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Mel Gibson's Wife

Files for Divorce

4/13/2009 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Mel Gibson's wife Robyn has just filed legal papers to divorce Mel Gibson, her husband of 28 years, citing "irreconcilable differences." Pretty ironic -- Robyn signed the papers the day before Good Friday.

Mel Gibson

Sources tell us there is no prenuptial agreement -- they were married in 1980, before Mel Gibson amassed a fortune estimated at $900 million back in 2006. Under the laws of California, community property -- which includes earnings -- is divided 50/50.

The Gibsons have 7 children, but only one -- Tom, who turns 10 tomorrow -- is a minor. In Robyn's legal papers, filed this morning in L.A. County Superior Court, she seeks joint physical and legal custody of Tom.

Robyn is also asking for spousal support and attorneys fees.

Robyn lists the date of separation as "to be determined." This is important, because earnings generally cease to be community property when the couple separates. There could be a skirmish over this. We're told the couple grew increasingly apart over the last few years, especially since Mel's drunk driving arrest in 2006.

There have been reports that Mel has been involved with another woman, which the actor denies, but we're told the reasons for the divorce go beyond any third party.

Launch PhotosIf there is a fight, Robyn is in good hands -- she's repped by disso-queen Laura Wasser, who has handled divorces for the likes of Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Stevie Wonder.

UPDATE: Robyn and Mel Gibson just issued a statement: "Throughout our marriage and separation we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so."

Sources tell TMZ the couple has been separated for more than 2 1/2 years. We'll see if Robyn agrees. Again, the separation date is important in dividing assets.


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It's about freaking time! Anyone can read the gossip rags and see pics of Mel and his Russian fug mistress. The guy doesn't even have good enough taste to have a fling with a good looking woman! No wonder Robin is insulted, his fling is fuglier than her. She's put up with his crap long enough, leave that bastard and take half his money - she deserves it!

1957 days ago


I live in LA and it's been common knowledge for years that Mel is not only a swinger but goes both ways on occasion (only when drunk as far as I know). Let the man be, enjoy his movies and give him some privacy, he's earned it.

1957 days ago

Capt Jack    

Whatever happen to, "until death do us part"?

1957 days ago


She deserves a medal for staying with the jerk as long as she has.

1957 days ago


Good for Robyn. He's an a%%hole. I hope she takes all his money . She deserves it for dealing with him for so long.

1957 days ago

Capt Jack    

#17. She maybe an idiot. But, she is a rich idiot. Look at the money she has speant of Mel's and look what she will get in the divorce settlement.

1957 days ago


Sorry to hear, wish both the best.

1957 days ago


Since SHE Robyn earned all that money, I hope he takes her for half and demands she keep him in the lifestyle he has become accustomed to. He deserves all that he can get from her since SHE EARNED ALL THAT MONEY. California is so screwed up by the liberal socialists that their law got into this horrible injustice for Robyn. Now she will have to share all HER MONEY with Mel and since SHE EARNED IT, it just isn't fair that SHE WON'T GET TO KEEP ALL THAT SHE EARNED HERSELF.

1957 days ago


what about religion? He's "crazy" catholic. How are they able to divorce?????

1957 days ago


If she stayed with that loon this long, no doubt he gave her no other alternative than to file. You don't think he's going to file and risk losing half of everything do you? Hope she takes the crazy tool for everything he's worth.

1957 days ago


Ok, wait.. why is everyone calling him an ass hole? Why is he such a horrible person? I think he's had a slip up or two, but good gravy so have a lot of folks in hollywood (and in our personal lives) but I think the fact that he made POC and is a catholic puts him infront of the firing line. It makes me wonder if he was in to that Kabahla (or whatever) or whatever trendy thing would he be called such nasty words?

/then again I'm not too into this whole celebrity gossip thing.

1957 days ago


Good for her. 28 years is wayyyy too long to have tolerated this racist womanizer. I hope she gets it ALL!!!!!

1957 days ago


Tht's wht happens n relationships, ppl jus grow apart.. nuttn new tht's life.. NEXT!!
another pointless stry.

1957 days ago


Its "until death do us part" unless you decide you don't like your spouse any more.

1957 days ago


I think this is sad. Is ANY marriage sacred to both involved? With such a young son, yet...very sad.

1957 days ago
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