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Prez Barack Obama -- That Damn TMZ!

4/12/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama's dogApparently President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle were trying to keep the whole Presidential dog thing under wraps -- and then we came along...

The White House had offered The Washington Post a "puppy exclusive" when the time came, according to The Washington Post! But last Friday, we got all the details.

-- the pup was coming from a Texas kennel
-- the kennel had sold Senator Ted Kennedy 3 Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage
-- the dog the Obama's were getting is also from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs
-- the Obama dog was originally sold to a private owner, who returned it
-- the dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas planned to rename it
-- the dog was going to be "re-homed" to the Obamas from the kennel, and presented to the Obamas by the Kennedy family
-- the reason it's important that the dog was "re-homed" is because the Obamas could not accept the dog as a gift, and re-homing averts the problem.
-- the dog will be officially presented to the Obamas by the Kennedys on Tuesday

So that's what we said Friday. And sure enough, The Post is now saying the dog was renamed Bo, after Bo Diddley.

We got a pic of a pooch that appears to be Bo. Today, The Post ran a pic of the doggie with the Prez, Michelle, Sasha and Malia.

BTW, there are reports that Ted Kennedy gave the puppy to the First Family as a gift -- untrue. It was re-homed by the kennel and the Kennedy family only facilitated the transfer.

So, we didn't break Watergate, but Puppygate -- we're all over it!

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You made the right call Obama. If it had been Bush he would have started a war with an innocent country with whom he associated the pirates. We would then bomb the country killing innocent men and women and 8 years later we would still be looking for the perpetrators just like he did in Afghanistan.

1987 days ago


Wait, you mean the same outrage over hmmm, I don't know, letting the Saudis fly out of the country on the day of 9/11, though every U.S. flight was grounded that day, but received permission from George W. Bush to fly out? Why not do this... Google: Bush family+Saudi royal family, and see how many news links you get with that, and then come back about kissing the Saudis butts.

1987 days ago


Lightened up people/public. Yes, there are MANY world issues EVERY day, even EASTER SUNDAY....but THEY ARE KIDS and LIFE GOES ON IN A REGULAR WAY for even the PRESIDENT's FAMILY. NO WONDER WE'RE AT WAR ALL THE TIME!!!. I've never seen so many people so upset about a FAMILY having a DOG. You all need to get OUT more!!! For every negative remark on here, I can think of something positive to say about daytoday things we all go through. Be glad you even have the right to comment on a CHILD's NEW DOG !!!! DON't WORRY....BE HAPPY!!!!

1987 days ago


What about getting a shelter dog? Why get a dog from a breeder (think puppy mill) when you could rescue one? Ir's selfish. Why didn't the family have a dog already? I don't trust a person without a pet. Why get one just because as president he is expected to have one? Love of animals is the correct reason.

1987 days ago


Dog owners understand the importance of the word "no." This affirmative action Harvard graduate overlooked the closeness of the name "Bo" to "no." I'm confused, is this guy capable of any decision making rationale.

1987 days ago


Seriously, people! He got a dog for his kids! Oh no, he acted like a DAD?? Get over it. A lot of deadbeat dads could follow his example and spend time with their kids. It's not like he was going out with the Navy to personally capture pirates and had to put off dog shopping. What a bunch of dopes. And for you fruitcake peta freaks, go eat a freaking hamburger and shut up already. So he bought a purebread dog. He's the President of the United States, for pete's sake. He can have whatever damn dog he wants. Get a life. Idiots.

1987 days ago


i agree with the person who said we need a new president. he is just another president, in a line of sad others, who is just a face to hide what is really going on in our government. perhaps one of his "friends" overseas, who was so generous with campagne donations, can spare some $ out of their billions, to help the us out of this economic crisis..oh wait, they are the ones benefiting from it! it wont be long before the dumb americans with their heads up their bums realize he is no different than bush. with or without a new dog to distract them. some people say everyone is extra critical of obama b/c of his race, i feel it is the only reason he was elected. like it or not, the majority of people who voted for him only did it bc he is black.

1987 days ago


I will never come to this site again and I will make it my life mission to encourage intelligent posters in not wasting time in adding to the traffic to this site. Bunch of racist, pig f*cking trash on this site and the mods allow this to happen. This message board is full of deranged posters who are in need of medication and therapy.

1987 days ago


I thought they were going to adopt from a shelter. I am very disappointed he bought from a breeder.

1987 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I hope he steps in the dogs BM the first opportunity he gets. I can't stand this hypocrite.

1987 days ago

Ut Oh    

Maybe they should have just started out with a Guinea PIg?

1987 days ago


Does this "breeder" have some sort of exclusive contract with the kennel? Stupid question, I know. But what responsible breeder would sell the Kennedy's 3 puppies from the same lineage? What are the odds of that occurring unless there was some sort of agreement before? Something sounds fishy...

1987 days ago


I own & have owned both purebred and shelters animals .. it's a personal choice.

My shelter dog was the most loving & appreciative dog I have ever owned, but he was full of temperament, genetic issues & health problems.

With my purebred ... Although there are no guarantees . I pretty much knew what I was getting as far as far as genetics & temperment etc.,

What are you going to tell me next ... that I shouldn't have a baby because there are so many orphans in this world that need a family?!

Instead of getting on people's cases that decide to get a purebred animal .. why don't you focus on the IRRESPONSIBLE people that PUT them there!!!

1987 days ago


Bo Diddley.......uh....I think about B arack O bama

1987 days ago


Many of you went to bed only to wake up and reposted yesterday's comment. If you only have one comment, you don't have to reposted if daily or several times throughout the day. Reposting does not give it more merit. If another dumb or hateful ideas do not come to mind, just keep reading the occasional intelligent remarks and the much too often ignorant juvenile ones.

1987 days ago
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