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OctoBabies: Check Out Our Double Wide!

4/12/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman's strollers can each hold four babies -- her uterus held eight. Victory: OctoMom.


Along with some hired muscle, Suleman took at least 10 of her kids to a local park in La Habra yesterday, presumably to field an entire baseball team.

Just your normal, average day at the park...


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jen newman    

i think that the fact she now admitted to signing on to have a reality show about her "day to day life" with the kids, as well as when she goes out to find a new man SAYS IT ALL! I am serious, too, this was on a CNN website and her publicist confirmed it. Are we really so curious that we would watch it?! I hope not... The one question I have is how does someone like her get away with all this with all her lies and deceit? I feel bad for the kids and her own mother...

Jen Newman

1987 days ago


gessh anymore blankets? Can someone investigate this loser of a mother. Is she trying to suffocate those preemies already?

1987 days ago


is this the kind of people that live in LA? wow pretty sad... She sure gives LA women a bad name...... What ethnic is she, she sure looks mixed.... A little Mexican in her?

1987 days ago


She should not be taking those tiny little babies outside and
exposing them to germs. Taking just the older kids to the park would
of been a idea. She is not a new Mom, should know better

1987 days ago


46. is this the kind of people that live in LA? wow pretty sad... She sure gives LA women a bad name...... What ethnic is she, she sure looks mixed.... A little Mexican in her?

Her dad is Iraqi.

1987 days ago


Yes a photo-op challenge and also OctoQueen is finally feeling what it is actually like to be stuck at home all day (even though she is NOT the one taking care of the children cuz she has a whole army to do that) and she was just dying to get out that door and the only excuse she could use to get out of the house was "the kids need to go to the park" excuse... (which she never bothered to take the kids to the park before). So once again, it is all about herself. Not about the children at all. Well, at least we can be glad now that she is finally stuck at home (even though she never does anything at home) Like the nanny who got fired before said... she is only around for photo-ops, otherwise she shows no interest in the kids. She does a very good job of demonstrating how communism is... you know, where the state/the government raises the children.... It's funny because for her coming from an Arab background where they support the notion that the man controls the family, Nadya has proven that a man is totally unnecessary, yet the Arabs blogging here continue to support Nadya saying Arabs have big families ----.. yes, but typically not withOUT a man!

1987 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Okay Octopus Lady, that photo op to Target to "buy" those diapers didn't work so well so we'll take the direct approach. That's right, roll them "babies" out for the world to see. That;'s good, that's good. Can you smile? How about a smile? Damn, can't you smile, Lady? Aw, screw it! Okay, that's the shot, everybody. Yes, Octopus Lady, we can go back to MAC for more makeup but Lord knows it still aint doing you a bit of good.

1987 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Let's see now,

House already T.P.'d, van window busted out, hate mail pouring in. Let's take the vulnerable preemie kids out to a filthy public park with no visible security for a much needed Photo Op. If nothing happens we still got the pics. If ANYTHING happens, more media attention and sympathy play.



Pure Unadulterated Genius

1987 days ago


Also, this trip to the park was not about the welfare of the children, just a reason for Nadya to get away from the house, away from the screamng children and to get the children to stop screaming... which is new to her, since she always had the luxury of keeping the kids at home with grandma while she went running around town before... but now with so MANY children, she cannot dump ALL the kids on Grandma anymore. . Now with 14 kids at home, she is FORCED to start taking them out with her if she wants to get out of the house..... Again, it is all about HER... not about the children... If it WAS about the CHILDREN, then she would have let the older children go play at the park with Grandma and the Nanny and SHE would have stayed home with the newborns to feed, change diapers, cook, clean while the older kids go have some fun. CLEARLY this outing to the park was JUST for Nadya.

1987 days ago


According to another web-site, octo-mom's nanny service has its license suspended as of April 3, 2009. Can anyone confirm this information. And find out why?

If it is suspended why in the world would she still be using them? Wouldn't that put the premies in some danger?

1987 days ago

The Insightful one    

OMG check out the strollers no ventilation for those poor preemies and what was the outside temp? Tell me why is she not concern for the welfare of her children after the death threats which she reported to La Habra police? AIW was so right no concern for the safety of her infants, and the only time she is caring for her babies is when a camera is rolling or clicking away.
Nadya must have had, no papprazzi hanging around her house… so she decided to take a stroll to find some. For God’s sake any sane mother would not have take her newly discharge eight preemies out to the park, was Nadya’s intentions to roast them in a stroller? How much more evidence does DCFS need, and where is Kaiser nurses, how did the KP nurses think this was an ok situation, can we say hyperthermia! Now I understand why AIW was offering 24 – 7 Nursing care- to stop the insanity and to try to protect the infants from what we are now witnessing. May God truly protect her infants and children from Octomom and her cronies.

1987 days ago


Too bad a bus didnt come flying around the corner and run over and kill the Octowhore and her entire litter of bastards and do us all a favor.

1987 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

When is this CRAZY woman going to be sent to a Hospital for the Insane? All of those children should be placed for adoption. She is the biggest money and attention whore to come down the pike in a long time. I will boycott any business who sponsors her pathetic reality show, if she gets one. She gives new meaning to the term, "nutcase".

1987 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Go to have the "twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossies" to prove it.

Yeah...the blankets are a bit overkill. Next they'll all be wearing little face masks a la Jackson kids. And herself in a burqua, Please.

1987 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Octo Lippy is showing the public how ignorant she is by taking those poor babies out in public. I do not know how anyone that lives around her can stand it, and then to have to see those lips coming at you before her ugly mug.

The state of CA should demand that this sad, sorry case of a mother see a shrink!

1987 days ago
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