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Would You Date Lindsay Lohan?

4/14/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know the way people lie about themselves on dating websites? Lindsay Lohan tried -- but quickly fessed up.

Fact is, with the help of, this is the best thing Lindsay has been in since rehab.


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That was brilliant and just downright hilarious. I think she looks great and hope she finds what she is looking for.

2015 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Can wait till she overdoses. About a year or two.

2015 days ago


Where to start? Making fun of your own DUI is not really funny. I notice there was nothing in there about her habit of stealing other people's stuff, especially expensive coats. What, that isn't funny? She holds up US magazine and gives a sarcastic comment about being all alone (Yeah Linds, YOU'RE the one who gave the interview, and yeah that is what you said). So is lying before our eyes funny? For someone who just broke up with her girlfriend she sure made this video remarkably fast, almost like it was a pretty phony hookup to start with. You all are welcome to laugh if you want to, to me it seems pretty pathological.

2015 days ago

robert h orange county ny mdtn    

yes i would date lindsay lohan as she has a cutre face, as you can see a sense of humor , i would spank that ass if i ever
saw any drugs or drinking too much and would tell both her parents what planet they can go to if they won't help their
daughter out. DINA deserves to share the mother from hell award with kathy hilton and kris kardashian.
the three hos who teach their daughters to be greedy hos too>>>>> THATS THE TRUTH.

2015 days ago


freakin hilarious!! it's good to know she can laugh at herself - we all do. loved the vid!

2015 days ago

NY Mom    

I loved it. She's not too far gone if she can poke fun at herself. I really hope she gets herself together. She always reminds me of a young Robert Downey Jr. when he was at a bad point in his life. He too was young, very talented and on the road to ruin. He got his act together and now looks better than ever, and has a career again. She can do it, and I hope she does. Hollywood has manufactured many young starlets who really don't deserve to be where they are. She's different. I think she's the real deal and could have a great future ahead of her. She just needs some guidance. Dina needs to stop being her friend, and be her Mom.

2015 days ago


That was very funny...and probably the only serious acting gig that she will have for quite some time.

2015 days ago



2015 days ago

Jesus Effing Christ    

Poor brawd. Now this...

2015 days ago


Good for you Lindsay, I only wish I was 30 yrs younger, I'd be chasing you. Don't let these guys from TMZed get you down especially the one that looks like he's lost in the 70's with the surfer boy straggly long blonde hair. Dude I used to have that hair but cut it off in 1977 when it went out of style!

2015 days ago


Not funny at all. She's making fun of her 'situation' as if it weren't true, but it's all true. Pisses me off when people abuse the blessings they are given in life. Think of all the people out there who would love to be given a chance to be a singer or actor and would respect and cherish that opportunity.

2015 days ago

Just Noticing    

That was cool. I think she can be on camera again.

2015 days ago


Lindsay never mentioned her DUI; she made light of the fact the State of California ordered her to attend AA meetings, which she probably didn't need as I don't think she was addicted to alcohol. She tended to drink stuff with Red Bull which is an "upper". She was addicted to narcotics, not to booze (yes we got pictures of her passed out, but lots of people in her age range could/do have pictures of them passed out too and they aren't alchies). She did have to, as part of her probation, visit various morgues and see victims of drunk driving. The video was funny, it gave us a brief reminder of why she actually is famous originally. And a lot of the stuff in her life is just ridiculous, either you get depressed or you laugh with everyone else and get over it and move on. By the way, I hope all of you who are so against drunk driving didn't vote for President Bush as he and his daughters have DUIs on their records.

2015 days ago


Hell yes i would date her she's one of the hottest women on the planet. shejust needs to stop letting people
use her. whoever heard of samantha ronson before LL.

2015 days ago

Ariene V    

yes!!! Lindsay is back....

2014 days ago
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