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Hulk Hogan -- I Know Why O.J. Did It

4/15/2009 6:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan thinks O.J. Simpson may have had a point -- when he slit his ex wife's throat.

Hulk Hogan & O.j.Simpson

Hulk sees a parallel between the plights of poor O.J. and himself. Hulk just told Rolling Stone: "You live half a mile from the 20,000-square-foot home you can't go to anymore, you're driving through downtown Clearwater and see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife . . . I totally understand OJ. I get it."

Kato, your room is ready...

UPDATE: Linda Hogan's rep just issued a statement: "We have always maintained that the fear that Linda has had to live with comes from the rage and instability much too often associated with pro wrestlers." The statement goes on: "Linda and her family are taking these recent homicidal comments seriously."

The statement concludes by saying Linda's attorney is weighing his legal options.

UPDATE #2: Hulk's attorney, David R. Houston, tells us, "Page 6 only quoted a very small portion of the Rolling Stone article, not the statement in its entirety. He said that he understands the frustration that can lead to that sort of activity but he definitely does not condone it. He is grounded in his faith and a belief in a higher power and does not believe in violence for any reason."


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I can't believe the poll results. I am as disgusted at the people who voted that they get it as in what Hulk said and what O.J. did. They are all sick.

1985 days ago


After the divorce agreement, it's over. Both are free to do whatever they want. He is just angry that his ex is banging a younger dude and he can't get past that. This is BTW revenge He fooled around behind her back while they were still married and now she is screwing with his head. I mean he has to know and so does Linda that the toyboy will eventually dump her a$$ for a newer model as will Hulky's girl. He is not driving your Escalade Hulk, it's hers by divorce decree. I hope you have a tight PRENUP because this young chick you are with will dump you soon enough. BTW, I think it's creepy you are both screwing people that look just like your kids. It's time for Psych counseling for the whole family.

1985 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Thinking it is bad enough, but you're in the middle of a nasty divorce war and you're stupid enough to say that outloud? I guess that intelligent classy thing he has going is just an act....?

1985 days ago

Ut Oh    

A jury of his Black peers............just saying

1985 days ago


Maybe now he understands how the Grazianos feel about Nick and the rest of the Bolleas.

1985 days ago


OJ was beating up his wife BEFORE they even got divorced and it wasn't for any other man.

Posted at 5:03PM on Apr 15th 2009 by jaye

No, it was because Nicole found out that he was banging kim kardashian's fat ass and she wanted to expose them both!

1985 days ago


He really does owe the Browns and Goldmans an apology, especially since he is probably just saying this stuff for publicity--think of all the inflamitory things professional wrestelers say to create drama and publicity.

Both of these people just need to shut the f**k up and get divorced. Then continue to shut up.

1985 days ago

Donald Ray    

Not to JUSTIFY OJ, BUT, who knows how a guy's gonna' act when he finds out his lady / ex, whatever, is screwing someone else, ESPECIALLY if he's a control freak like Juice was. I STILL get a kick outta' the way the media portrayed Ron Goldman as "her friend". You'd have to be a WORLD CLASS fool NOT know he was Screwing Nichole.He just got caught there on the WRONG night. Juice saw Ron driving HIS car around, too. Cato Kalen was lucky, since he was screwing her, too, as was Marcus Allen and a few others. The media said Ron was "just delivering some sunglasses". Yeah, RIGHT, and in order to receive her glasses, Nichole had to be half naked, with a hot bubble bath goin' and sweet-smelling candles, man, they were sure some SPECIAL sunglasses, I'm just sayin'.

1985 days ago


While I think he needs his head examined for what he said, Linda is a fool. So, she has always maintained she has feared him? Well that certainly hasn't stopped her from intentionally pushing his buttons. She has been goading him on from the very beginning. Remember the big fuss she made about the Vegas condo? Why isn't she living there? Oh and why is Nick in L.A. while both his parents are in FL? Oh that's right, to be able to get around that restricted driver's license issue.

1985 days ago



1985 days ago

Ut Oh    


Kim Kardashian was like 10 years old when OJ killed NIcole. You make no sense.

1985 days ago


The point is, it's his house. What the hell did she do all these years besides bleach her brains out, shop & become the local sweathog ho? She shouldn't have gotten half! These men need to stop marrying these golddiggers, all they want is to stay in the relationship long enough to get famous & long enough to get half of the money THEY DIDN'T MAKE!! And as far as OJ & Nicole, she was a cocaine ho as well and sleeping with his friends. As much as people try to downplay it, it's the truth. Why didn't she go pick the glasses up herself? She knew he had a jealousy problem & her stupidity & game playing got them both 86'd! Linda Hogan is doing everything she can to push his buttons to secure herself for life. She knows damn well she shouldn't have that leech up in that house. Sell the damn house & buy another one, and for god's sake Linda, clean it up, you look dirty, stinky, and desperate. Let Nick's friend go back to Nick & Hulk let Brooke' friend go back to Brooke. Linda is typical white trailer trash, ignorant and stupid for the behavior she is showing her kids & everyone else. This woman can't even spell class, let alone knows what it means. Ask her how to spell maggot and she'll spell it lickity split!

1985 days ago


Linda is a skank who did nothing to earn money the entire time they have been married... she is a grown women and should be able to take care of herself.. or better yet get that 19yr old lil boy to take care of her..... Divorce is way to unfair to to the bread winner...

1985 days ago


Oj Simpson should sue Hulk Hogan for those comments. Oj was aquitted of murder in a criminal trial. Aquitted = Not Guilty. Before anyone jumps on the "but he lost the civil suit" bandwagon, save your breath. The civil suit is a joke, it was a witch hunt and should have never happened. It borderlines on double jeapardy as far as I'm concerned.

I get that it must be difficult to go through divorce, to know that your spouse has moved on. But to make such outlandish statements is totally irresponsible.

1985 days ago


Then he'll say, "it was a message from god that made him do it".

Effin religious zealot.

1985 days ago
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