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Phil Spector -- Murderer

4/13/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil SpectorA jury today found Phil Spector guilty of 2nd degree murder in the 2003 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

The jury found that he personally used the gun that killed her.

A judge denied bail and Spector was taken into custody. Sentencing is scheduled for May 29.

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Something Bizzare just broke news a few minutes ago.FORMER PORN STAR MARILYN CHAMBERS WAS FOUND DEAD IN HER HOME OVER THE WEEKEND ,SHE WAS 56.Wonder was Spector doing over the weekend at the same time. (JUST SAYIN,,)

1966 days ago


Finally! Now can they also re-try OJ for murdering his ex-wife and her friend?? I didnt even know his douche was being re-tried at aoll.

1966 days ago

Di from Wisconsin    

YES!!!! Finally someone couldn't buy his way out of trouble!

1966 days ago


The guy's 69 years old. He'll be dead within 5 years, he find a way to whack himself you watch

1966 days ago


what a women-hating nut! can't believe he's actually married now. he's the epitome of mysogyny (did i spell that right?)

i feel sorry for any woman who meets a so-called big shot producer, goes to his house, and then discovers he's not letting her leave. he did this to a number of women, many of whom testified to his brandishing a gun to keep them inside.
what a nightmare! this poor girl was killed in cold blood. now he'll be surrounded by a wall of sound -- the sounds of a prison cell -- for the next 15 years or so.

i only wish his first wife could get more of the money he stole from her during her career. what a jerk.

1966 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Thank goodness this jury accepted the evidence on its merits and found Spector guilty. This piece of crap has abused women in his business dealings (Darlene Love and the Ronettes) and neglected his own adopted son, who became ill, homeless and died. He is not a decent guy.
And aren't the lawyers on the first murder case still waiting to get paid? It'll cost a lot of nickels.
Now Lana Clarkson's family can pursue a wrongful death action.

1966 days ago


it's about time a California jury gets it right.

1966 days ago


Now I hope that all the celebs that killed people with a car will go to jail. I don't have to name them. They know who they are. Justice is coming for you!

1966 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

This freaky wierdo was walking the streets waaaay too long! Too bad about him not getting a death sentence!

1966 days ago


Thank God! He killed her six years ago, and has been free ever since. I hope prison is tough on the OLD MURDERER. Rot in hell Phil.

1966 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

THANK YOU....Justice has been SERVED.

1966 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

A jury finally gets it "RIGHT, for a change"!!!!!

1966 days ago


Merry Christmas baby. Don't come home.

1966 days ago


Hardly a surprising verdict. What IS surprising is the first trial had 2 jurors unwilling to convict. Were those two braindead?
I mean the guy confessed at the scene, telling his chauffeur "I think I killed somebody", gun in hand!
And he has a long history of pulling guns on people, and sometimes shooting. Cranky Phil once shot a pistol into the ceiling of the recording studio with John Lennon present. He pulled a gun on the Ramones, when they wanted to go home after an evening of drink , drugs and horror videos at Phil's house. No body leaves Phil's house without permission, or you risk getting threatened with being shot! Or, in the case of this poor woman, you get shot for real, and killed.
He deserves to die in prison, where he won't be able to threaten anyone with his guns anymore.
As Johnny Ramone said, Phil was a nasty little man with lifts in his shoes and a wig on his head, playing tough guy with his guns. Small man syndrome gone wild.

1966 days ago

sanford stock    

It's nice to know that money can't buy freedon ie: the first OJ case.
This guy is a freak of nature, he is a narcisist who thinks he is above the law and has short man complex. He will be chewed up and spit out in jail. This creep won't last a day let alone until he is sentenced in May.

1966 days ago
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