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Miley Cyrus

You're Dim Sum

and Then Sum

4/14/2009 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414_miley_ex_tmz_02-1Miley Cyrus says she's the victim of an Asian ploy and is now lashing out at the people who sued her for an alleged racist photo.

Lucie Kim had sued Miley for $4 billion, on behalf of all Asian-Pacific Islanders in L.A. County. We've just obtained docs Miley filed, asking the judge to sanction Kim's lawyers for filing "a manifestly frivolous" lawsuit that amounts to nothing more than a "publicity stunt in an effort to publicly embarrass and harass [Miley] and to obtain a large and quick class-action settlement."

Miley's legal team wants Kim's lawyers to fork over the $26,685 she's incurred so far.


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Also, white people listen up!!! I am so sick and !@$%Q! of people suing all the time if their ethnicity has been offended. As if there aren't people everywhere of all ethnicities making fun of white people as well. It's time we start turning the tables on all of these people screaming discrimination and give them a dose of their own medicine. Let's sue THE M for discrimination for once. White people are discriminated against a lot, too. But you don't see us filing frivolous lawsuits constantly. If you don't like it take your happy butt back to where you came from and gripe about it in your country of origin. Bet the good ole USA will suddenly look a lot better to you then.

2025 days ago

Chuck D    

I am so tired of the Miley Cyrus bashers. She's a huge success and her dad is a very nice shut up and you disappear. Go Miley!

2025 days ago


I'm not a big fan of Miley's, but I hope she wins her lawsuit. Very smart move to make it for only $26K. I'm with #9 though - wondering why TMZ isn't covering the Jamie Foxx story. Jamie is catching HELL, and deservedly so!

2025 days ago


I'Am So Sick Of Miley Virus

2025 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

Asian-Pacific Islanders, what a joke. How about politically-correct a-holes for a name. It fits.

2025 days ago


There are thousands of TALENTED kids who can ACTUALLY SING. Disney needs to go find them. The only thing getting old is her poor singing that's propped up even more by her poor acting.

2025 days ago


I hope Miley gets every penny, and more. people should not be able to sue for such a stupid reason like that. Howard Stern would be broke.

2025 days ago


Good for you Miley!! This lawsuit is f'n ridiculous, definitely frivilous. It pissed off some people, OH FRIGGIN WELL! Americans do have the freedom to express themselves. 4 billion for making a damned silly face?? Get a damned LIFE!

2025 days ago


Asylum, I doubt seriously that Disney agrees with your opinion. Her movie brought in something like 34 million dollars last weekend alone. Opening day, it did 17.3 million dollars, making it the biggest ever opening for a G rated film. It's her third number one film. Obviously, there are millions of kids out there that like her, and I'm pretty sure Disney has no plans on taking your advice. She's a kid targeting an audience of kids, and by all indications, she's kicking butt.

2025 days ago


Maybe they can strike a deal: Miley can perform tricks with the clydesdales at the local fairs, it's not like you'll be able to tell the difference between them! Perhaps her parents need to be parents instead of trying to bankroll it all. She's 16 years old, already dated how many boys. Sounds like this family is not to far behind the Lohans! Hey hillbillies of a feather ho-down together!!!

2025 days ago


What would she do with the 4 million? Seriously, Asian-Pacific Islander would get, what, 2 dollars each?

2025 days ago

Ken Snyder    

This girl is 16 years old, unbelievable!

2025 days ago

Anjel Webb    

Most of you are cruel to both Asia's and Miley, Asia's you all need to cool it. What she did was nothing wrong and that was not racist. Hell I'm a black woman, not all the way, but I'm black and don't think that's racist. I love all race, but that what she did, you need to cool it, it was nothing at all that should of offend you, hell Asian's make fun of white people all the time talking about how they all look a like. that girl that is trying to sue her is just looking for money, if your going to sue Miley, you need to sue everyone in the world that have made that face before, I use to do it all the time, and hell most of you Asian's don't even like your own look that's why you all are trying to get surgery to take that slant out of your eyes, so whoever that girl is that's suing Miley, sit down and get a job for money, and everyone that's hating on Miley really need to stop, you all are so hating big time cause this girl go money and a life, so stop hating and get your own.

2025 days ago


Sooo ridiculous, Your going to tell me that when you (anyone) was a kid you didn't make funny faces in the camera, whether it be slanted eyes, BIG eyes, a pig nose, sticking your tongue out, or what ever goof ball face your trying to make... For this kid who was clearly just having fun, and meant NO disrespect, this lawsuit is totally Bull... and the fact that people are pissed at her for doing this is appalling. People truly need to get a life, And go worry about there own country and all the horrible things it's doing right this the only thing you people can come up with on this girl?? At least she's not out there drinking and driving doing drugs and boy friend hopping... and by the way half these "Asian Pacific Islanders" complainers were probably born here in U.S. A.

2025 days ago


hope Miley wins and then turns around and sues Jamie foxx for calling her a white B***. Notice nothing much about it anywhere. NOW, IF SOMEONE LIKE JIMMY FALLON OR CONNON OBRIEN CALLED RHIANNA A BLACK B***** , IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE FRONT PAGE OF EVERY NEWPAPER IN THE COUNTRY. but it is Miley and she is white, never mind, 16, but it is okay. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!

2025 days ago
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