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Phil Spector -- Murderer

4/13/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil SpectorA jury today found Phil Spector guilty of 2nd degree murder in the 2003 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

The jury found that he personally used the gun that killed her.

A judge denied bail and Spector was taken into custody. Sentencing is scheduled for May 29.

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Don't think for a moment that just cause he wears a wig it makes him a bad man!!!! Will someone please explain?
Why oh why do these things happen to such good people like Phil?
These Hollywood people are making me cry again, such a waste of good people?? Why, oh why??
Will someone please tell me?
Please tell me why I keep myself thinkin about these good Hollywood people and thier lives?
I can help thinking I really could be doin something better? Why, oh why?

1964 days ago

Jeff Butters    

Justice delayed, but justice served.

1964 days ago

Donna S.    

I take it the police are NOT out in force and nobody is planning on rioting or looting after this verdict?

1964 days ago


I give him a month in prison he will and can not last in there he's nuts.

1964 days ago


I always thought if you wear a wig it would make you smarter? Or funny?
Why do I care so much about Phil or Hollywood people, cause they are all good people, cause they have more money than me...right?
Please tell me about the trial, and why everyone hates Phil so much, heck he put on a Hollywood wig for you?
I don't understand?
Now please, lets pay our respects to Phil and give him the attention and support he can use!
He is from Hollywood, and has a wig, didn't he even wear a new one to court?
He has alot of money and is he important right? At least he had enough Hollywood money to buy that new wig for court, so he must be a good person, cause he has money and we see his story and comment?
Why, oh, why, please tell me why this happens to good people from Hollywood? PLEASE?

1964 days ago


Maybe Phil can get a single bed NEXT to OJ

1964 days ago


Justice delayed is justice denied. Still, for a CALIFORNIA jury to do the right thing is a miracle.

1964 days ago


From his Alhambra castle to the DUNGEON! Ronnie it's safe to come out now...

1964 days ago


It's about time!!!!!!!!!!!THATS THE BEST NEWS I HEARD ALL DAY

1964 days ago


PEOPLE! Phil wore that wig for YOU! Remember that! It can make you smart or funny, but why wasn't the jury seeing how smart he was, or the judge seein how funny he could be?
Please someone, why?
If a good person like O.J. wore a wig to his last court thing, maybe, just maybe the verdict coulda been different?
Maybe something was blockin the view for the jury and they couldn't see Phil's Wig? A wig can make you a better person I heard.
Why the hate for Phil by the way, I have been readin comments and don't know why all the fuss and rant about his trial?
He is from Hollywood right? That means he is a good person in a wig thats all!

1964 days ago



1964 days ago

Jomica Man    

This pathic poor excuse of a human should have got 1st degree murder from the first trial. It goes to show our society what extreme wealth and fame can do for a person who commits this type crime. For all of his lawyers who fought for him and claimed it was self defense, you are an even lower form of life than Spector for trying to make the jury believe these total lies. All of you would defend a mass murderer of woman and children if he were a famous multi billionare. Your defense would be they asked for assisted suicide. For the greed of big money, you would easlly ignore your concious, if you happen to have one, and continue to defend this animal, even though evidense in your possision is obvious of what really took place. I hope he gets at least 10-15 years before any possible parole, even though he deserves life.

1964 days ago


Well, it took a couple of tries, but the California jury system redeemed itself this time!
It didn't perform so well with the Robert Blake or O.J. trials however...Too often "celebrity justice" means the guy who can afford an expensive defense lawyer succeeds in confusing and manipulating gullible or braindead jurors ("if the glove doesn't fit, you can't convict!") - gets off scot-free. Not this time. Bye bye Phil.

1964 days ago


But PEOPLE people, please we are getting AWAY from the story about PHIL, he IS a good a wig!
A nice Hollywood WIG no less! Geez, pay a little respect! He wore that wig for you, for me, for the jury, and the judge, why couldn't they see it made him smart?

Does anyone here know yet if pHIL can wear his wig to jail? Thats what I WANNA know!

1964 days ago


I agree with #30 Mark M.. All you people are on the computer. Before asking "Who is this guy?" Goole his damn name and get educated.

1964 days ago
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