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Prez Barack Obama -- That Damn TMZ!

4/12/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama's dogApparently President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle were trying to keep the whole Presidential dog thing under wraps -- and then we came along...

The White House had offered The Washington Post a "puppy exclusive" when the time came, according to The Washington Post! But last Friday, we got all the details.

-- the pup was coming from a Texas kennel
-- the kennel had sold Senator Ted Kennedy 3 Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage
-- the dog the Obama's were getting is also from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs
-- the Obama dog was originally sold to a private owner, who returned it
-- the dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas planned to rename it
-- the dog was going to be "re-homed" to the Obamas from the kennel, and presented to the Obamas by the Kennedy family
-- the reason it's important that the dog was "re-homed" is because the Obamas could not accept the dog as a gift, and re-homing averts the problem.
-- the dog will be officially presented to the Obamas by the Kennedys on Tuesday

So that's what we said Friday. And sure enough, The Post is now saying the dog was renamed Bo, after Bo Diddley.

We got a pic of a pooch that appears to be Bo. Today, The Post ran a pic of the doggie with the Prez, Michelle, Sasha and Malia.

BTW, there are reports that Ted Kennedy gave the puppy to the First Family as a gift -- untrue. It was re-homed by the kennel and the Kennedy family only facilitated the transfer.

So, we didn't break Watergate, but Puppygate -- we're all over it!

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No Avatar

He's just another Idiot    

Stargazer: Are you writing from Prison or a Psycho Ward? Maybe you are Dictator Obama himself. If you don't like what's on TMZ, don't read it, Idiot.

1986 days ago


I think the glare from those stars you are gazing at have had an adverse affect on the few logical brain cells you may have had. Cheer up..its all good.

1986 days ago


Ted Kennedy, what an ass, like all the Kennedy's...The poor kids probably had a special puppy in mind. Kids and families want to pick out their dog, IT SHOULD NEVER BE A GIFT!!

1986 days ago

Dick Gardner    

I also heard that he was upset that someone on TMZ leak that he loves to watch richalvarez on youtube.

1986 days ago


Stargazer is undeniably miniature-minded. Acknowledging his "I.Q. points drop" because he is amongst opposition is utterly asinine. I genuinely feel sorry for these Obama followers that cannot handle casual sparring from American Capitalist. Fascism is upon us... Be aware of this shift, or forever lose sight of the American Dream.

1986 days ago


Amen, stargazer. There are a lot of delusional racist on this site. I bet #142 and 143 family tree is a straight line.

1986 days ago


Anyone IQ would drop after reading some of these illogical, unrelated and non-critical thinkers comments.

1986 days ago


Stargazer must have stepped on a lot of huffs. Listen to the dogs holler.

1986 days ago


As of now 548 comments since yesterday on the DAMN DOG>>>>>>>>>

1986 days ago


And you added one to the number

1986 days ago


#150 = Nuts. Stay away from sharp objects

1986 days ago


Whatever all you proud "american's" are on about, dogs, pirates etc. Why are some abusing the kids(black trash). How is your country ever going to get any better when, whenever their is a difference of opinion you people resort to racist insults?
And bagging the kids, who obviously just went along with their parents! The Obamas got a dog from a Kennel, BIG DEAL! You whiners would still find something to complain about if the Obamas picked the pup up from the side of the road!! And you will still complain when or if the Obamas get another dog from a damn pound! RELAX PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

1986 days ago


BO=Barach Obama!!!!!!!!!! Oprah=Harpo...This is just to ah ha moment!!!!!

1986 days ago


Stick a broom handle up its ass, spray Pledge on it and it will be perfect for cleaning all the hardwood at the White House.

1986 days ago


Get a life!!! It is something good that the Obama's got the dog they did! It has royal blood for cripe sakes!

1986 days ago
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