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Garrett's Racist Taunts: 'Wear the Turban!'

4/15/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett ignited a new racial firestorm yesterday when the giant actor dropped some serious slurs at a paparazzo during a heated argument in the middle of the street.

We don't know what set off the scuffle, but Garrett can be clearly heard saying, "Wear the turban! Wear the turban!" People had to restrain both Garrett and the photog from attacking each other, but eventually Brad got into his car and drove off.

A rep for Garrett was not immediately available for comment.


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Michael Madsen    

Well... this is really boring... I was expecting a lot more taunting and racial epithets... really.... you're putting me to sleep... I mean... I want to like you but I'm afraid you're all losing me.

1985 days ago


Terrorize Brad, incite him, THEN start the video rolling.......

1985 days ago


Brad Garrett is a total racist. I saw him at a cancer benefit last year in Hartford, and he ruined the evening for many unsuspecting members of the audience. I am not a prude, but Brad Garrett was inappropriate and disgusting. He spewed hate towards women, gays, African-Americans, name it. People are diminishing his words today because they're aimed at the paparazzi. Brad Garrett isn't done spewing his venom. Haters never are. When his next victim isn't a pap, what will his supporters here say? And he WILL be saying more nasty comments.

1985 days ago


I know this has nothing to do with the title. But 56. WitnessOne got me into wanted to mention....

Why do you think people in the US are fat, sick, etc etc? The system is set up to make us this way. The gov, and all those who run the system know how china and other countries make poisons in toys and many other things that they supply to the US. And guess what china still supplies this toys/etc to the USA, and the USA keeps accepting these tainted toys and foods.

Foods that are also tainted by other countries still make it to the USA why is that? you figure that out. creating jobs in the USA.... ~~~>The only way doctors make money, people get sicks> doctor makes money and has a job. The only way funeral homes make money if someone dies.. This world in filled with selfish people, and yes the system is corrupt.

1985 days ago


I forgot to mention, how did the people get sick? By tainted foods that are supplied by foreign countries and the USA/gov knows..

1985 days ago

Bob Barnett    

"59. We will populate this country like flies and take-over one day... soon you will be the minority.

Posted at 3:36PM on Apr 15th 2009 by asingh"

Someone has confused dot heads with falafel cooks

1985 days ago

Oh Please    

Puhlease!!!! Wear the turban is not racist, Wrap the towel tighter around your head might be. Are the muslims embarrassed by their garb? You don't see other clergy whining racist when their garb is mentioned.

1985 days ago


TMZ doing a story about racism - how ironic. Notice that just yesterday TMZ totally AVOIDED the story about a guest on Jamie Foxx's show calling Miley Cyrus a "little white b***h", and Jamie jumping on and saying that Miley should do a sex tape, shoot up heroin, smoke crack and catch an STD? I went back in the TMZ archives, and didn't have any problem finding a couple of articles about Don Imus's brain farts. The old double standard - if a white person says something racist, it's all over the media, everyone is outraged and Jessie and Al are screaming for boycotts and for heads to roll. But if a minority does the same thing, well let's just quietly sweep it under the table and ignore it and maybe it will go away.

1985 days ago

Brent Schmidt    

That doesn't surprise me, as I've heard multiple times before that he's a real ass. In fact, while I was working @ the Indiana Jones Adventure ride two years back he came up to the marquee and said "I'm a celebrity, so get me to the front of the line" all bitchy and what not thinking he was some A-Class celeb (without a Host). Douchebag.

1985 days ago


64. TWIFU,
Have you seen "SICKO" by Michale Moore????

Peoplae are imperfect but C"MON!!! Are we animals that we should be so primal about making money????
We are clearly no animals as we can break instinct and do whatever we want to do.. We follow no law of nature we have free will....
Look at what some are doing with it?
TMZ.. opinion on ENDGAME? Youtube it yall!

1985 days ago


Good for Brad. TMZ and the corporate-sponsored terrorist paps deserve that AND WORSE. Are you aware at how much people hate you, Harvey?

1985 days ago

She is hot    


Great post! Of course, just us "white devils" like dear Queto loves to say, are the racists!! Never Sharpton, Wright, Jackson, Foxx, Father Phleger, and Queto are not racist at all. It is us "white devils" that are the evil racists. Come on Queto, please go on another rant about the "blue eyed white devils". I need to have one more laugh before I go home to my "blue eyed white devil" family. Hahahaahah

1985 days ago


Ok its good to see saying something rude to people of brown skin is okay, but maybe everyone should know that 90% of the people who wear turbans are not terrorits or Muslims at all. They are Sikhs, I realize knowing anything about the world's fifth largest religion is asking to much from most people. I don't know if Garret is a racist but please know that the turban has wrongly been associated with terrorism.

1985 days ago


Way to go Brad, if he doesn't have his turban and bomb belt on, offer him a good Ole USA beat down in the street

1985 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

He might have been saying "Where's the bourbon ?" He was probably thirsty for a Manhatten.

1985 days ago
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