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Hulk Hogan -- I Know Why O.J. Did It

4/15/2009 6:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan thinks O.J. Simpson may have had a point -- when he slit his ex wife's throat.

Hulk Hogan & O.j.Simpson

Hulk sees a parallel between the plights of poor O.J. and himself. Hulk just told Rolling Stone: "You live half a mile from the 20,000-square-foot home you can't go to anymore, you're driving through downtown Clearwater and see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife . . . I totally understand OJ. I get it."

Kato, your room is ready...

UPDATE: Linda Hogan's rep just issued a statement: "We have always maintained that the fear that Linda has had to live with comes from the rage and instability much too often associated with pro wrestlers." The statement goes on: "Linda and her family are taking these recent homicidal comments seriously."

The statement concludes by saying Linda's attorney is weighing his legal options.

UPDATE #2: Hulk's attorney, David R. Houston, tells us, "Page 6 only quoted a very small portion of the Rolling Stone article, not the statement in its entirety. He said that he understands the frustration that can lead to that sort of activity but he definitely does not condone it. He is grounded in his faith and a belief in a higher power and does not believe in violence for any reason."


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OMG where was his publicist when he sat down with this interviewer? Gag the the Hulk! How stupid of him to make that statement,

2019 days ago

its me    

hulkster girlfriend is in her 30s and she looks like his X wife .

OJ should not be in jail. he only wanted his things back and he NEVERRRRR kidnapped anyone! I'm not talking about the brown case either. that has nothing to do what happened with OJ this time. he doesn't belong in jail and i feel bad for his kids by nicole. they are gonna be so screwed up as they get older.

2019 days ago


well, open season on Linda now and guess who will get the blame...thanks Hulk.
Sounds like OJ is going to have a new BFF....but in all seriousness, this comment by Hulk only reinforces what a bunch of backwood peices or trailer trash they really are...Nice to see the son out and about and enjoying his ife..wonder how John's doing? Here is an american war hero lying in a vegatative state but hey, Hulk has bigger problems, he can't get into his huge know the one John Graziano owns..

2019 days ago


I wouldn't expect anthing less from white trash.

2019 days ago

mrs k    

linda is an embarrassment not only to all women and mothers, but to all human beings. running around with a child younger then her own son - hulk with his daughter-look-alike-girlfriend and chronic infidelities - their son who turned that kid into a vegetable and their tranny looking, no talent daughter - I VOTE THE LOT OF THEM OFF THE ISLAND.

2019 days ago





2019 days ago


has any one heard from old OJ?? is he playing catcher or pitcher??hahahahahahahah

2019 days ago


I guess no one on this board has ever been in this situation. Your wife of thirty years leaves you with nothing and all you worked so hard for is out of the window. He made WWE what it is today and he made linda Hogan. Now she is running around with a 19 year old kid. I mean come on give terry some respect.

2019 days ago


anyone that thinks this is an acceptable thing to say is outrageous
themselves but some people are just disgusting. Anyone that thinks
its okay to hurt someone or take someones life really should be
locked up. Their is never a reason in the entire world why someones
life should be taken other then if they killed someone themselves.
This world gets more disgusting as this day goes on. I get that it may be a joke but its not funny one bit.

2019 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I firmly believe that this was a carefully measured statement by the Hulkster... he has clearly done some research... and has determined that the more obvious a murder is the easier it is to fool a jury. So... he announces his intentions in RollingStone, every pseudo internet news delivery system (TMZ) picks up the story... runs it... it's simply outrageous... the automotons are startled (for a second or two) and then... Hulk baby decapitates his ex and no one believes he did it...
even though they find size twenty-three Brun Magli loafer prints in a pool of blood at the crime scene... even though they find a torn yellow tank top at the crime scene which reads HULKAMANIA and even though he has a woman's bloody palm print on top of his bald head...
Couldn't be the Hulkster... too obvious.
I like his thinking... and you have to admit... he raised a couple of outstanding children... real winners...
Oh yah, Brother... good plan!

2019 days ago


I get his point BUT the comment shouldn't have ever been said! Plus, there is a difference. Nicole was actually divorced from O.J. by the time the murders happened so she pretty much had the right to give the booty to whomever she wanted! Linda, best to my knowledge, is still technically married to Hogan. Plus, Nicole didn't take O.J. to the cleaners nearly as much as Linda has done to Hogan!

Still, the comment shouldn't have been said. It makes Hogan look like a prick. Hulk, next time, think before you speak!

2019 days ago


The whole family is weird! Ick!

2019 days ago


Wow, what an ego. Hulk you never put Bret over. Never did the job. Now there is a new champion of Linda. I'm sure the job is getting done now.

2019 days ago


Hulk is pathetic. Her lawyers had already accused him of threats and stalking. Then he makes a comment like this? He better pray nothing happens to her. So he can have a girlfriend thats much younger (and creepily looks like his daughter)? But Linda should be lonely and dating old men? Wow. He is being jealous and immature. Put on your big boy pants (albeit yellow spandex) grasp on to any dignity you may have left and get over it. He is embarrassing himself.

2019 days ago


First of all to all you Crap heads it was NOT an all black jury that aquitted OJ. Just like it was NOT an all black Jury that aquitted Michael Jackson, nor R kelly you bunch of fece brain racist pukes! Get the hell over yourselves! Just as IT was WHite folks that Put Obama in the top seat NOT blacks. We only make up 13%(38million out of 300million population). I get sick and damn tired of you white folks claiming blacks aquitted or made a black man president. We cant do it by ourselves.
There ARE whites that contribute to any major changes in this country and we blacks make up only about 2% of the final choice. So quit crying and blaming the minority.
OJ went FREE because of whites who aquitted him not Blacks. Obama is president because of the White Population NOT BLACK!
As for Hulk Hogan, to tell the truth that bitch dosnt derseve half of anything. All you hear is bellie aching and bellie aching. STFU already and Nicole wasnt that damn innocent. I wont be back on to read your replies to my comments..I said what I had to say. so dosnt matter what you call me or think. I wont be back on to read it. Get over your damn selves!..

2019 days ago
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