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Jenna Jameson Whips Out the Twins

4/15/2009 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A month after birthing twins, porn star Jenna Jameson took her premature sons home from the hospital.


This may be the first time the 35-year-old breastfeeds someone underage.


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Who cares if she did porn. The people who are making nasty comments are probably nasty Good luck to her and tito both. I'm sure she will be an amazing mom.

1962 days ago


Jenna frequently mentions in interviews that she considers herself to be a Catholic girl. I find this to be strange. Will her sons be altar boys?

1962 days ago


What makes you think she's going to breastfeed. That takes time. Not everyone breastfeeds, must have been a guy who wrote the summary.

1962 days ago


you people are a bunch of douche bags, leave the lady alone. bless her and her babies. thank god everyone is healthy.
she may have "laid on her back" but shes got a hell of alot more money for it then you'll ever have.

1962 days ago


Those poor babies. What are they going to think when they get older and find out what she does. They should put those kids on suicide watch.

1962 days ago


You people have lost your minds. Making porn doesnt make you evil.... no more than watching porn does. She is actually a very bright woman and will probably raise her kids better than the parents that raised half the dumba$$es posting comments on here.
P.S.- Love the hair....

1962 days ago


The jokes are all funny but I'm happy that everyone is okay and I think they have a good chance of being great parents. They always seem to work as a team in the PR world and that's important with twin infants.

1962 days ago


Jenna Jameson is arguably the world’s most famous adult film star and is known in the industry as “The Queen of Porn”. After getting her start as a stripper and glamour model, Jenna began her erotic film acting debut in 1993. Only three years later, Jenna Jameson had already taken home several coveted Adult Film awards. Since then, Jenna has won more than 20 adult film awards and has been inducted into both the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and Adult Video News (AVN) Halls of Fame.

In 2000, Jenna Jameson founded the adult entertainment company, ClubJenna. The company was founded by Jenna and Jay Gardina, whom she later married. Beginning merely as Jenna’s individual website, ClubJenna grew quickly and started producing its own films in 2001.

After making a name for herself in the adult film industry, Jenna decided it was time to hit the mainstream. She began her crossover with a small role in Howard Stern’s Private Parts in 1997. Her mainstream appearances continued with guest-hosting programs on E! television, an award-winning voice role in the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and a guest role in two episodes of the 2003 NBC television series Mister Sterling. Her 2004 autobiography, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, spent six weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list.[5] Jenna created a horror comic book with Virgin Comics entitled Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter, which was released in February 2008.

1962 days ago


The majority of you are commenting on the fact that she shouldn't be allowed to have children, and yet quite a few of you can do nothing more than throw out racial slurs about the father of her children. Perhaps you shouldn't be allowed to have children either.

Get real. She's most certainly been tested for every STD under the sun, and she can afford children better than the average person, and most certainly better than people that have 6 kids, and are on welfare and food stamps. You can't judge people by what you've heard about them, you have to meet them and see for yourself. For all you know, she's a great mother. And if you didn't know about her past, you'd never be making these comments about her abilities as a mother.

What's amusing is the number of people born out of wedlock these days. If you were born to an unmarried woman that would make your mother a wh*re to a lot of people's way of thinking, and yet you're here calling her one....

1962 days ago





1962 days ago


Hmm is this yet another celebrity birth of twins from a secret dose of IVF like all the other births of twins to celebrity moms these past few years? Just curious. As for all you whoremonger name callers, are you stupid enough to think (surely you're not) that there are not millions of women (and men) walking amongst us that are whores that do it for free, do it for very little money, do it for drugs, do it for because they sex addicts, on and on and on and most have kids at home OR have abandoned their kids to the care of others? And those whores surely do not get the healthcare, insurance, or salary that JJ has gotten during her career. I'm not saying I agree with her career choice, but IT IS/WAS HER CHOICE and she has every right to be a mother and while her sons will one day come to know about her past, I'm sure she will hopefully tell them before they have to find out about it from an outside source. And I agree with the other poster that said, don't we all have something in our past that may cause embarrassment to our kids however little or big it may be?

1962 days ago


The people who are defending this woman either have zero children, or they should never be allowed to have children.

Talk about the ultimate act of selfishness. "wahhhhh, I want to be a mother....wahhhhh, I should have every right to be have kids too."

UUUMMMM, no. When one chooses to do the type of things Ms. Jameson has done FOR MONEY, then you are smart and you don't bring an innocent child, and in her case, two innocent children into her disfunction. Shame on her big time. They didn't ask for what is surly coming their way now. Can you imagine? Is she going to hide them from the internet? In 10-15 years Lord only knows what we will be capable of doing on the internet, FOR SURE they are going to be able to Google their Mother. Good God.

Can you see her now at their school? Not one Mother will want to talk to her, they will tell their kids to stay away from the freak's kids, its going to be a disaster. Bad idea, very bad idea. Rumors her kids will have deal with, I could go on, and on and on...

My, won't this be a show to come. This goes for all porno stars by the way. Get a clue, you are hookers with fancy shoes, thats it.

1962 days ago


You white racist should go back to your country of orgin, and take your hate with you.

1962 days ago


Did you people ever hear the word "SERIAL KILLER" ? Most of them had mothers' that were either prostutudes or whores

1962 days ago


I love Jenna! Most of you are just jealous because she is a self made multi go Jenna!! And, most of you hypocrites probably have watched more than one of her movies! She is going to be a terrific mother and I am so happy for her. She wanted to be a mother for a long, long time and if she had the twins through IVF, do you know how difficult that is? She looks sooooo happy and it's awesome to see a woman want to be a mother so bad!! Congrats Jenna and Tito!!

1962 days ago
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