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Would You Date Lindsay Lohan?

4/14/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know the way people lie about themselves on dating websites? Lindsay Lohan tried -- but quickly fessed up.

Fact is, with the help of, this is the best thing Lindsay has been in since rehab.


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I don't know whether to laugh at her, or with her. i give her props for actually doing this. But what's sad is that she's joking as if all her jokes were "rumors"... when we all know they aren't.

And I find it sad to call yourself a successful actress while reading off cue cards. It shouldn't be that hard considering she's talking about herself... the entire time.

Plus, she's too skinny.

1988 days ago


That was classic love it

1988 days ago

pattie in cali    

wow how old is this reck, she looks very old to me, is it her mom or her ? who ever dates this crazy person will have a fullhand, its like baby sitting, who in the hell wants all that baggage?. poor bastard, or poor bitch, good luck who ever it is, lol
trainwreck is on the move, bring down the gates, flash the lights, loho is back on the streets, ready, wild, and very willing,

1988 days ago


princesspink - she didn't kill anyone... and neither did I when I got MY DUI.... chill... like you've never driven after having a beer or two!!! don't be so uptight........

1988 days ago


Andrea, It's NEVER okay to drive drunk. you obviously never learned anything. Idiots like you need to stay off the road. Maybe you and Lindsay, didn't kill someone.. it doesn't take away the chance that you COULD have. If you want to risk your own life, than go right ahead, I could personally care less. But don't involve other INNOCENT people! Dumbass.

1988 days ago

pattie in cali    

how many times do you have to go through the same danm thing, thats why, ITS ALWAYS THE SAME #%*%, with this creack head, she knows, she has the money to help her out, she can go to any shrink, but she just keeps the same ole same ole, GROW UP LOHO, stop being a train wreck, we are starting to think you like it, you have money, use that money for a good cause, YOU, fix your crap, fix your head, just grow the hell up, stop being like your mother, another train wreck who hangs out with the younger crowd. strainge family, they are all train wrecks, we are sick of it, tmz stop with this family, put someone on here who we can stand, my stomach hurts, crackheads

1988 days ago


it's little ole miss fire crotch.....

1988 days ago


"he or she"? does that mean she's bi?

1988 days ago


yeah.... you're not my mother.... moron.... I never said driving drunk IS okay.... just making a point that when I got mine I was .001 over the limit.... and maybe Lindsey's situation was similar.... I'm not some jerk that goes out and drives completely smashed and 3 times over the limit.... you don't know me, and you don't know her.... quit pointing fingers..... I'm sure you're not a perfect angel, so who are you to judge? And don't tell me that after dishing out 5 grand for my mistake I didn't learn anything..... YOU need to learn to live in the real world!!!!!!!! GO LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!! :)

1988 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

She's looks high on herion. The eyes tell it all.

1988 days ago

Middletown, RI    

She looks like she is trying to hard to be a redheaded Megan Fox with the sultry eyes and eye makeup and the pouty lips. Megan Fox she will never be! Or funny either!

1988 days ago


I like Funny or Die, but what is so hilarious about a drunk, socialite, spoiled brat making fun of the fact that she is completely irresponsible for her actions and could have killed someone driving drunk?!

People who drink and drive are some of the lowest people out there in our world. I know at least 3 families who have been tragically affected by drunk drivers. They find nothing entertaining about people who receive a DUI.

Lindsay has obviously learned nothing from her experiences and takes no accountability for the mistakes in her life. She should be doing PSA's to help get the word out about the dangers of drunk driving, alcoholism, and drugs. She should have to volunteer her time to help prevent more tragedies.

Instead she continues to go out and party and act like she's got the world at her feet. Shame on you Lindsay! Shame on you! I will never allow my daughters to spend one cent on anything you are involved in! You need to wake up.

1988 days ago


OMG That was too funny.

1988 days ago


That video is to funny! It's nice to see Lindsay has sense of humor about herself. I think the press is to hard on her. I hope she turn's it around. She's funny,talented and beautiful.

1988 days ago


She is no socialite, just a whore from R.I.

1988 days ago
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