit claiming she hurt her back. Yeah right???? Any woman with bad problems could not have 14 kids - give me a break!!! Our system may believe Nadya but I certainly don't believe a word she has to say. Every time she opens her FAKE LIPS she is telling a lie. She is THE BIGGEST LIAR I have ever seen or heard. She couldn't tell the truth if it hit her in her FAKE NOSE. This crazy MONEY MOOCHER IS ALL ABOUT MONEY. She needs a sign around her neck that says, "WILL HAVE BABIES FOR MONEY". This is exactly what she has done and has been doing. She was receiving Food Stamps and FOUR disability checks for herself and three of her disabled six kids. Now, I understand some of the last eight babies are disabled. This is VERY sad to bring babies in the world just for money even if the babies are disabled then to have more disabled babies. This crazy woman should be locked up for defrauding the government. The reason Nasty Nadya's dad put "the " house in his name is so the hospital or her creditors can't put an attachment or lein against her house when she tries to sell it for a billion dollar house. Next, she will be wanting the government to provide her with a personal Limo and driver. She will probably get it too. Crooks know how to "work" our system. This woman is all about money. STOP THE DONATIONS AND MONEY. Nadya is laughing all the way to her designer stores.

1990 days ago



It’s no secret that Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, loves all the media attention — but Pop Tarts has learned exclusively that one company is officially done with giving the controversial single mom of fourteen even a mention. Parcbench, a pop culture and lifestyle media company that covers lifestyle and politics decided on Thursday to ban all mention of the Octuplet mother on their site.

"We think the Octomom and her story are an example of exactly what's wrong in our society today. So we've decided to ban any mention of the Octomom or Nadya Suleman," The President of Parcbench Media Kellen Giuda told Tarts.

The online media company, which covers mainstream pop culture, lifestyle and politics in the United States, hopes other outlets will emulate and focus on stories that advocate what America is really about.

"We don't think her story should getting so much media attention, the media should not reward her for her bad decisions and lack of personal responsibility," added Brett Joshpe, one of the founders of Parcbench and co-author of "Why You're Wrong About the Right: Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives". "We think the media should spend it's time focusing on pop-culture that really reflects mainstream America and we want to tell those stories and influence others in the media to follow suit."

1986 days ago



it seems that TMZ has left well enough alone lately. radar is still chalk full of "news" about her. i think its a contract deal, so they are continuing to report on her. i for one, have left any stories there alone. its just disgusts me now and i would rather move on. she is here, and will always be here in our faces, as it is. so who needs to read anymore about her?

obviously any authorities such as child protection, i.r.s. etc. have turned a blind eye to her, so there is no point in hoping for anything better, for the children. she has them, will continue to use them for monetary gain and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

at this point i feel its best to just ignore her and anything further that is reported on her. it only frustrates in the end.

i have often wondered whatever happened to neighbour, she just disappeared and there has been not a single word from her in ages. maybe she just got sick and tired of the whole thing and moved on as well. its too bad really, i sure enjoyed her posts and insights.

i wish her well wherever she is and hope she isn't driven to the brink by her close proximity to the world's biggest parasite.

1983 days ago


Why don't you people back off? What is your problem? The kids can go to the park! Fresh air is good for them! Don't you enjoy fresh air? It is a nice picture! Weather it was for the photos or not! Why does everyone say she should give up the babies? Are you crazy, these are her children. And shut up about our tax $$$$$ this and that! Who cares !!!! GET OVER IT! Until we stop all the illegals from comming into the USA ! Who do you think is supporting them? US! Atleast she is a US citizen! GET OFF HER CASE!

1980 days ago
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