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Garrett's Racist Taunts: 'Wear the Turban!'

4/15/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett ignited a new racial firestorm yesterday when the giant actor dropped some serious slurs at a paparazzo during a heated argument in the middle of the street.

We don't know what set off the scuffle, but Garrett can be clearly heard saying, "Wear the turban! Wear the turban!" People had to restrain both Garrett and the photog from attacking each other, but eventually Brad got into his car and drove off.

A rep for Garrett was not immediately available for comment.


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Donald Ray    

Man, what a JOKE. That brotha' looks like a PREGNANT WARTHOG trying to keep that OTHER clown from doing something to Big Brad. Brad would've fkd. that ass---- up. The warthog looks like he's in shape to last about one rd., himself.You'd think that if TMZ intends to have these CLOWNS BADGER and GOAD these celebs, they'd at LEAST get some that are in SOME kinda' decent shape.

2014 days ago


Now THAT'S why everybody loves raymond.

2014 days ago


99. celebutaunter77 the only moron here is you.... We come here to post our hate comments so that the papz know they are hated... So who's the moron now? retard!

2014 days ago


Racist jerks. Are you people kidding me? Are you all inbred too?

2014 days ago


Why is Ted Kennedy in the middle of this spat ???

2014 days ago


Brad is an ass. He is not funny and is a complete jerk to be around. He doesn't allow anyone else to talk and he rambles on with his crap thinking he is funny and entertaining when really everyone just wants him to STFU.

2014 days ago


Are you people crazy? That was a completely racist and disgusting comment. True Americans do not support ethnic or cultural discrimination. You people need to pick up a newspaper or a history book instead of reading TMZ. Ignorant bastards.

2014 days ago


First off, I think that he was probably saying (although I could be wrong) "Where's the turban" not "Wear the Turban". Either way it is a disgusting remark. Even if he was provoked (which he probably was), resorting to intolerant rants is not an acceptable come-back.
As for those who say "What about Biden?", while Joe's remarks were regrettable (something he is famous for) the difference lies in the intention. Joe was joking around and while the comments were inappropriate, they were not intentionally hateful. Brad's were. Sometimes Joe needs to shut it, but his comment wasn't an attack. Millions of people laugh about that sort of joke every time the Simpson's is on.

2014 days ago


Why is he always so belligerent? He should be thankful that someone would want to take his picture.. He hasn't been in the public eye (ie, television, movies, etc.) for a long time)...

2014 days ago


Oh & one more thing, the men that wear turbans are not muslim or middle eastern dumb f*@ks. They are called sikhs & they are usually persian or punjabi.

2014 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Leave the guy alone and he won't need to yell at your douche bag stalker photographers.

2014 days ago


That is what you get for invasion of people privacy. Stop bitching when you get a taste of your own medicine.

2014 days ago


Wow, 'ata-control, methinks. Brad, you're a good guy, and I'm a fan, but you're very uncool when you're losing it.

2014 days ago


I don't blame him. Most of these paps are illegal and not even supposed to be here and don't care about our laws or keeping safe on the roads.

They pushed him to his breaking point.

I am so sick of people who do atrocious things and then when they get called out on it they play the victim. It seems when some people who are of a certain minority do horrible things people let it slide, then a pissed off person makes a remark and it is worse then all the vile crap the other person did. Why is that?

How about this - stop acting like idiots and then people won't make offensive remarks.

2014 days ago

The Minutemen    

Americans are stupid and are the cause of most of the world's problems. One day the world will wise up and rise up against them and bomb them back into the stone-age. You deserve it! Give the country back to the Indians you racists and go live in the caves of Europe.

2014 days ago
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