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Garrett's Racist Taunts: 'Wear the Turban!'

4/15/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett ignited a new racial firestorm yesterday when the giant actor dropped some serious slurs at a paparazzo during a heated argument in the middle of the street.

We don't know what set off the scuffle, but Garrett can be clearly heard saying, "Wear the turban! Wear the turban!" People had to restrain both Garrett and the photog from attacking each other, but eventually Brad got into his car and drove off.

A rep for Garrett was not immediately available for comment.


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Dont you love it when white people get caught in their racism and others whites cry its no big deal racially, they are just "being a jerk?" Can we do that? Can I just call Louis Farrakhan a jerk and dismiss the race stuff like white people do? I mean, fair is fair right? LOL. You guys kill me, you are so damn typical!

2019 days ago



2019 days ago


I'm Muslim--yes it's offensive. Not all terrorists are Muslim.
That being said, if a pap goes too far, I think he should have the right to just slug 'em--not spit cultural stereotypes in his face.
P.S. I agree with others. If you're SOOO anti-paparazzi, why the hell are you on the TMZ website?

2019 days ago

Duncan Bagel    

Last time I looked this country still had freedom of speech....... Give em hell Brad.

2019 days ago


Whenever theres a post about race, the morons have to give their 2 cents...

2019 days ago


You know what? Brad Garrett did sound very ignorant and racist, but I'm shocked at how many people agree with them.

Don't persecute an entire religion and race of people for the action of a few. What he said was WRONG. People shouldn't be congratulating him.

This guy does nothing but relaxes and enjoy life. He doesn't have a REAL job. Now the people he, and seemingly everyone else on this site, is asking to wear their turbans, they go out and they work EVERYDAY. I have friends who are Muslim, and they happen to be some of the most smartest people I know.

He is WRONG in whatever way you choose to look at.

I'm getting sick of these celebrities being crybabies about the paparazzi. You CHOSE to be a celebrity. Deal with what comes with the territory. I know they won't get their a"ses out to work in a frickin 7/11 themselves, so they need to just STFU.

That pisses me off so much.
Don't knock the people who'll do the dirty work you yourself would refuse to do.

I'm sick of how racist America is towards minorities.

Why don't all of these "white is right" racist a**holes go and discover an island all for themselves to live on, because there sure as hell are more minorities in this country than there are jerks like you.

And see how much you'd actually miss the integration. They ALL have something to contribute to your culture-less lives.


2018 days ago


And out come the white folks to defend the slur...
I'm not passing judgement on paparazzi or how stars react to them. But to attack the person based on their race or nationality was going too far. Would "where's your yamulka" be okay with you guys?

2018 days ago


If you saw this on abc news, the news anchor mentioned Sikhs
just wanna clarify: Sikhs are not muslims or arabs. Sikhism is a religion based in India, and most sikhs come from the Punjab region, not the middle east or w.e.
the majority of people you will see wearing turbans in western society are sikhs.
to learn more about the sikh religion, or to clear up any confusion, please visit

2018 days ago


I think people should look at the photog dude grabbing himself. Maybe Brad had a poor choice of words but that photog deserved it.

2018 days ago


Haha, not really sure how thats racist, pretty insensitive but not all that racist, sorry. I don't understand how Jamie Foxx can have people call Miley on air a little WHITE bitch, but nobody really made that a issue but you know dang well that if someone had called his daughter a little BLACK bitch than Rev. Al and Jesse Jackson would be called upon at once to start rousing up boycotts and demanding apologies left and right, That my dear TMZ was a true racist statement and Im sick of the double standards that go on these days.

2018 days ago


Someone says Brad Garret should take of Muslim kids blah blah blah. Why should he when most Muslims don't? The turban was stupid but maybe if he stoned the guy to death for fill-in-the-blank, that would be fine with Muslims.

2018 days ago


the guy dosnt even look arabian?
the speak english part is true but he didnt ahve to say wear the turban that was completly wrong

2018 days ago


I just can't believe no one has said anything about the fact that Brad Garrett is like twice the size of the other guy. Haha

2017 days ago

maggie mae    

Garrett is such a jerk. He actually thinks he has talent and is a big celebrity. Too bad

2014 days ago

virgo 3    

It racist cuse if the guy is muslim faith then it racist. Only a moron would be on that guy side. People should put all white people in a box and you'll see how that feels.

2014 days ago
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