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Wow, What Big Ears You Have!

4/13/2009 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama and Bunny


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hey son sat on the easterbunny's lap for the first time the other day and he screamed sooo loud. (he's 14 months..) that easter bunny is creepy

1997 days ago

She is hot    

Where is the Bunny's teleprompter? Which ears are we talking about?

1997 days ago

arte help    

Ahh....... Our Fearless Leader, the one that bows down to the tyrants of Saudi Arabia, spending away my childrens and their childrens future, the one whos too busy picking out a dumb dog to deal with, Iran building the bomb, and North Korea launching missles over our Allies countries. Yeah, we should be all proud of this loser. I'm ashamed to say I voted for him.

1997 days ago

Capt Jack    

is that a carrot in his pocket? or is he just happy to see the bunny?

1997 days ago

Linda Mott    

A tip to TMZ is that the rabbits name is Harvey.

1997 days ago

Bash a Pap    

yeah #4 tkkennedy.. Not like George Bush who held hands with the same
guy as they strolled through his Texas ranch... You are an idiot and
you will believe anything that FOX News says. Idiots like you should be gassed at birth.

1997 days ago

She is hot    

Hey Vick, I guess you are one of those "tolerant" liberals? Liberals absolutely kill me, it was ok to make fun of Bush as a monkey, hitler, war mongerer, or torturer but how DARE we make fun of Obama or blame him for putting our childrens children in trillions of dollars in debt in Obama's first 100 days. Love the double standards!!

1997 days ago


To Comment #7, idiots like you who should be gassed are birth is how DemocRAT's are created. Even Salon Magazine one the biggest left wings mag's in the world recently stated that Our Telepromoter In Chief -"Obama is the Change You Can't Trust". I am sure the Bunny BO, the Prez not the dog he named after HIMSELF, is probably standing with a Islamic Gay Lesbian Transgendered Bunny that why all of the unusal colors. And Comment #4, I am sorry you now have Voter Remorse like so,so,many are now claiming, just remember next time "think with your brain" not your heart and emotions. America needs to get rid of BO and his friends ASAP

1997 days ago


He (Obaminable) looks like such a retard!

1997 days ago


Yes, America is not a "Christian nation." Easter is all about the Easter bunny isn't it?

God forbid Obama should host a "Passion Play" at the White House.

1997 days ago

Bash a Pap    

I never proclaimed to be a tolerant liberal... conservative deserve exactly what they have wrought. SO BRING IT YOU PANTY WASTES... It's about time for a liberal smack down and I am sooooo ready for it!!!

1997 days ago


Love how you idiot democrats love to slam FOX News all the time. Thank God for it, too! Look at it this way, we have Fox News and all the other news organizations are Demo-propaganda rags. All the other news organizations spout the Demo party line en masse and wouldn't give you the real facts if you begged for it. Get with the program. Bend over. Change is coming.

1997 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Foolishdreams... you would know about bending over and taking it... closet cases like you litter the Republican party.

1997 days ago

She is hot    


Why are you so angry? Your party is in power and is going to fix "everything" right? And honestly, "liberal smackdown"? That is the funniest two words put together that I have ever heard!!! Liberals think that debating is the way to go, peace and love type crap. Liberals do not fight they discuss figting then discuss it some more hoping it will just go away.

1997 days ago


Wow, What Big Ears You Have!

OK TMZ....which one are you talking about, lol.

I'm a democrat but I sure as heck didn't vote for this idiot...Bowing down, please get real...this is America, we bow down to no one. Vote this joker out of office, and why we are at it, lets get Pelosi, Dodd, and Frank, before it's too late.

1997 days ago
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