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Miley Cyrus

You're Dim Sum

and Then Sum

4/14/2009 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414_miley_ex_tmz_02-1Miley Cyrus says she's the victim of an Asian ploy and is now lashing out at the people who sued her for an alleged racist photo.

Lucie Kim had sued Miley for $4 billion, on behalf of all Asian-Pacific Islanders in L.A. County. We've just obtained docs Miley filed, asking the judge to sanction Kim's lawyers for filing "a manifestly frivolous" lawsuit that amounts to nothing more than a "publicity stunt in an effort to publicly embarrass and harass [Miley] and to obtain a large and quick class-action settlement."

Miley's legal team wants Kim's lawyers to fork over the $26,685 she's incurred so far.


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her boyfriend should go to jail
for having sex with a minor

1962 days ago


crystal webb,

and why do those self-loathing asians have such poor self-image that they want to get eyelid surgery? because of the media telling them that that physical trait is unattractive and people making fun of them doing eye slant gestures. you never had to endure those mocking gestures so you wouldn't understand. its like someone telling a little girl that she is ugly because she is fat and she develops an eating disorder. how about if miley painted her face black? would you be ok with that? i guess when you grow up being taunted because of some undesirable physical trait you develop some sensitivity about the subject. and i am ok with giving that to them. i do think they should get over it. however, i am fine with them crying foul. why do you think michael jackson is the big freak he is today? because his dad -- concerned with the jackson 5 being accepted by their white audience and their standards and perception of beauty -- made fun of him for being "too black" and having a big nose. well now look at his skin and nose!

and people trying to turn it around with the argument of the asian dude mocking white people. big round eyes is not considered ugly in our society, so you can't really make fun of it with the same impact. its like making fun of someone for being rich. im sure it would bother you a lot less if someone mocked you for your beauty than for your ugliness

the asian lawsuit is indeed frivolous and dumb, but saying miley did nothing wrong doesnt help. it just illustrates the fact that it is still acceptable to make fun of asians and that they are not as accepted and respected in white society as much as other minorities such as blacks.

1962 days ago


Oriental lady say "Meeeee sosorie no charge me this, to many egg roll i must selling to pay for this,

1962 days ago

Fonzworth V. Brightly    

I can't stand the little b-otch./.......there are so many people that have more talent than this non-singing,,,,,non acting twit....I just wish that her 15 minutes would hurry up and end already....ENOUGH OF THIS TEEN TWITT!!!!!!!!

1962 days ago


I am no Miley fan, I spend no money on her (or her Dad) and I'm tired of her mouth and such in the media. However, I think the lawsuit is ridiculous, absolutely! She is a kid (albeit a kid having relations with a 20 year old) but a 16 year old nonetheless and is allowed to be stupid and make faces and yes even be insensitive at times even in this day and age of being watched at all times and living life under a microscope.

1962 days ago


I'm no fan of Miley and for the past umpteenth years I've heard her screech on that television show of hers that seems to be on all the time. HOWEVER her new movie is AWESOME! Made me cry both times I watched with my kids this past weekend.

1962 days ago


. she's wonderfully talented, and a NICE person. Tmz STOP, with the anti- kids stuff. Nothing below 18yrs. is legitimate to comment on.

Posted at 4:03PM on Apr 14th 2009 by artie help


Yea looks like she is showing her only talent, how she sticks her tongue up your ass.

1962 days ago


Hey TMZ. Kiss my ass.

1962 days ago


Do you know that if Miley simply hadn't posed making slanted eyes, this wouldn't have even happened?

What an outrageous thought!

1962 days ago


Who as a kid never did the slanted eye - me chinese, me japanese, me all mixed up??? Get a life and stop being so f'n sensitive.

1962 days ago


i dont care about this
she shoudlnt have a lawsuit b
ut iu hope she pays so she can go back to the trialer park
i hate her i cannot stand her!
and i dont care about the fox comment
who cares???
people call other people bitc hand stuf and nobody cares why shoudl miley be different
and she makes stupid faces like this in ever pciture
such an immature slut

1962 days ago


Miley should have sincerely apologized in the first place and this matter would have disappeared. The reality is that Miley is a naive twit that has some serious growing up to do. She ought to get out of the spotlight go to college and disappear for awhile. Getting away from her parents might be a good start.

Grow up Miley. Hone up Miley. Responsibility part of it.

1962 days ago

Karen Ann    

I just wish that Miley, her boyfriend, and all the news about her just disappear once and for all!

1962 days ago


Jennie - I'm sure that there were some kids that went to see the movie as a joke, and as a parent, I'm glad they made that choice instead of running the streets and getting into trouble. You are obviously at that age where children's shows aren't cool anymore - it just means you are growing up. I don't care anything about Miley's show, her music or her movie either because I am an adult, and the stuff she does is not designed for people my age. It doesn't mean I dislike her as a person, though. You are absolutely right, she appeals mostly to the really young kids, but there are some older kids and even some adults that like her, too. See, while she has a lot of older people that don't like her, she has millions of kids that do, and because of that, she is very successful and makes lots of money. All I am trying to say to you is that as you get older, the things you like are not the same as the things you liked when you were a kid. That doesn't mean the things you liked as a kid are bad or not cool, it just means you are growing up and your tastes change. Oh, and about the boys in your school going to the movie - I wouldn't worry too much about them. Girls definitely mature faster than boys! Ha!

1962 days ago


This is just plain stupid. All you can see now days is someone thinking of something to sue someone over. People get a grip of life. There is gonna be someone somewhere sometime thats going to say-act-think of something that you don't like. LIVE WITH IT......

1962 days ago
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