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Prez Barack Obama -- That Damn TMZ!

4/12/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama's dogApparently President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle were trying to keep the whole Presidential dog thing under wraps -- and then we came along...

The White House had offered The Washington Post a "puppy exclusive" when the time came, according to The Washington Post! But last Friday, we got all the details.

-- the pup was coming from a Texas kennel
-- the kennel had sold Senator Ted Kennedy 3 Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage
-- the dog the Obama's were getting is also from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs
-- the Obama dog was originally sold to a private owner, who returned it
-- the dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas planned to rename it
-- the dog was going to be "re-homed" to the Obamas from the kennel, and presented to the Obamas by the Kennedy family
-- the reason it's important that the dog was "re-homed" is because the Obamas could not accept the dog as a gift, and re-homing averts the problem.
-- the dog will be officially presented to the Obamas by the Kennedys on Tuesday

So that's what we said Friday. And sure enough, The Post is now saying the dog was renamed Bo, after Bo Diddley.

We got a pic of a pooch that appears to be Bo. Today, The Post ran a pic of the doggie with the Prez, Michelle, Sasha and Malia.

BTW, there are reports that Ted Kennedy gave the puppy to the First Family as a gift -- untrue. It was re-homed by the kennel and the Kennedy family only facilitated the transfer.

So, we didn't break Watergate, but Puppygate -- we're all over it!

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They used to say Reading is Fundamental, but after reading so many of these posts, I have to say its a shame most of you were ever fondled. Too stupid to put on clothes. If this dude can fix this mess that is 21st century America, he could buy Neverland Ranch from Michael Jackson... or have it re-gifted to him and it would be alright by me!

1986 days ago


Typing in all caps gets the impression of hollering or on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

1986 days ago


The Obamas could have used this opportunity to send a message of how important it is to rescue a dog rather than purchase one. This could have bee their perfect opportunity, Oprah did it, why didn't the Obamas? They blew it.

1986 days ago


My momma

1986 days ago


People annoy me with the "adpot a shelter dog" crap. Its a dog, Let the buyer pick. If your're so worried about these poor dogs dying, go adopt one and stop complaining. I love dogs, they're loyal, loving, and will keep you company. But in all honesty, I'm not saying it to be rude, its his choice leave him be. Lets not worry about what dog he picks, it really isnt a big deal.

1986 days ago


Becky representing american cattle

1986 days ago


Yes, as a responsible adult, I do represent or speak up for the under dogs, like you Voice of Reason. If you prefer to be called a cattle, so be it.

1986 days ago


Excellent choice and cute as a button too. This is one of the few decisions that Obama's made that I approve of. Lucky puppy just won the lottery! By the way, this is NO shrinking violet of a dog. Very self-assured and tough. I think that's good because of what he will be exposed to. Also like the name they chose. I think it really fits him. So, though I have fits everyday at the latest Obama news, I have to give a big thumbs up on this one!!! Go BO!!!

1986 days ago


I think TMZ could have waited. Everyone likes to surprise their children from time to time and it ruins it when it it let out of the bag early. But I really do not have a great deal of respect for TMZ. They do their best to get in peoples faces and stir up something just so they can get a story and they cross a lot of lines to get a photo for something they feel will draw attention.

1986 days ago


Disgusting! There are MILLIONS of poor dogs in the shelters waiting for adoption. The Obamas and the Kennedys are creeps for supporting the breeders.

1986 days ago


It's days like this that make me so proud to be an American!! The captain used his guts and courage to once again jump out of the boat he was hostage in and the American military mowed the pirates down. Well, 3 out of 4 not bad. This is a great day.
These bastards have been sitting in their little Somali haven just waiting to see what America might do. Well, I think they just got their answer!!

1986 days ago


So the Obamas, unlike other people, can't get a breeder?

1986 days ago


As a taxpaying American, I pay Obama's salary. Anyone who pays his salary has a right to complain about any horrible behavior. Getting a dog from a breeder is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

1986 days ago

just tom    

Oh yes, I understand his transparancy promises much better now.... I can see right through him an all the lies.... perfect timing fill the news media with the news about the dog so that the public will have thier attention diverted from the real issues of the world. I don't believe this man has ever had an original thought.... Kind of goes along with all the telepromters....

1986 days ago

shawn olsen    

Sorry, Josh three pirates were slain getting the captain back,quit being a hater you people.

1986 days ago
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