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Garrett's Racist Taunts: 'Wear the Turban!'

4/15/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett ignited a new racial firestorm yesterday when the giant actor dropped some serious slurs at a paparazzo during a heated argument in the middle of the street.

We don't know what set off the scuffle, but Garrett can be clearly heard saying, "Wear the turban! Wear the turban!" People had to restrain both Garrett and the photog from attacking each other, but eventually Brad got into his car and drove off.

A rep for Garrett was not immediately available for comment.


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Randy Sexer    

OMG that is like the most racist thing EVAR!!!!

I wish white racists like Garrett would be more sensitive to people's feelings, like TMZ is for example.

1983 days ago

She is hot    


Guess I hit a nerve and someone decided to start using my screen name to their advantage. That is just really sad.

1983 days ago


The ONLY racists I have ever seen, or personally experienced, or NON WHITES. So stop the anti-white hate propaganda.

1983 days ago

She is hot    

Trust me I have nothing against turbans, turban wearing people, pants dragging their knees Americans, sideways wearing hats kids, and so you dont go Reverend Wright on me white people where their pant to their knees and wear their hats sideways, must I go on. Seriously Queto or whoever highjacked my screen name. the like of you and maybe it was not you that did, but the likes of people like yourselves will look at every move, every word, every tone, every letter and say that is racist. If I disagree with Obama spending my grandchildrens grandchildrens money I am a racist, if i believe that my hard earned money does not go to supplying daycare, gas, welfare, public school, illegal immigrants, lazy ass people who dont work or pay taxes I am racist, if I do not support the FACT that Obama said he would NOT have LOBBYIST in his cabinet I am a liar, tax cheas in his cabinet( GEITHNER) I am a liar, pull the troops out now( 16 months is ok for OBAMA now but it willl not happen), if I dont believe that the rich are the problem and how DARE they work hard and SUCCEED I am the problem. In closing, why should I want to better myself, my family and friends if, if I do this the likes of democrats demonize us for doing so. My last thought and I have not found a liberal yet with as much posting that if have done to answer this question. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A POOR PERSON GIVE ANOTHER PERSON A JOB?? THEREFORE, OBAMA TAXES THE RICH!! Does that make since??? WHO( NOT GOVERNMENT) PROVIDES JOBS???? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

1983 days ago


Way to go Brad. Next time throw your shoes at those a**holes.

1983 days ago


131. Heads go back to your own country ~~~~~~>>>> you're funny....

If you're with Brad please make a comment saying ~~>THREW A SHOE AT THE paparazzi that was harassing Brad...

1983 days ago


Brad Garrett acting like an ASS is not new news. The fact that he can't get a hit show of his own is also not new news.

1983 days ago


That big ugly bastard is hilarious. I would have a beer with that guy any day of the week.

1983 days ago


#23!!! Ellis Roberson.. Now that's funny!!!! You caught me offguard.....

1983 days ago


If our braindead, racist, hack of a Vice President can say that every 7/11 employee speaks with an Indian dialect and gets a free pass from TMZ, then surely this NON-ELECTED, PRIVATE citizen should as well.

You liberal fools over there look more douchey and hypocritical every day.

1983 days ago

What do you look like?    

I think the paparazzi taunt and harass celebrities to get these kinds of reactions and then pretend to be all shocked while at the same time they are profiting from it.

1983 days ago


It seems apparent that this is another story like many that appear on this site, whereby someone is provoked into an angry reaction. It would be interesting to see the actions of harrasment that led up to this "racist outburst." I tend to side with the so called "celebrities" in this regard.

1983 days ago


It doesn't matter if its a racial thing or not...the guy is just one big jerk.

1983 days ago


148. I agree. No reaction, no story....

1983 days ago


Wow, what rationalizations from these people. And I get called racist for pointing out racist. Incredible. I've bookmarked this video and your comments to simply prove to what depths 'you people' will go. Thank you very much. You could not have made it any easier. And Im sure you make your great grand parents proud!

1983 days ago
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