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Chris Brown -- Extreme Makeover: Baby Edition

4/14/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown posed for pictures with a baby in Los Angeles on Monday. The baby's parents clearly don't have access to the Internet, read the newspaper, or own a television.


Sorry Chris, this photo doesn't make this photo go away.


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96. Kid looks like the boy in Deliverance
Posted at 11:50AM on Apr 14th 2009 by Uncle fester

I knew I recognized that baby from somewhere! LOL

2021 days ago


i'm going to find out who the writers are on TMZ, then I'm going to dig stuff up on ya'll and i'm going to post it on all the blogs. First of all CB made a mistake. Get over yourselves. WE all make mistakes. when I was 19 I did several things that I regret. i'm sure everyone on here has as well. have you ever yelled at your parents, cruised out someone, used bad words/swear, did drugs???? These are all sins and not one sin is weighed higher than the other. Think before you speak people. God has already forgiven him and Rhianna for that matter and so should you.

2021 days ago


if i didn't know better, i would think tmz is saying the parents of this little cutie are poor or from another planet.....did u think that just maybe some people out there don't care about what u write.....personally what happened was wrong....BUT...rihannas human and so is chris....let them work it out themselves.....remember....two sides to a you think if it was anyone else getting beat up to a pulp that they would take the time to call their 911 would of been faster don't you think....she didn't want the police was just someone who heard her that called the police....that is why she is not pressing any charges....wants it to go away remember....take care rihanna and take care chris....take a better look at the facts tmz...

2021 days ago


not again tmz..geez, get over this already, move on.. and all those who think its black bitches supporting him, that baby and his dad look white to me.. move on people.. so he cant take pics with fans nomore.. please people and tmz, move on already...

2021 days ago


It's sad that black people in this country think that hitting another person is normal or right.

2021 days ago


What do you people think that he's going to do, beat the crap out of your baby, he's just holding the baby and taking a picture, not that serious, let up on the boy will you! I am a grown woman and I would still be glad to take a pic w/Chris, even after he supposedly did what they are saying he did, just remember there are two side to every story!

2021 days ago


Lee, you're an idiot. God has already forgiven Chris??? So that means it's OK for him to do it again?
Lesson here: At the end of the day, it's your own reflection in the mirror. No giving out wild cards!!

2021 days ago

Diego Tenório    



2021 days ago

Diego Tenório    


2021 days ago


ewwww....he looks like a GAY Steve Urkel...and who is dumb enough to let violent animals get THAT close to their toddler? I wish he would die or just go away already. YUK!

2021 days ago


dam... tmz bee on chriss meat.! leavee him alonee, hop of his shiyt, nd let him bee. hee iis still sexY.
keep yhur headd ups chriss. :]/
muchh lovee!
nd ii wrd lety him hold myy child anyhtimee,
nd ythiiss is to all the people that iiss hatinq on him,, hop of hiss shiyt 2.! ii understand that he hiyt rihanna, thss messed up ns shiyt buyt maybee that hoee deservedd iyt.! everyonee makess mistakee. if one of yhu niikas goyt a problem then just holla. !

2021 days ago



2021 days ago


i bet rihannas phoning him saying whos kids that whos the mother how dare you be out in public TALKING to people lol and the nerd look is in right now people lol i think its a cute pic but best of all its nice to see his smile reaching his eyes... I guess people wud rather see him in some club so they cud slate him for that... keep ya head up chris n if the USA dont want ya then the U.K do lol ;o)

2021 days ago


People abuse the one they're supposed to care about because they don't know how to love. Love is a learned behavior we can learn through watching our parents, friends and family, teachers, neighbors, all those that we encounter throughout our lives. When there are inconsistencies and inappropriate displays and then to watch them turn around and say they love one another. Children are impressionable and though most think that what you learn as a child doesn't affect you as an adult that is not true. Yes he should have known better as an adult we still have to consider the fact that he is a product of the environment he grew up in and that there are issues that he has to deal with. He deserves punishment for what he did to Rihanna, I also believe that he needs counseling. Now, there is also an issue that she has to deal with if she can stay in a relationship with someone that is abusive speaks to her insecurities and being someone who has watched loved one be abused and they stay, they make excuses, they don't understand what love really is..... Any way there's always more punishment and criminal justice are not enough they both need counseling.

2021 days ago


what the hell would he do to a baby,you guys are fu#@ing crazy

2021 days ago
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