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The Poop on the New First Dog

4/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obamas dogWe've already told you the Obama dog is a used pooch -- with a past! Here's the lowdown.

Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog whose original name was Charlie, was sold by a Texas breeder on December 8, 2008. The family that bought the dog paid $1,600.

But there was a problem. The family already owned a 6-year-old female Portuguese Water Dog, and when little Charlie came to the home he got off on the wrong paw by trying to nurse on the big dog.

Things went downhill from there. Right around St. Paddy's day, the family made the decision to return the pooch. The breeder, who had advance warning Charlie was about to become an orphan, had already been speaking with Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife, and made a deal to re-home the pup to the Kennedys, who paid the breeder $1,600. BTW, the breeder returned the original $1,600.

The Kennedys bought Charlie with the intention of giving it to the Obamas. Charlie went from the home he had been living in to a dog trainer in Virginia, where he's been learning the tricks of the trade for almost a month.

In a few hours the Kennedys will officially give the pup to the Obamas. Such is the life of a dog ...

Barack Obama


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that's all    

plying with yourself.

The only inbred is Obama who is related to over half of Kenya who had a busy daddy with an iron-leg and a useless alchoholic who just would eat and breed.

2015 days ago


to "playing with yourself" (spare us the gross deatils of your life)

indreds always get upset when you call them inbreds. are you upset?

2015 days ago


Copy and paste so they can take over TMZ

2015 days ago


To # 7 comment, first of all you are so clever. The economy is not all the last Dogs fault. Just b/c Obama gets on tv everyday and tries to convince all you informed people that everything is Bushs fault, its not. The crisis started when the housing market crashed. Acorn would bully banks into lowering the standards for housing loans so that anybody could own a house. People were allowed to use welfare money like it was income from a job. Then, suprise these people couldnt make their payments, and the crashing began. The Dems have been in control of congress for the past three years, this is not all GWs fault. Learn the facts, think for yourself and break away from the herd, sheep...As far as this most important white house dog, this dog was meant for them all along, it is no rescue dog. It was setup by freakin Ted Kennedy, enough said, but hey, keep talking about the dog, everybody.

2015 days ago


I think this dog is going to be Happy and will make a perfect fit for the Family!! I wish them Luck and Happiness!!

2015 days ago


78. David, please tell me what the difference is between horse gums and asian eyes?

2015 days ago


And Dubya said there were weapons of mass destruction! So they didn't get a dog from the pound. This dog has been bought, returned & bought again...that pretty much makes him a pound dog. And besides it was a gift and a cute one at that. Their daughter has allergies and clearly that was the first concern. I wouldn't go to a pound to get a dog either, have you seen them & how they act? Obviously the Obama's had the same thoughts, once they got to the pound and saw the condition of the animals, their concerns were warranted. I'd hardly make my childs first pet a pound puppy, too many issues.

2015 days ago



2015 days ago


I am very happy for the Obama family! I truely enjoy seeing people happy and obviously this little guy is bring happiness to a special family. I'm an animal lover, so this is very close to my heart.

2015 days ago


Awwww.....His daughters seem to love their new puppy! He's adorable just like the Obama family is!

2015 days ago

National Champs    

Just Let the Obama family enjoy thier new pup....

We Free Americans make our own choice's.

I like a pup...some kinda hound? or a bit of a mutt!

2015 days ago

sicko Lambert    

so cute, such a down to earth president, nice, nice, nice

2015 days ago


Oh good lord....just let these two little girls enjoy their first dog! This pup needed a home, and he has a good one. Yes, these are energetic are labs, yet millions of families (that don't hunt ducks) have labs as family members and everyone does just fine. Quite making this into some kind of dog abuse case. I was 60 when I adopted a 12-wk old rescue German Shepherd pup...also a breed that needs lots of exercise. We walk 3 to 5 miles a day with lots of ball-throwing and both of us are doing great. There's plenty to moan about right now...the economy, the cost of health care, the aerial slaughter of wolves in Alaska....In light of all that, a dog and a family adjusting to each other is a piece of cake.

2015 days ago


heck, I had to come back on the second time...just to write this again...grrr. what i wanna say is...who cares about his dog or where he got it from, at least he has one and it will be loved and cared for. Thats the main thing !! White or Black, who cares what color it is?? My god u people!! Get a life!!

2015 days ago


If dogs eat sh!t, then barrak is next on the menu!!!!

2015 days ago
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