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Hulk Hogan -- I Know Why O.J. Did It

4/15/2009 6:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan thinks O.J. Simpson may have had a point -- when he slit his ex wife's throat.

Hulk Hogan & O.j.Simpson

Hulk sees a parallel between the plights of poor O.J. and himself. Hulk just told Rolling Stone: "You live half a mile from the 20,000-square-foot home you can't go to anymore, you're driving through downtown Clearwater and see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife . . . I totally understand OJ. I get it."

Kato, your room is ready...

UPDATE: Linda Hogan's rep just issued a statement: "We have always maintained that the fear that Linda has had to live with comes from the rage and instability much too often associated with pro wrestlers." The statement goes on: "Linda and her family are taking these recent homicidal comments seriously."

The statement concludes by saying Linda's attorney is weighing his legal options.

UPDATE #2: Hulk's attorney, David R. Houston, tells us, "Page 6 only quoted a very small portion of the Rolling Stone article, not the statement in its entirety. He said that he understands the frustration that can lead to that sort of activity but he definitely does not condone it. He is grounded in his faith and a belief in a higher power and does not believe in violence for any reason."


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Michael Madsen    

It's called marriage

2019 days ago


this is from a dude who is dating his daughter's look a like. I hope the lawyers leave them all broke and on the street

2019 days ago

Hilarious Comment Guy    

isn't that one of Chris Rock's jokes?

hulkster, stick to rasslin', leave the comedy to the pros...

why don't you just go out and f*ck a pile of 19 year old bitches, and feel better about yourself..



2019 days ago


I get his point but theres no reason to kill ur ex cause shes having sex with another person. Hypocrite, ur doing the same thing! and besides, she looks just like ur daughter, which is even, creepier!

2019 days ago


Can you imagine how JOHN'S family feels Hulk?

2019 days ago


What about finding out that your teenaged daughter's best friend wrote her a note identifying your husband as her lover? Hulk, I know why Lorena Bobbett did it! LOL

2019 days ago


He doesn't 'get OJ', he's just a sourpuss jerk. You don't kill your wife because you're JEALOUS. If you loved her that much, why didn't you stay married to her. Oh, I forgot, she kicked YOU to the curb. Besides OJ was beating up his wife BEFORE they even got divorced and it wasn't for any other man.

2019 days ago


OJ is a sick man. I can kind of understand Hulk's point, but OJ's crime is inexcusable. Unfortunately, OJ will never get the earthly punishment he deserves.

2019 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Think it don't speak it stupid. Well if you do think it get help so you don't end up with OJ , now that WOULD be HIGHLARIOUS imagine OJ and Hulky cellies together; those two massive egos goin at it alpha dog style, hey, i don't mean it THAT way you sicko. I mean the power struggle etc. tho i guess after a looooonnnnnnngggg time together , ew yuck.

2019 days ago


Is he serious? My gosh, no woman deserves to die the way nicole brown did. SHE did NOT deserve it, neither did ron goldman. Not like she did what his wife did and got with a 19 year old. She was a grown woman, with kids...she made mistakes but come on, nobody deserves to be butchered like that. Honestly, thats a harsh statement. Cheaters don't deserve it, just toss them on the road and try to stop alimony payments. I used to like the hulkster but now he is just trash. To say such a thing is just evil...Quit making stupid comments (I.E comments about the guy who was involved in his sons crash), and be a better role model for your kids.

2019 days ago


It must be hard to have a small penus

2019 days ago


You "get his point"???

2019 days ago

The Shman    

Oj is innocent.. I thought everybody knew that.......

2019 days ago


I agree, think it don't speak it you ass! I'm just glad OJ is in jail finally, he should have been in jail long ago for his wife and Ron's deaths. And that goes for your son also, he should have done MORE jail time than he did.

2019 days ago


Damn Terrance,
you totally spoiled my IHATE OJ BECAUSE HES A BLACK KILLER vibe. Youre a idiot also. Bubba and you are so into tasting eachothers pee pees that you didnt notice your wife wanted more. The little pee pee you carry around wont make up for you lack of smarts. Steriods do that to men,

2019 days ago
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